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How to Install The Boys Kodi Addon on Firestick/Fire TV and Android

If you want to stream popular movies and TV shows for free, the new The Boys addon for Kodi is a fantastic option – when used correctly and legally.

In this guide, I‘ll show you how to safely install The Boys on your Fire TV or Android device like Nvidia Shield or Chromecast. You‘ll learn:

  • How to install The Boys addon without any coding or technical knowledge
  • Steps to integrate Real-Debrid and Trakt for the best streaming experience
  • Precautions you must take to protect your privacy and security online
  • Legal ways to enjoy free movies, TV shows and more with The Boys

Let‘s get started!

The Boys Kodi Addon – An Overview

The Boys is a relative newcomer to the Kodi addon scene, but it‘s quickly gained popularity thanks to its high-quality streams and easy-to-navigate interface.

Some key features that make The Boys stand out include:

  • Broad content library with sections for Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Anime, and more

  • Constantly updated with new media sources for the latest releases

  • Real-Debrid integration unlocks fast, premium streaming links

  • Trakt syncing enables cross-device watch history and list tracking

  • Intuitive layout makes finding movies and shows effortless

Compared to addons like The Crew or Seren, The Boys holds its own with a polished UI and wealth of premium sources. While it may not have as many tools and configuration options as some addons, it provides all media categories the average user needs.

Now let‘s dive into installing The Boys on your streaming device.

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources on Your Device

Since The Boys isn’t found in the official Kodi repository, we’ll need to enable “Unknown Sources” first:

  1. Open Kodi and click on the "gear" icon in the top left corner to enter the Settings menu.

  2. Go to System > Add-ons.

  3. On the right, toggle on the switch for "Unknown Sources."

  4. A warning box will appear – click Yes to confirm.

Enabling Unknown Sources allows you to install third-party addons from outside developers. This opens up a world of addons not approved by Kodi.

Step 2: Install the Chains Repo Source

The Boys is hosted in a repository called Chains Repo. To install The Boys, we first need to add the Chains Repo source URL in Kodi‘s file manager:

  1. Return to the Settings menu then select File Manager.

  2. Click Add source at the bottom.

  3. Enter the following source URL exactly:

  4. In the box below, name the source "ChainsRepo" then click OK.

Once added, Chains Repo will show up as a source we can install addons from.

Step 3: Install the Chains Repo

Now we can install the Chains Repo from the source we just added:

  1. Go back to Add-ons from the Settings menu.

  2. Select Install from zip file.

  3. Click on ChainsRepo > to install the repository.

After a moment, you‘ll get a notification that Chains Repo was installed successfully. This repository contains The Boys addon.

Step 4: Install The Boys Addon

With the repo installed, we can now grab The Boys:

  1. Select Install from repository.

  2. Choose Chains Repo.

  3. Go to Video Add-ons.

  4. Select The Boys and click Install.

Give it a few seconds to download and The Boys will be ready to use in your addons menu. Pretty easy right?

Configure Real-Debrid for Faster Streams

To get the most out of The Boys, you‘ll want to authorize Real-Debrid in the addon‘s settings.

Real-Debrid unlocks premium high-speed streams from file locker sites like Rapidgator and Uptobox. According to Real-Debrid, it can improve stream buffering by over 300%.

Here‘s how to integrate it:

  1. In The Boys, navigate to Tools > Accounts > Real-Debrid.

  2. Enter your Real-Debrid username and password then click Authorize.

  3. Grant permission on the Real-Debrid website.

Once connected, The Boys will prioritize ultra-fast Real-Debrid streams for smoother playback on movies and shows. A monthly Real-Debrid subscription starts at just $3 USD.

Well worth it!

With Real-Debrid Without Real-Debrid
300% faster streaming Frequent buffering
Higher quality video Standard definition
Access to premium hosts Webrip/CAM/TS sources

Other top addons that support Real-Debrid include Seren, Venom, The Crew, Scrubs V2, and Umbrella. Give them a try!

Connect Trakt to Sync Your Library

You can also connect your Trakt account to The Boys under Accounts > Trakt.

This synchronizes your Kodi library across devices, so you can pick up watching on your phone or tablet exactly where you left off on your Firestick.

Other Trakt benefits include:

  • Sync your watch history

  • Access your Trakt lists for movies, shows, etc.

  • Get notifications about new episodes of shows you follow

  • Track upcoming releases and create a custom calendar

Pretty handy to have all your media in one place! Sign up for a free Trakt account to get started.

How to Use The Boys Addon

Now that The Boys is installed and integrated with Real-Debrid and Trakt, let‘s discuss how to actually use it.

The Boys has a straightforward layout broken into a few main sections:

  • Movies – Extensive library of films sorted by genres, years, IMDB rating, etc.

  • TV Shows – Popular shows past and present. Browse genres or view Trakt progress.

  • Last Link Played – Conveniently resume videos you recently watched.

  • Search – Find movies and shows by title, actor, director, etc.

Navigating these categories is super intuitive. Simply browse for content then select a source to begin streaming.

I definitely recommend sorting by filters like release year and IMDb rating to surface the highest quality streams. And with Real-Debrid enabled, expect lightning-fast buffering on premium hosts.

Give The Boys a test drive yourself – you won‘t be disappointed!

Is The Boys Legal? Protect Yourself with a VPN

While Kodi itself is perfectly legal, many third-party video addons provide access to pirated movies and TV shows. The legality of these addons is dubious at best.

Numerous Kodi-related piracy lawsuits have made headlines in recent years. In 2018, a group operating "pirate" Kodi addons was fined £500,000 in the UK. 2021 saw a landmark lawsuit where a Kodi user was ordered to pay $30,000 for streaming PPV events.

While legal action against individual end-users is unlikely, I strongly advise taking precautions like a VPN while streaming. A VPN encrypts all traffic leaving your device, hiding your IP address and online activities from prying eyes.

My recommended VPN for privacy protection is Surfshark. Benefits include:

  • Secure AES-256 encryption
  • Unlimited device connections
  • Apps for all platforms – Fire TV, Android, iOS, etc.
  • Strict no logging policy
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Don‘t take risks – protect your online privacy with Surfshark!

Enjoy The Boys the Legal Way

I hope this guide has equipped you to safely install The Boys on your Firestick or Android TV streaming device. With the proper precautions, you can enjoy this versatile addon and its vast media library.


  • Enable Unknown Sources to install third-party addons

  • Use a VPN like Surfshark to conceal your identity and location

  • Connect Real-Debrid for premium streaming sources

  • Integrate Trakt to sync watch history across devices

  • Avoid any content you suspect may be pirated

  • Stick to free, legal movies and shows in the public domain

Now grab some popcorn and start watching! Just be smart to safeguard yourself when using addons like The Boys.

Have questions about this guide? Found an error or outdated information? Let me know in the comments – I read each one!


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