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How to Install NoobsandNerds on Kodi

The Noobs and Nerds repository became famous for the number of official and unofficial Kodi add-ons it contained.

These included the Metalliq Kodi add-on, Supremacy, Simply Caz, Kodi Israel, and Super Repo. It was also home to the now-deceased Fusion repo.

The full name was abbreviated to “NaN,” which does make it easier to say. The repo went on to be the most accessible resource you could find for installing add-ons.

It was trouble-free, and there were not many errors encountered using this repo.

What Has Happened to NoobsandNerds?

Very recently, March 29, 2019, to be exact, it was showing that NoobsandNerds was down. The statement shown was ‘Account Suspended.”

This was more than likely to do with copyright infringement which befalls many Kodi add-on and repos.

This could be the end of it, but luckily, there is a ‘mirror link’ where you can go for this repository.

For the rest of this install guide, the following link will be used to install NoobsandNerds on Kodi.

Because these add-ons and repos catch so much attention and have done so ever since the days when the XBMC foundation changed the name to Kodi, it is advisable to stop any MPA agency or ISP from seeing what you are streaming.

This will need a fast VPN which we will explain after the install instructions.

How to Install Noobs and Nerds Repo

These instructions to install NoobsandNerds will be for Kodi 17. If you are using earlier, such as Kodi Jarvis, where it says ‘Gear Icon’ in Kodi Krypton, you will see the word ‘System.’

  1. Open your Kodi app
  2. On the Home Screen, select Settings (the gear icon). This is located in the upper left of your screen.
  3. Select System Settings.
  4. Click on Expert mode ( the gear icon). This is located in the lower left of the screen.
  5. Select add-ons
  6. Click the Unknown sources toggle between Off and On
  7. When the warning box appears, click ‘Yes’ to proceed. Now go back to the System menu.
  8. Select File Manager.
  9. Choose “Add Source”
  10. Select “None” this allows you to enter the address of the Kodi source
  11. Then enter (Copy and paste because it will be too hard to type)
  12. The previous URL used to be
  13. Enter the above repo address for Noobs and Nerds
  14. Press OK
  15. Select the box which says ‘Name this media source.’
  16. Name the new source such as ‘.kfiretv.’
  17. Press OK.
  18. Press OK once more to finish adding the source
  19. Navigate back to the home screen.
  20. Select ‘Add-Ons’ from the main Kodi home screen.
  21. Select the Package Installer icon. (An open carton icon. Top left)
  22. Select “Install From Zip File.”
  23. Select the source you added and named, ‘.kfiretv.’
  24. Select noobsandnerds_Repo (X.Y).zip (X and Y will be the current version of the Repo).
  25. Wait for the Noobs and Nerds repository to install. You may see a confirmation pop-up.
  26. Select “Install From Repository“ and select the Noobs and Nerds Repo. It is here things are very different from the regular add-on steps.
  27. In the NoobsandNerds Repo menu, select the NoobsandNerds (Community Portal Kodi has listed), TV Add-ons, or you can choose video add-ons.
  28. An alternative is, you can select the top category.
  29. This is going by the name of “Add-on Repositories.”
  30. This presents a Kodi repository list which is still available at this moment (it could change)
  31. Select Bob Unleashed, Elysium, or any other items in the directory you want to install. This could also contain lots of the best Kodi builds which are still working.

What is the Best VPN for NoobsandNerds?

There are a couple of options for VPNs you can select. The first being NordVPN. This delivers excellent security, which helps users retain privacy and access quite a few geo-blocked streaming services.

Unfortunately, lately, there have been a few things written about Nord that basically state they are not accessing these services, or there are problems with connections (It is slow on some servers). Because of this, it isn’t recommended to sign up, just in case.

The second option isn’t having any such problems and can bypass any geo-restrictions that the service may encounter. (Read Elysium Not Working On Kodi)

This VPN is ExpressVPN, and it so happens it is the best and the fastest to use with Kodi. With this VPN, you can retain your privacy and also access and install NAN without any hitches.


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