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How to Install Spaced Out Kodi Build on Firestick, Fire TV, and Android

Looking for an out-of-this-world streaming experience? The Spaced Out Kodi build delivers just that. With its sci-fi inspired interface and massive library of add-ons, Spaced Out provides stellar access to all your favorite movies, TV shows, sports, and more.

If you want to launch Spaced Out on your Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, or Android device, you‘ve come to the right place. This detailed guide will teach you everything you need to know to get Spaced Out up and running.

Here‘s what we‘ll cover:

  • What is the Spaced Out Kodi Build?
  • Is Downloading Spaced Out Legal and Safe?
  • Step-by-Step InstallationWalkthrough
  • Spaced Out Build Features and Add-ons
  • How to Use Spaced Out on Kodi
  • Fixing Common Spaced Out Issues
  • FAQs about Spaced Out

So get ready to explore the cosmos of content possibilities with the Spaced Out Kodi build!

What is the Spaced Out Kodi Build?

The Spaced Out build transforms Kodi into an epic entertainment hub. This build combines two key ingredients for streaming success:

A visually stunning sci-fi interface – The dark backdrop and neon accents create a futuristic display. Options like "Launch" make browsing feel like an interstellar adventure.

Hundreds of high-quality add-ons – Beneath the stylish graphics, Spaced Out packs in tons of video and program add-ons. These provide access to a vast library of streaming content.

If you love the idea of managing your own personal galaxy of movies, shows, sports, and more, Spaced Out is the perfect Kodi build. Next, let‘s cover the legal status of builds like Spaced Out.

Is Downloading the Spaced Out Build Legal and Safe?

When installing third-party Kodi builds like Spaced Out, the most important thing is staying safe and compliant with the law. Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • Builds themselves are legal – There are no laws prohibiting the installation of builds like Spaced Out. The build itself is just a package of add-ons and customizations for the Kodi media center.

  • Content matters – What you choose to stream is what matters. Avoid any add-ons offering illegal pirated content. Stick to free, legal add-ons for movies, shows, and live TV.

  • Use a VPN – A VPN like Surfshark masks your streaming activity and IP address. This adds a layer of privacy protection when using third-party builds.

  • Scan new sources – Before enabling new repositories, scan their URL on sites like VirusTotal to verify safety. This minimizes any malware risks.

  • Keep Kodi and add-ons updated – Using outdated builds or add-ons increases vulnerability. Keep everything updated for the best security.

If you take precautions like these when installing and using Spaced Out, you can have an amazing streaming experience safely and legally!

Now, let‘s dive into getting Spaced Out installed…

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing the Spaced Out Build

Ready to install the Spaced Out build? Fantastic! Just follow these steps below:

Reset Kodi Settings Before Install

It‘s always wise to reset Kodi to factory default settings first. This clears out any old data or caches that could cause conflicts.

Here‘s how to reset Kodi:

  1. Open Kodi and click on the Settings icon (the gear symbol)
  2. Select System > Tools > Reset Kodi
  3. Choose to perform a Full reset and confirm

Once finished, Kodi will close so it can reset itself.

Enable "Unknown Sources" in Kodi

Since Spaced Out comes from an outside repository, you need to enable "Unknown sources" in Kodi.

Here‘s how:

  1. In Kodi, navigate to Settings > System > Add-ons
  2. Toggle Unknown sources to On
  3. When prompted, click Yes to confirm

This allows Kodi to install add-ons from external repositories outside the official Kodi one.

Add the Spaced Out Repository

Now you can add the repository that hosts the Spaced Out build:

  1. Go to System > File manager > Add source
  2. Enter the source URL
  3. Name the source whatever you like (e.g. "SpacedOut")
  4. Click OK to add the repo

Install the Spaced Out Repository

With the repository added, you can install it:

  1. Go to Add-ons > Install from zip file
  2. Select the source you just added
  3. Install
  4. Wait for the "Repository installed" notification

You now have the repo containing Spaced Out installed.

Install the Spaced Out Kodi Build

Now you‘re ready to download and install Spaced Out itself:

  1. Go to Add-ons > Program add-ons > Grindhouse Wizard
  2. Select Builds
  3. Choose Spaced Out
  4. Click on Fresh install to download and apply the build
  5. Be patient – this process can take a few minutes to complete

Once finished, close Kodi. When you re-open it, the Spaced Out build will be ready to enjoy!

And that‘s all it takes to get this amazing build installed. Next, let‘s explore all the features that make Spaced Out so great.

