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Superrepo Could Not Connect To Repository

SuperRepo is the largest repository of addons for Kodi and numbers over 5,000 unique addons from audio, lyrics, skins, scrapers, video, and lots more besides.

As helpful as this repo is, there are instances when users find they have a connection error and could not connect to SuperRepo.

TL;DR Using Kodi Repository Privately
  1. Download a Secure VPN – We recommend ExpressVPN, it’s fast and secure with no logs perfect for using Kodi
  2. Connect to an EU server – the EU has some of the best privacy laws
  3. Load up Kodi and start accessing any repository safely

You may find it a familiar story from a single addon such as Exodus cannot connect to the repository, yet the SuperRepo is a little different.

SuperRepo doesn’t maintain any addons and is just an index to make it easier for Kodi users to find the best Kodi addons. (Learn How to Remove Kodi from Firestick)

Here you can find out what the problems could be. By the end, you’ll see why Kodi won’t install addons and why you can’t connect to SuperRepo.

Why Do I Get a Could Not Connect Error?

A could not connect to repository Exodus error is as common as one trying to connect to SuperRepo.

It is nothing new and not rare. The most basic form can be a broken link between you and the repo or the sender and the receiver. When you can’t connect, here’s a list of things to try.

Install SuperRepo Correctly

To make sure you have ruled out the most prominent issue, you need to install SuperRepo correctly.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to install SuperRepo on Krypton and Leia.

  1. Launch Kodi app
  2. From the home screen, Click the ‘Gear’ icon and select ‘File Manager’
  3. Here is a list of repositories. At the end, click the ‘Add sources’ option
  4. In the pop-up, click on ‘None’
  5. Enter the following URL exactly:
  6. Underneath, name the media source ‘SuperRepo’ then hit OK
  7. Navigate to the home screen main menu and click ‘Add-ons’
  8. Click Package Installer (open box) icon in the top-left corner
  9. Select ‘Install from Zip File’
  10. Find ‘SuperRepo’ and click it
  11. From the list, select the Kodi version you are using
  12. If you are after repositories, select the fourth option. If you want all the SuperRepo, click the ‘All’ button.
  13. Click on the SuperRepo zip file located in the folder named ‘’
  14. Wait for the successful installation message to the top right of your screen.
  15. Return to the ‘Install from Repository’ menu
  16. You can now see SuperRepo in the list of available repositories for installing your favorite addons.

How to Fix Could Not Connect to SuperRepo Problem

Here are the various methods and steps you can use to resolve your device’s problem, not connecting to the SuperRepo.

Check Internet Connection

It often sounds funny to check this, yet you should check everything is working with your internet connection. Even a slower than usual connection can cause an issue.

Try your browser and make sure you are at full speed when accessing the internet.

Check the Repo is Working

While checking your internet connection, you can add your repo URL in your browser.

If repo index appears, it’s working, yet if you get a ‘404 error’ or ‘Page not found error,’ there’s a problem with the repo.

You might have to wait a while in case the repo is down or under maintenance, temporarily. If you need an addon quick, you can download it from other alternative repositories.

Check Your Source

If Kodi has an active internet connection and the repo is working yet, you still face the ‘Could not connect to repository’ error; you could have an issue with the source. Most of the time, Kodi can’t connect to the repo because of an invalid URL.

Check you have entered the source URL correctly, and if it’s wrong, change it and try again.

Update Kodi

If you still have an error, Kodi can’t establish a link to the repository servers. Sometimes, you can see downloading taking its time and not moving past 0%. If you see this, it means the connection is timing out and often because of high traffic on the servers.

If you get this, you’ll need to wait for a time, or you can try updating to a later version of Kodi if you still use an older version. (Learn How to Delete Addons on Kodi)

Check Network Settings

If you still have an issue, it indicates there are two possible reasons for your problem. There is a problem with your Kodi. Change your network settings to try and fix the issue.

Go to Settings (gear icon) and select system settings – Internet access.

Make sure the ‘Internet connection bandwidth limitation’ option is toggled to OFF.

At other times, you can find your IP address blacklisted due to frequent usage. To get around this, you can try to turn ON the ‘Use Proxy server option.’ Add enter any Proxy server. Restart Kodi to apply the settings. (Read What to Do When NoobsAndNerds Repo Not Working)

Use a VPN

if you still can’t access the Kodi add ons from the repository, Kodi may be working fine, yet the repo may be facing restrictions from other sources.

With third-party addons, many get shut down daily, or access is blocked from certain countries.

Using a VPN can bypass these restrictions when you set the VPN server to another country. It will take your IP address and change it to a new IP address. With military-grade encryption, your ISP can’t see what repo you are accessing.

Most of the time, these fixes can get your connection back. If it persists, you can check the error log as this log will retain information regarding issues in your Kodi download.

You can access the log from the ‘addons’ section on the home screen. Every time there is an issue, it gets recorded.

A VPN can do much more than get your Kodi to work because of restrictions or government blocks on addons. It can hide your identity and location from prying eyes.

Every user using Kodi is recommended to use a VPN. There is lots of focus on every URL they visit. No matter what your device for Kodi, you can find a premium Kodi VPN with an app or detailed instructions on using the VPN.


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