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Sneaker Server: How Important Is It in Sneaker Copping & How to Choose It?

Best Sneaker Server

Are you looking for the best sneaker servers to improve your sneaker copping game? Then this is the right place. We will cover more about sneaker servers and find out the best on the market. Stay tuned to the end.

well, with the high demand, every sneakerhead is trying to set their hand on the limited sneakers at the retail price. However, the high competition makes it hard to cop multiple pairs. Those who have secret ways stay ahead of the game and are never defeated in this industry. We are here to guide you when you are left with an empty hand and do not know what to do.

Sekar stores are only releasing limited pairs after a certain period. The business is lucrative, and you can make a good profit with the right tools. Stay ahead and get an unfair advantage in the game over other buyers.

When you get a sneaker bot, you must also remember that this sneaker bot works well with the sneaker servers. Thus, you can improve your experience with the combination of the relevant sneaker servers and sneaker bot to make multiple purchases of the hot drops. This is the sneaker copping secrete.

But what is a sneaker server? If you don’t know, then more details in the next section.

What is a Sneaker Server?

We need to define sneaker servers so that we will all be on the same page before we go into the details. Therefore, a sneaker server is simply a remote computer hosted in the data center and responsible for controlling desktop or even laptop but in a close location to the sneaker store you are targeting.

They operate on the same principles as a normal window installed on the computer, which you can connect to the server. one thing you need to know, and we guess you might guess, is that sneaker servers are free.

Like other servers, sneaker servers are powerful and faster, so when you pick them, it operates like you are using a super-powered desktop that you are remotely controlling. Thus, they increase the chances of copping multiple limited editions because they come with a better checkout speed.

Before we list the best sneakers servers, it is good first to understand why you need to have the sneaker server.

When Should You Need of Sneaker Server

When Should You Need of Sneaker Server

There are various instances and reasons why you must use the sneakers servers. some of these are as discussed below:

  • Use blazing speed

This is important, especially when you retarget to cop sneakers from sites like supreme. There is very stiff competition; you must have the fastest internet speed to cop multiple pairs of limited editions. Even 500mbps is not enough; with the sneaker servers, you are guaranteed to access blazing speeds of up to 10GBPs. Thus, we recommend going for the servers near the targeted sneaker store to have a high chance of grabbing a few pairs.

  • To improve bot speed

Sneaker bots utilize a lot of desktop memory, even worse when running multiple tasks. Hence, your pc is slowed down, hindering the bot from working efficiently. You might end up missing out on the opportunity to cop multiple pairs. But sneaker servers are stronger, and you can easily run multiple tasks simultaneously without experiencing slow connection or speed. Hence, you will have a high chance of grabbing the hottest drops on the website.

  • To interrupt free internet

From the above points, the inter and computer speed are key to successful sneaker copping. This means that when you don has access to a stable connection, you lag behind the competition. However, when you have a good sneakers server, you will enjoy an uninterrupted connection, increasing the success rate of grabbing limited edition pairs.

  • When using Linux and macOS distribution

While some of the sneaker bots are compatible with Windows desktops, it becomes necessary to have the sneaker server when you have such Linux or Mac-based desktops. It speeds up the connection etc.

  • To enjoy customized specs

When you have sneaker servers, you have the opportunity to customize the specs according to your needs. On some sites like footlockers and others, you need to use the edge when your laptop cannot handle such pressure. For efficient functioning, the device must have at least 5CPUs and a ram ranging between 12 to 16GB. Something below brings about issues but also depends on the number of tasks you run.

  • Independence

Sneaker servers have something that goes with independence. First, sneaker servers are capable of running independently. This means the server does not need any other devices to work efficiently. Even when you shut the desktop, the sneakers servers will continue running till it finishes the tasks.

  • When you reside far from the target sneaker sites

Then for this case, you will need to use the fast sneaker servers to the target site. Select the servers close to the site so you can enjoy the high speed. Let us go into details about what you should look for when selecting the sneakers server.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Sneaker Server?

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Sneaker Server

When selecting the best sneakers servers, there are some basic factors that you need to consider. This section will limit our cases to the specific sneakers servers. Thus, where are some of the vital factors to look for:

  • Location

To enjoy the highest speed, you must pay attention to the location. Your sneaker server must be close to the targeted sneaker site to increase your success rate while copping. There is no alternative to this fact.

When the server is far from the tarted store, they expect a slower connection speed which means you have limited chances to succeed. Thus, ensure your server is as close to the site as possible to reduce the latency while increasing connection speed.

  • Support Multithread

when you get the average sneaker bot, the one thing that comes with these bots out of the box is the concurrency. This feature is almost pointless when you go for the sneaker servers that do not support multithread. So, when you go forth sneaker server, ensure that the server supports multitasking for efficient use.

  • Operating System

The operating system you are using is another important aspect. This is because the OS determines whether you will be able to run the bot. Thus a sneaker server must use an operation operating system. The OS of your device dictates everything you can do and the choice of the server to go for.

