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Install The Loop Kodi Addon on Firestick/Android (Kodi 19 Matrix)

Live sports streaming is more popular than ever, with cord-cutters looking to watch games without expensive cable TV packages. Kodi offers one way to access tons of free live sports streams, thanks to third-party addons like The Loop.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll provide everything you need to know to get The Loop installed on your Firestick, Fire TV, or Android device running Kodi 19 Matrix.

We‘ll cover:

  • The risks and legality concerns around third-party Kodi addons
  • Step-by-step installation guide for The Loop
  • Tour of The Loop‘s features and available sports content
  • Configuration tips to get the best performance
  • Alternatives like Rising Tides and more
  • And answers to frequently asked questions

So whether you‘re a Kodi pro or just getting started, read on to learn how you can use The Loop to cut the cord and watch live sports without cable!

The Rapid Rise of Kodi for Sports Streaming

First, let‘s quickly review the Kodi landscape and why addons like The Loop have become so popular.

Kodi began as a humble open-source media center, but has exploded into one of the most used streaming platforms. Recent statistics show:

  • Over 40 million active Kodi users worldwide
  • Roughly 22% of Americans with streaming devices use Kodi
  • 5 million new Kodi downloads in 2022 so far

A major reason driving this growth is access to live sports. Kodi offers two big benefits for cord-cutters looking to watch games and matches:

1. It‘s 100% free. No need to pay for subscriptions like Sling or Hulu Live.

2. Addons provide tons of streaming links. No tracking down sketchy sites – addons aggregate free live streams in one place.

In fact, a 2022 survey found that 72% of Kodi users rely on it to watch live sports. No wonder third-party addons like The Loop have become so popular for streaming events.

However, the legal grey area around these unofficial addons has led to increased scrutiny. Next I‘ll go over the risks involved before we dive into installation.

Understanding the Risks of Third-Party Kodi Addons

While Kodi itself is perfectly legal, addons that stream copyrighted content without permission fall into shaky territory.

In many regions, it‘s completely illegal to view copyright-protected content through unauthorized means. Streaming pirated sports matches can potentially lead to:

  • ISP warnings and service termination – Your provider can detect illegal streaming and take action.

  • Legal action and fines – Governing bodies are cracking down on unauthorized distribution of live sports broadcasts.

  • Malware/spyware risks – Unverified addons may infect devices with malicious software.

  • Account bans – Sports streaming sites can ban accounts used across multiple regions.

No one wants to receive threatening legal notices or put their data at risk. That‘s why I always recommend taking precautions like using a VPN when streaming with third-party Kodi addons.

A VPN encrypts and anonymizes your connection, hiding your IP address and online activity. This prevents tracking while streaming and adds a vital layer of protection.

Alright, now that we‘ve covered the basics around Kodi and the risks involved, let‘s get The Loop installed!

Step-by-Step Guide to Install The Loop on Kodi

The Loop addon brings together tons of live sports streams from around the web. While it‘s not in the official Kodi repository, installing The Loop only takes a few quick steps:

1. Enable Unknown Sources

  • Open Kodi and go to Settings > System > Add-ons
  • Make sure "Unknown Sources" is switched ON – this allows installing from third-party repositories.

Enabling this option is crucial, since The Loop isn‘t part of the official Kodi repository.

2. Add The Loop Repository

  • Go to Settings > File Manager > Add Source
  • Enter the following URL:
  • Name the source "Loop" and click OK.

This adds The Loop repository hosted at that URL as a media source in Kodi.

3. Install the Repository

  • Go back to Add-ons > Install from zip file
  • Select the "Loop" source you just added
  • Install the file

After installing the zip, the Loop Repository will be enabled in Kodi.

4. Install The Loop Addon

  • Go to Install from repository > Loop Repository > Video add-ons
  • Select "The Loop" and click Install
  • Wait for the enabled notification

Once installed, you‘ll see The Loop appear in your addon list. That‘s all there is to it!

Touring The Loop Addon‘s Features and Content

Now that The Loop is installed, let‘s explore everything this addon provides.

The Loop organizes live sports streams into various categories:

  • Today‘s Games – Live events happening at the current time
  • USA Sports – NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and others
  • UK Sports – Football, rugby, cricket, F1, and more
  • Auto Zone – Nascar, IndyCar, Formula E, and other auto racing
  • 24/7 Channels – Always-on streams of various leagues and sports
  • PPV Zone – Pay-per-view boxing and wrestling events
  • Search – Find streams by searching a team name or player

Within each category, you‘ll find dozens or even hundreds of stream links aggregated from free sites around the web.

Quality varies, but many streams are crystal clear 720p/1080p HD. Expect some buffering and dead links as with any free streams. Using Real-Debrid helps surface premium quality links.

Overall, it‘s incredible having so many free live sports streams in one place. The Loop is a must-have addon for any cord-cutter looking to watch matches without cable.

Tweaking Kodi Settings for Optimal Streaming

To get the best performance from The Loop streams, there are a few Kodi settings you can optimize:

  • Enable UPnP – This improves buffering by automatically configuring router port forwarding.

  • Set cache higher – Increase cache size to cache more of the stream, reducing buffering.

  • Adjust buffer size – Try increasing the buffer size if you experience frequent rebuffering.

  • Use wired over wireless – Always use a wired Ethernet connection rather than WiFi if possible.

  • Force hardware acceleration – This uses your device‘s hardware to decode streams faster.

Also make sure to close other apps and connect your device directly to the router if you experience issues. Testing different settings can help dial in performance.

Now let‘s compare The Loop to other popular sports addons available.

How The Loop Compares to Rising Tides, Mad Titan, and More

The Loop isn‘t the only Kodi addon for streaming live sports. Let‘s see how it stacks up against some alternatives:

  • Rising Tides – Simple layout with smooth streams. Not as many links as The Loop.

  • Mad Titan Sports – Robust selection but clunky interface. Lots of non-sports content.

  • Crew – All-in-one entertainment addon with solid sports section.

  • Sportowa TV – Focuses solely on live football/soccer streams.

The Loop stands out for aggregating a huge selection of high-quality streams across every sport. No other addon quite matches its breadth of content.

That said, checking out alternatives like Rising Tides is worthwhile. Different addons shine for certain sports or leagues.

Installing multiple sports addons gives you the most options for finding the perfect stream. You can enable/disable with ease right from the Kodi homepage.

Next up, I‘ll answer some frequently asked questions about The Loop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about installing and using The Loop:

Is The Loop legal?

The addon itself is legal, but some streams may violate copyright. Use at your own risk.

Does The Loop work on Android?

Yes, it works great on Android phones, TV boxes, Amazon Fire stick and other devices.

What‘s the repository URL?

Do I need Real-Debrid?

No, but a debrid service provides higher quality streams.

Any tips to stop buffering?

Enable UPnP, increase cache, use wired connection, and disable other apps. Also try a faster VPN server.

Are there alternatives besides The Loop?

Yes, some popular alternatives are Rising Tides, Mad Titan Sports, The Crew, and Sportowa.

And that wraps up this complete guide to using The Loop for free live sports streaming on Kodi!

In Conclusion

I hope this article covered everything you need to know to safely install The Loop and enjoy endless sports streaming. Don‘t forget to take precautions like using a premium VPN when streaming copyrighted content.

Now cut the cord and enjoy live games to your heart‘s content! Let me know if you have any other questions. Enjoy the matches!


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