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How to Buy a Sneaker Bot?

How to Buy a Sneaker Bot

Have you tried purchasing a sneaker bot online but always getting out of stock on the official site? You can still get the sneaker bot on resell price from various sites. Read the article and find the alternative place to get the sneaker bot at reselling price.

Sneakerheads normal mises out the hottest release of the limited edition sneakers for some reason. Other factors remaining constant, the main reason you are also likely to miss the sneaker drops is that you are not accessible to the sneaker bot. When you go online on multiple official bot sites, there is a high chance that you will get the sneaker bot out of stock. Waiting for the restock might cost you, and it might be restocked after the drop.

A sneaker bot is a tool that facilitates the online checkout process and makes it easy for sneaker resellers to hype multiple pairs of limited edition sneakers. With the reliable sneaker bot, you can easily make the checkout process instantaneous; hence you are likely to have a leg up as opposed to the typical buyers.

The sneaker resells market is thriving,g and now it covers every aspect where the retailers want to scale up their businesses. When you get the sneaker sold out on the official website, you can still purchase the bot from alternative resell sites besides getting it at the retail price.

Our article will cover the various places where you can get the sneaker bot and stay ahead of the competitors by miles. However, it would help if you were keen when purchasing a sneaker bot. Find out more in the next section.

Be Careful When Buying Sneaker Bots!

Finding a sneaker bot that meets all your coping needs is challenging. Then when it comes to the sneaker bot selection, you need to be careful. Here, we will give tips to guide you when choosing the right sneaker bot.

  • Bind the Bot with Your Account

You need to find out if the bot you are buying is capable of unbinding your account and binding with your account. If the bot can bind with your account, then immediately bind it upon purchase. But when the bot does not bind with your account, then only get the sneaker bot if the reseller is also willing to sell the discord account associated with the bot.

  • Keep Yourself Safe from Scammers

This is the most dangerous thing you need to be aware of. Since reliable sneaker bots are limited, scammers are using this opportunity to scam people worldwide. Thus, on the second market,  you can also find out that someone has sold you a cracked sneaker bot.

Never be fooled, as you will likely lose the bot. Some bot also comes with malware. Be extra careful; when purchasing the sneaker bot from the secondary market, as the cracked bots quickly become useless due to a lack of regular updates.

  • Avoid Constantly In-Stock bots

The reason why we encourage you to avoid the always-in-stock sneaker bots is that these bots tend to be dangerous as they are likely to steal your private data or scam you. Then secondly, some of these ion-stock bots fail to work on most popular sneaker sites. You are likely to waste your money on such bots. Therefore, only go for the bot’s consistently high-performance rate on the market.

  • Avoid Using Free Proxies

This is another thing we would also like you to consider. Free proxies do not worth it at all, even if you have the most powerful bot. Free proxies, when configured with your great sneaker bot, free proxies can contain malware that steals your information and leaks to potential scammers or hackers. Again. Free proxies are slow, and when you use them on sneaker bots, they will not be effective in the checkout process, which needs to be faster.

You can do various things to avoid falling victim to circumstances when you need the sneaker copping bot. Methods to help you avoid falling into the hands of the scammer are to join the cook group or use the middleman’s service to get high-quality sneaker bots. Let us not go into detail about this in the next section.

How to Buy a Sneaker Bot Safely?

The last two recommendations, cook group and using middleman services, lead us to the next section on how to buy sneakers bot safely. This section will cover each reputable option under the cook group and middleman services.

Through Middleman Service



Botbroker is an online site or a marketplace that any sneakerheads in the copping game are aware of. This online platform specializes in selling sneaker bots and buying them to resell. This is a perfect place to be when you need o get a service from the middleman to buy a sneaker bot. They also have a membership subscription which you can join the cook group for tips and tricks.

Since the website is secured, it is safe and controlled. Some of the unique things you can notice on the platform is that they have an automatic feature responsible for verifying both the buyer and sellers; hence you can feel comfortable and free from falling for a scammer.

Before you get approved as a middleman on the platform, the site first takes time to check on you, thus minimizing the potential of their customers connecting with scam-related people.

Therefore, on the Botbroker website, the buyer makes a deposit, then it transfers the key to you as a buyer from the seller before approving payment to the seller. Since the platform has been in operation for a long time, they know the tricks, and everything follows the stipulated rules.

It is the largest marketplace and guarantees instant delivery and payout. They have sneaker bots like Cybersole, Wrath, MekAIO, etc., which are compatible with most sneaker stores. The customer support is top-notch and available 24/7.



Tidal is the next platform acting as a middleman in offering sneaker bots resell services. It is also a trusted marketplace that has been buying and reselling sneaker bots for a long time. Therefore, this is the place to be, regardless of whether you want to sell or buy a sneaker bot.

They have modified a concept where people rent a bot but made it simpler than just renting. Because of the reputation and good sneaker bot resell service, the marketplace has managed to establish an excellent customer review online. So, when the platform is renting out or renting in the sneaker bots, they aim to be at their best.

On Tidal, you have the extensive option of sneaker bots to select from. These include but are not limited to MEKpreme etc. You can get a sneaker bot priced weekly or yearly based on your needs. When it comes to the information and availability of a sneaker bot, the developers ensure their site is updated daily.

These guys tend to splash the price on every rental due to the regular sales. It might be hard to get a bot regularly because the sales are always going on. So when you are selecting a bot from today, check on the sneaker sites they do not support as they are evident with the target website. The payment on both parties is protected by stripe.



