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SportsBay and Other Sports Streaming Sites Being Sued by DISH & Sling

Streaming sports online through unauthorized sites like SportsBay may seem harmless on the surface. But major media companies like DISH Network and Sling TV see these sites as a major threat to their business. Enough that they are taking sites like SportsBay to court in pursuit of millions in damages.

In this guide, I‘ll provide an in-depth look at the lawsuit against SportsBay, the potential risks to users, and safer alternatives for streaming sports without piracy. By the end, you‘ll understand the stakes in this legal battle and options to watch sports legally. Let‘s jump right in!

The Rise of SportsBay in Sports Piracy

First, some background. DISH Network is one of the largest pay-TV providers in the United States with around 11 million subscribers. The company was an early pioneer in satellite television and has shifted focus in recent years to streaming with services like Sling TV.

DISH relies heavily on being able to offer popular sports programming as a way to attract and retain subscribers. Sports make up a substantial portion of DISH‘s content catalog and contribute major ad revenue. Protecting this sports programming from unauthorized distribution is critical to DISH‘s bottom line.

This is where sites like SportsBay come in. SportsBay gained notoriety among sports fans as a way to live stream sporting events for free without any subscriptions. According to third-party estimates, SportsBay attracted millions of visitors at its peak who streamed NFL, NBA, MLB and other sports illegally.

SportsBay flew under the radar for years before drawing the ire of major media companies. Its popularity coincided with a massive increase in sports piracy overall. Today, illegal sports streams generate over $28 billion in losses according to digital tracking firm MUSO. Pirates account for a staggering 24% of all online traffic during peak sports seasons.

DISH and Sling Strike Back Against Piracy

Facing losses from sites like SportsBay illegally using their content, DISH Network and subsidiary Sling TV are fighting back. In 2021, DISH and Sling filed a major lawsuit in a Texas federal court against SportsBay and several other sites related to live sports streaming piracy.

The other sites named as defendants in the lawsuit include:


But DISH‘s prime target is SportsBay, which grew immensely popular over the years among sports fans seeking free access to games. DISH alleges SportsBay violates copyright law by streaming live sports broadcasts without permission. This includes games airing on ESPN, TNT, local sports networks and other channels DISH has exclusive rights to distribute.

DISH‘s lawsuit seeks to hit the offending sites where it hurts most – their bank account. The complaint calls for statutory damages of up to $2,500 per individual stream in addition to seizing control of the domain names. With the level of traffic these sites receive, damages could potentially amount to tens of millions.

The Anti-Circumvention Case Against SportsBay

In addition to standard copyright infringement claims, DISH and Sling are also accusing SportsBay of breaching the anti-circumvention provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Enacted in 1998, the DMCA added protections against circumventing technological measures used by copyright holders to control access to material.

DISH claims SportsBay utilizes various technologies to circumvent access controls and stream copyrighted content without authorization. This includes circumventinggeo-blocking used to limit streams by region and copying DISH‘s encrypted content feeds. By doing so, SportsBay violated Section 1201(a) of the DMCA prohibiting circumvention according to the lawsuit.

If the court agrees SportsBay breached DMCA anti-circumvention rules, the sites could face even steeper statutory damages beyond just standard infringement penalties. DISH‘s legal team seems extremely motivated to make an example of SportsBay as a warning to other pirate sites.

Could SportsBay Users Be Contacted or Sued?

A major area of concern surrounding this lawsuit is whether individual users of SportsBay could become targets themselves. In past piracy cases, sites have willingly handed over user data to authorities and rights holders or been forced to by court order.

User data given up typically includes IP addresses, login info, streaming history and other activity logs. Armed with this data, copyright enforcers can tie specific instances of infringement to individuals. Depending on the volume of piracy, users could potentially face everything from warning letters to lawsuits.