A good number of the servers are window based, while few support Linux and macOS.Go for the servers that support the OS on your desktop.

Best Sneaker Servers for Your Copping

1. AWS Sneaker Server

AWS Sneaker Server overview

The first option on our list of the best sneakers servers for copping is AWS Sneaker Server. AWS stands for the amazon web service and is popular among users. The reason why most people consider this server is the fact that it has good location coverage and stands out from the rest in terms of speed.

Thus, AWS Sneaker Server performs better on the sneaker site than any other sneaker server on the market. Another thing with this sneaker server is that you can generate an unlimited number of sneaker servers. This implies that you can have even 8 servers location with only a single buy. But the use rate is charged per hour, which is also average compared to other options.

AWS Sneaker Server is among the best cloud computing platforms that guarantee fast internet speed due to the reduced latency and closeness to the target sneaker website. Hence, you can only use AWS Sneaker Server for some time you need to cop sneakers. Though you need some skills to use, it supports all popular OS and supports multithread. Click here to know how to set up AWS Sneaker Server.

2. Google Cloud

Google Cloud overview

Google cloud is among the best sneaker servers on the market. It is efficient when it comes to copping limited editions. It is perfect for hosting and cloud computing tasks and ranks as the king. It uses modernized as well as high-quality infrastructures on the market.

Google cloud offers multiple products on its website, and the focus in our article is narrowed down to the sneakers server services. The server has been on the market for a good time, and within the duration, it has proven to be a reliable sneaker server online with a good reputation.

One feature that makes it stand out from the rest is the average speed and top-notch security. The server has good location coverage targeting almost all the sneaker sites. Today, the server support close to 200 countries around the world.

Again, the bots support all popular operating systems and support multithread. It operates on the principle of pay as you go. It is a good option for beginners due to its simple interface and eases to use. However, when you are targeting sites that focus on the speed to cop multiple pairs, then w recommend you go for the other option.

You can generate only a limited number of servers with Google Cloud, which offers affordable pricing. Click here to know how to set up the google cloud Sneaker Server.

3. Sneaker Servers

Sneaker Servers overview

The next on the list is Sneaker Servers. Even from its marketing strategy, this server is a very aggressive sneaker server on the market. They mostly depend on the use of keywords. Otherwise, they have among the best servers effective in hosting sneaker bots. The bot has been around for over 4 years serving in the industry.

Additionally, it is optimized for sneakers and other apparel tools. They also have a good location coverage close to the main stores like Nike, footsite, Shopify, as well as the CDN  datacenter. Hence, Sneaker Servers is among the best options when copping extremely limited editions.

The server is compatible with most bots and comes with Windows preinstalled. Regarding the pricing, Sneaker Servers is affordable with monthly plans where the economy starts at $40 per month. All of them have high speed, powerful infrastructure, and unmetered bandwidth. It also supports multithreading and when you use them, expect reduced pings.

4. 1oxServers

1oxServers overview

10xServers is a unique sneaker server on the internet. This is a VPN. However, it also has a preinstalled Windows OS. Therefore, 10xServers is optimized to cope with limited edition sneakers and when you use it, expect high speed and performance in most sneaker stores.

The premium 10xServers come with multiple features such as windows RDP and Intel XEON processor, and it is never oversold to maintain high performance. It is priced monthly and guarantees unlimited bandwidth and 24/7 premium customer support. When you get it, it is secure, ready to start, and very simple to operate. Looking at the location coverage, 10xServers supports UK and US, which are the main target for the sneaker stores.

5. AIO Servers

AIO Servers overview

AIO Servers is another popular sneaker server. But, it is mostly close to the sneaker stores located in the US. But when you consider other factors, it supports multitasking, is easy to use, and supports windows. In terms of speed,  it guarantees a faster internet connection which means it is racing daily. It is optimized cook hardware that is meant to cook every millisecond counts.

Something unique is that AIO Servers come with the preinstalled AIO bot that is optimally configured. It is highly recommended for the stores like Adidas, footsites, and supreme stores. The server has recorded a 99.99% reliability. It also has monthly pricing plans, which are friendly compared to other sneakers servers on the market.

6. Oculus Servers

Oculus Servers overview

Oculus Servers is the last option on our list. Though Oculus Servers is not meant to use with sneaker proxies, it is still effective in copping limited edition sneakers from various stores online. It is a window-based sneaker server and does not need much set to get started. But we do not recommend it for use when you are a newbie in the industry since it is fairly difficult.

Therefore, when you are targeting US-based sneaker stores, this is the best option to go for. Still, it also supports multitasking. It is one of the market’s fastest and extremely reliable dedicated servers.

Like other servers, it also has unmetered bandwidth and good connection speed. Though pricing is somehow expensive but manageable and worth it based on its physical features. This bare metal sneakers server takes your security seriously.


So far, we have covered everything about sneaker servers and listed some of the best options for selecting reliable sneaker servers. However, before selecting the server, look at the site you want to target and compare the features and compatibility. Otherwise, you might end up paying for something that frustrates you. Read, have it in your mind but always remember your target and budget.


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