The last marketplace where you can get a sneaker bot from the middleman is BortMart. Like the first two above, a BotMart user can as well buy and sell a sneaker bot without any issues. Hence, it is the immense discord and website place where you need to resell a sneaker bot or get a sneaker bot on resale price with no other hidden cost.

Additionally, this marketplace relies on discord, where intermediaries connect with the buyers and sellers under one roof. But here, the work of the middleman is only to verify the authenticity of the sneaker bot before you purchase or sell it to someone.

This website has mediators and is hence considered legit, with many positive reviews. If someone scams you, the platform, through mediators, sorts out the issue as quickly as possible. The site has over 100k members, though when you go online, you are often likely to get 20 to 25% of these people online.

The main reason why BotMart was created was to do away with the scammers which existed between the buyer and sellers of the retail sneaker bots. So, when you are on the platform, you also enjoy things like free guides and regular updates; hence everyone enjoys equal treatment while on BotMart.

Based on how long you have sued this platform, you get to understand and go through different levels. For every level, there is a particular reward one enjoys. But also, the payment is protected using stripe.

When it comes to the collection of bots, BotMart has plenty of options to select from. You can even go for a specific site bot such as Supreme, Nike, Balko Project Destroyer, NSB, and Dashe. Their pricing is affordable and flexible based on what you want to achieve either within a day, week, or monthly plan.

Join Cook Groups



In the sneaker industry, Juiced stands to be one of the influential and old cook groups online with extensive experience in the game. The success of the Juiced Cook group is evaluated based on the treatment of customers, how they are helped, and the features and tools they get access to while in the group.

The most important are the snake coping skills, tips, tricks, etc. This group was launched on 2019 and has been operating influential sneaker coping guidelines, good discounts, giveaways on the sneaker bots, and the success of the sneakerheads on the platform.

From the reviews online, Juiced cook group has helped large clients successful cop sneakers from multiple platforms like Dunk, Jordan as well as Yeezy, all these with the help f PSS condole and super Mario playsets. When you join the group, you enjoy the lighting speed and advanced monitors’ access to the restocks and drops.

You can also access the most advanced sneaker bots at rental or retail prices. They also offer other requirements such as proxies, servers, accurate release calendars, proxy generation, checking, and other guides aimed at optimizing the result on any drop.

but, everyhting vomes at a cost. The membership starts at $45 monthly to enjoy the more exciting features of this cook group and the highest ROI.

Arrow Alerts

Arrow Alerts

the second cook group online, which is not only efficient but also reliable, is Arrow AlertTypically, this is a community that has joined together to dedicate their time to helping sneakerheads and any other users make extra bucks in the sneaker copping industry by involving in resel of the limited edition sneakers.

This cook group has experienced staff that is well versed in a different niche, meaning when you join the group, you will enjoy the benefit of almost everything. It contains an arsenal of data when it comes to the latest drops.

Arrow Alert gives users access to the tools like sneaker bots, proxies, and servers, which are essential requirements in sneaker bot reselling. To make it enjoyable, their support team is available and backed in 24/7 when you need help. There are so many things these guys offer to the member.

Some of these are sophisticated sneaker drop guides, fastest monitors, comprehensive sneaker leaks, site list and early links, the cop tools toolbox, sneaker bots, alert pingers, high-quality checkout links and slots as we as ACO’S  bot and pokemon, as well as funko, flips; advanced daily bot restocks updates, over 30 discord commands and many more sneaker investment guides.

Join today and get a chance to access the high advanced sneaker bot on the go once they restock or buy at resel price.



SiteSupply is also a good cook group for all your sneaker copping needs. The platform offers data to the members and mostly the sneakerheads or the resellers in the industry to understand how to become pros in sneaker copping. This group is essential not only because they provide the necessary details about the sneaker copping but also because they get you access to many things, including the sneaker bots and guides.

Additionally, the site supply cook group guarantees you regular updates and any latest trends and drops on the market. When you join this group mailing list, you will be assured of the updates, access to the resell sneaker bots, drops, and many more things through your email address. The group also has a social media platform account from which you get in touch with any latest information on Instagram and Twitter.



Amnotify though a perfect option as a cook group but is it a premium group? When you need premium sneaker copping services and guides, you can join this cook group for only $60 per month. Otherwise, you can get the value for your money with access to unlimited tools, which are essential in increasing your resel profile.

This means, in the group, you cannot just get the sneaker bots but also advice, guides on the sneaker copping, reselling, etc., and updates on the latest drops. They also ensure that you have access to the extensive group buy ad find the early links.

The other thing you can enjoy with Amnotify is the timely alert in case there is a surprise and drops or sneaker bot restocking. one thing we are proud of with this cook group is the top-notch customer support and access to the SNKRS data then also access the KITH early links.

You can get the updates through their soil media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. It would be best if you did not wait to fail and start with a guide. Instead, join this cooking group and access the advice, tips, and group buy as a sneakerhead or reseller.


Sneaker copping is challenging because of the limited supply of sneakers that are having high demand. Because of these tiff competitions, sneakerheads need sneaker bots to get ahead, evade restrictions, and cop multiple pairs of limited edition sneakers.

In most cases, retailers and sneakerheads find sneaker bots out of stock hence getting stranded. In our article, we have given you the alternatives on the market on where you can get the legit sneaker bot but at the resell price. Other than the cook group, you can count on the middleman service.

Our article has highlighted the best cook groups and middleman service sites that are reliable, secure, and affordable. Jin them, invest in the marketplace, gain experience and become a pro with multiple tips, guides, and advice on the sneaker resell business.


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