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Speedify Alternative

Speedify is quite a new VPN service (a virtual private network), even if it isn’t a VPN in the true sense. The company claims outright; they aim to focus on speed using their channel bonding technology. Taking all your connections, they can bind these to increase your speeds.

However, in practice, this doesn’t work as well as it’s portrayed. You can find many users stating their internet access is slower, and data usage increases when using Speedify.

While there is a free version of the app, it may be better to check out all the best alternatives to Speedify and put your money into something more useful.

In our guide, we have taken four of the best Speedify alternatives to see what they offer in comparison.

By the end, you’ll see that alternatives to Speedify can keep you much safer and offer you buffer-free streaming and advanced content unblocking technologies to stream from anywhere.

What is Speedify?

Before finding the best alternatives to Speedify, it is handy to understand what Speedify does. Here’s a quick breakdown of the Speedify services.


  • Aims to increase speeds
  • Hides IP addresses
  • Enables torrenting on Amsterdam server


  • Retains some user data
  • Not a real VPN solution
  • Lacks content unblocking

Speedify has one primary aim as a VPN provider, keeping fast speeds even with sufficient encryption to secure your data.

Many people ask, is Speedify free since many of the Speedify options aren’t. There is a free version available, yet this only offers you 2GB of data per month and would most often a free trial for potential customers. Windscribe, for example, offers 10Gb on a free account).

The paid version is:

  • 3-year Plan $2.99 Billed as $107.64 every 3-years
  • 2-Year Plan $3.99 Billed as $95.76 every 2-years
  • 1-Year Plan $5.99 Billed as $71.88 every year
  • 1 Monthly $9.99 Billed Monthly

With this, you can have 5 simultaneous connections for each account. You also have access to servers in 50 countries. Speedify runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

It is when you dig under the services; the Speedify company focuses more on speed than security.

With much of this, you can see their Channel Bonding technology that can combine all your connections to increase connection speeds.

Speedify’s privacy policy is among the clearest of many companies; however, they record quite a lot of information. Speedify records access information, your IP address, and unique identifiers from your device.

The company claim they don’t share any personal data with third parties besides the ones they are associated with.

For security, Speedify uses the latest ChaCha- or AES-based encryption algorithms. However, they lack a kill switch or other features that mask your identity to the extent. Speedify alternatives do for online privacy.

Top Speedify Alternatives

Here are the best Speedify alternatives you can find that secure your connections and offer the best and safest online experiences.

1. NordVPN


  • Good solution to unblock content
  • Fast streaming speeds for HD quality
  • Connects 6 simultaneous devices
  • Specialist servers optimized for various tasks


  • Desktop apps, not the easiest
  • Refund can take a while

NordVPN software offers a vast VPN network of over 5,000 servers in 60 countries. The VPN is known as one of the most secure you can use. For bypassing geo-restrictions, you can get American Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, to name but a few.

You also get the SmartPlay proxy software feature to help with streaming. If you have issues, there is 24/7 live chat customer support. You can discover some NordVPN servers are optimized specifically for streaming or other tasks such as torrenting.

  • 2-Year Plan $3.71 Billed as $89.00 for first 2-years
  • 1-Year Plan $4.92 Billed as $59.00 for the first year
  • 1 Monthly $11.95 Billed Monthly

NordVPN has strong security features for secure internet access. They retain no logs, use 256-bit banking-grade encryption, and perfect forward secrecy. You get DNS leak protection, dual kill switches, and more. (Learn How to Sign Into Nordvpn on Firestick)

You can now use split-tunneling to pass some traffic via the VPN and others via your ISP’s regular route. There is also the CyberSec security suite that blocks ads and has tracker and malware protection.

NordVPN allows six simultaneous device connections and runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS. You can get apps for iOS, Android mobile devices, game consoles, Linux, and configurable for certain routers.

You also have browser extensions for safe browsing like other Speedify competitors.


Streamr Go

StreamrGo is always about privacy, specifically protecting your privacy online by increasing security and better standard privacy practices.