Major internet service providers like Comcast, Spectrum and Verizon operate "six strikes" anti-piracy programs with media companies. Under these agreements, ISPs send escalating warnings and service interruptions to customers detected pirating content through methods like monitoring IP addresses.

While concrete details are unclear currently, there is certainly a possibility DISH could acquire user data from SportsBay. Even if that never occurs, your information is still being logged while streaming on sites like SportsBay.

Protect Your Privacy with a Trusted VPN

So how can you enjoy streaming sports online safely without putting your data at risk? This is where using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) keeps your information secure.

A VPN encrypts all traffic between your devices and the internet. This prevents your ISP, government agencies, copyright trolls and even the sites you use from tracking you. A VPN assigns you an anonymous IP address shared by all users, hiding your identity.

I recommend Surfshark VPN for safe streaming based on personal experience. Surfshark has blazing fast speeds for HD streaming, apps for every device, and allows unlimited device connections. Their network has over 3,200 servers in 65 countries so you can bypass geo-restrictions.

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Surfshark also backs their service with a 30 day money back guarantee. You can try them out completely risk-free. Investing in a top VPN like Surfshark is vital to shield your identity in today‘s era of privacy vulnerabilities.

Legal Sports Streaming Alternatives

Rather than risk piracy with sites like SportsBay, there are plenty of legitimate streaming options available for sports fans. While paid subscriptions are required, you gain safety, reliability and a plethora of features.

Here are some great legal alternatives:

  • Live TV Streaming – Hulu, YouTube TV, fuboTV and Sling offer dozens of sports channels to watch games live or later on demand. Packages start around $35/month.

  • Sports League Passes – The NBA, NHL, MLB and more offer packages to stream all games directly through their apps. Around $30/month typically.

  • On Demand Apps – ESPN, CBS Sports, NBC Sports all provide apps to watch game highlights, analysis and past games on mobile or TV streaming devices.

  • Antenna + OTA DVR – An over-the-air antenna pulls in local broadcast networks showing NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. Add a DVR to record games.

  • IPTV Services – A reputable IPTV provider delivers live worldwide sports channels in HD for a low monthly fee.

  • Split Sports Packages – Split the high cost of packages like NFL Sunday Ticket by sharing logins with family or a group of friends.

You can explore these alternatives more in my detailed guides on live TV streaming and the best sports apps. Take the legal route and avoid the hassle and risks of piracy.

Professional Sports Leagues Fight Piracy Too

It‘s also worth noting DISH isn‘t the only entity aggressively combating sports piracy today. Professional sports leagues are equally committed to fighting illegal streaming of their content.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell emphasized this in a 2017 memo: "Illegal retransmission of our games threatens the investment we make to create a compelling product that fans want and will pay to watch."

Leagues back up these words with action. MLB Advanced Media spends millions annually tracking piracy and getting illegal streams taken down. The Premier League sued streamers directly in Singapore recently. Sports organizations are attempting to educate fans on legal alternatives as well.

While authorized streaming does cost more than piracy, you directly support leagues investing billions to create entertainment you love. Plus safeguard yourself in the process.

Final Thoughts on Sports Streaming Safety

I hope this guide provided tons of helpful details on the risks of illegal sports streaming and how to avoid them. DISH‘s major lawsuit against SportsBay highlights the serious crackdown on piracy impacting unauthorized sites and potentially even users. Luckily, fans have plenty of above board options to stream sports safely and legally in 2022.

Here are my key takeaways:

  • Sites like SportsBay streaming live sports illegally face major lawsuits and financial damages

  • Users of piracy sites could have info exposed to authorities and face ISP warnings or worse

  • Protect yourself with a VPN to keep streaming activity private

  • Leagues and media companies actively combat piracy – go legit to support sports

  • Options like live TV streaming, league passes and antennas let you cut the cord safely

Please reach out with any other questions! I‘m always happy to provide advice and share the latest intel on streaming. Stay safe out there and have fun watching the sports you love the right way.


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