Spaced Out Build Features and Add-ons

The Spaced Out Kodi build packs a huge amount of entertainment options. Here are some of the key features that make this build so awesome:

Sci-Fi Inspired Retro Interface

The dark backgrounds and bright neon graphics create a futuristic retro feel. Options like "Teleport" and "Asteroids" add an intergalactic twist.

Spaced Out‘s slick sci-fi inspired interface

Hundreds of Add-ons for Content

Spaced Out comes pre-loaded with tons of video and program add-ons like:

  • The Crew – Movies, TV shows, sports replays, and more
  • The Promise – High-quality 4K movies
  • Tempest – Worldwide live IPTV channels
  • Ezra – TV shows and video on-demand
  • BeatZ – Streaming music

You can easily install even more add-ons later on as well.

Useful Tools and Programs

Spaced Out includes handy programs like:

  • Real-Debrid Setup – For premium debrid integration
  • Trakt – Track movies and shows you‘ve watched
  • Log Viewer – View helpful debug logs
  • Speed Test – Check your connection speed

Plus options for tweaking cache settings, players, skins, and more.

Automatic Updates

Spaced Out features a built-in auto-updater. This checks for updates to Kodi, the build, and installed add-ons regularly. Keeping everything updated is super important.

As you can see, Spaced Out offers an amazing mix of style and features. But how do you actually use the build on a day-to-day basis?

How to Use the Spaced Out Build for Streaming

Here‘s an overview of how to use the Spaced Out build once it‘s installed:

  1. Launch Kodi – Open Kodi on your Firestick, Fire TV, etc. Spaced Out will load up.

  2. Pick a Menu Category – Choose Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports – whatever content you feel like watching!

  3. Browse Content – Scroll through selections, filters (year, genre, etc), top lists, and more to find something to watch.

  4. Select an Item – Choose a movie, TV show episode, live channel, sports replay, etc.

  5. Watch! – Playback will begin instantly in most cases. Enjoy the show!

  6. Install add-ons – Install more add-ons from the repo anytime to expand your options.

It‘s super simple to start streaming endless content with Spaced Out. Now let‘s cover troubleshooting just in case any issues arise.

Fixing Common Spaced Out Kodi Build Problems

In general, Spaced Out is extremely reliable. But here are some tips just in case you run into any glitches:

Problem: Build crashing or freezing

Fix: Clear caches from Spaced Out‘s Maintenance section. If issues persist try a fresh re-install.

Problem: Add-ons not working right

Fix: Make sure you have the latest versions installed. Check for updates.

Problem: Errors installing build

Fix: Enable ADB debugging in Firestick settings. Turn off any VPN/antivirus software temporarily.

Problem: Can‘t install new add-ons

Fix: Double check Unknown Sources is enabled. Try restarting Kodi and re-installing the repo.

Avoid any add-ons offering pirated streams and make sure your VPN is running whenever using third-party builds like Spaced Out.

Hopefully these tips help get any issues resolved! Let‘s wrap up with some frequently asked questions about Spaced Out:

FAQs about the Spaced Out Kodi Build

Here are answers to some common questions people have about the Spaced Out Kodi build:

What devices can I install Spaced Out on?

Spaced Out works great on Fire TV devices like the Firestick 4K and Fire TV Cube. It also works well on Android TV boxes like the NVIDIA Shield. The build can even be installed on Windows, Mac, Linux, and more – anything that runs Kodi 19 Matrix or newer.

Does Spaced Out support Real-Debrid?

Yes! Enable Real-Debrid access in the build‘s system menu. This allows supporting add-ons like The Crew to stream from your debrid service for faster, higher-quality streams.

Is Spaced Out legal and safe to use?

The build itself is legal. Focus on free, legal content and use a VPN for privacy. Avoid any unfamiliar add-ons offering illegal streams. Also be cautious when installing new repos – scan them first.

How can I change the default video player?

From the build‘s Playback settings you can change the player to DVDPlayer, VLC, MX Player, or any other player you have installed.

What should I do if Spaced Out stops working correctly?

Try clearing caches and packages from the Maintenance section. Check that Kodi, the build, and all add-ons are up-to-date. If issues continue, re-install Spaced Out from scratch.

Can I use a VPN like Surfshark with this build?

Absolutely! Connect your VPN before launching any third-party Kodi build like Spaced Out. This will anonymize your streaming activity for greater privacy.

And there you have it! You now have everything you need to successfully install Spaced Out on your streaming device and start enjoying its awesome sci-fi interface and massive add-on library. Happy streaming!


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