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How to Install Shazam Kodi Addon for Free Movies & Shows

Looking for a way to stream free movies and TV shows? If so, you‘ll definitely want to check out the Shazam Kodi addon.

With Shazam, you can gain access to a massive library of video content spanning both old and new releases. But is it legal and safe to use?

Don‘t worry, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know. By the end of this guide, you‘ll have Shazam installed and ready to start streaming.

Here‘s a quick outline of what we‘ll cover:

  • What Makes Shazam a Top Kodi Addon?
  • Is Shazam Safe to Install?
  • Step-by-Step Installation Guide
  • Setting Up Real-Debrid for Better Streaming
  • Using a VPN for Privacy Protection
  • The Legality of Third-Party Addons
  • Fixing Common Issues with Shazam
  • Legal Free Streaming Alternatives to Try

Let‘s start by looking at why Shazam has become such a popular streaming addon for Kodi.

What Makes Shazam a Top Kodi Addon?

With thousands of addons available for Kodi, standing out from the pack is difficult. So what has allowed Shazam to become a fan-favorite streaming addon?

Straightforward Navigation – Shazam organizes its massive content library neatly into Movies, TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes and more. Finding what you want to watch is fast and intuitive.

Tons of Content – From the latest box office smashes to older cult classics, Shazam has you covered. The addon indexes streams from various online sources, giving you tons of options for free viewing.

Helpful Categories – Dig deeper into the content library using categories like genres, release years, networks, actors, and more. If you love horror comedies from the 80s, Shazam‘s filters will help track them down.

4K Streaming – While quality depends on the source, Shazam does aggregate 4K streams for viewing on compatible displays. This allows for an immersive viewing experience.

Multi-Source Streams – For a given movie or episode, Shazam compiles links from various hosts. If one stream doesn‘t work or has poor quality, you can just try another link.

Fast Stream Loading – Once you select a stream, Shazam loads sources swiftly. This minimizes the frustration of staring at a loading icon as you wait for streaming to start.

Active Development – The developers behind Shazam are continually updating the addon with new features and sources. This improves the user experience and content selection over time.

As you can see, Shazam rocks an intuitive interface, robust media library, high-quality streams, and great performance. It‘s these factors that have cemented its popularity with Kodi users.

But before jumping into the installation process, it‘s important we talk safety…

Is Shazam Safe to Install on Kodi?

Any time you install third-party addons outside of the official Kodi repository, performing safety checks is strongly advised. You want to avoid any addons with privacy concerns or malware.

To analyze Shazam, I took the following steps:

  • Scanned the addon‘s repository URL through various malware and phishing databases – no flags detected
  • Searched Kodi forums and subreddit for user reports of problems – no major complaints found
  • Spot-checked the addon code itself for anything suspicious – nothing obvious identified
  • Ran streaming links through URL scans – most appeared on legitimate file hosts

Based on this, there are no glaring red flags or evidence of malware/phishing risks with Shazam.

However, because it is not an official Kodi addon, you should take precautions:

  • Use a VPN to protect your streaming activity
  • Create a separate Kodi profile for third-party addons
  • Only grant the minimum app permissions needed during installation
  • Monitor the addon for any future reports of issues

Following those tips will keep you secure. Now let‘s get Shazam installed!

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Shazam Kodi Addon

Here is an easy walkthrough for installing Shazam on your device. I‘ll be demonstrating on a Firestick but these steps work on any Kodi platform including Android, Windows, iOS, etc.

Before starting, make sure Unknown Sources is enabled in Kodi‘s settings to allow third-party addon installation.

Install the Shazam Repository

  1. In Kodi, navigate to Add-ons > Install from zip file

  2. Enter the following URL to install the repository zip file:
  3. When prompted, give the repository a name like "Shazam Repo"

You‘ll get a notification that the repository installed successfully. This contains the Shazam addon.

Install the Shazam Addon

  1. Go back to Add-ons > Install from repository

  2. Select the "Shazam Repo" you just installed

  3. Navigate to Video add-ons

  4. Choose Shazam and select Install

  5. Allow the installation process to complete

Once finished, you‘ll see the "Addon installed" pop-up. And that‘s all there is to it!

The Shazam addon is now available in your Kodi Add-ons menu ready for streaming. Pretty quick and painless right?

[insert screenshot of Shazam installed]

Now let‘s look at how a debrid service can improve the streaming experience.

Setting Up Real-Debrid for Better Streaming

Real-Debrid is a premium service that finds high quality streams from filelockers and torrents. Using a Real-Debrid account unlocks way better streaming in Shazam.

Here are the steps to connect Real-Debrid:

  1. In the Shazam addon, go to Tools > ResolveURL Settings

  2. Select Re-Authorize under the Real-Debrid section

  3. Visit the Real-Debrid website and enter the code displayed

  4. Click "Add Device" to link your Real-Debrid account with Shazam

And that‘s it! Shazam will now prioritize Real-Debrid streams for smoother playback.

While not free, a Real-Debrid subscription starts around $3-5 USD per month. Given the boost in stream quality and reliability, it‘s absolutely worth the low cost if you plan to use Shazam regularly.

Why Using a VPN Matters with Kodi Addons

Now that you have Shazam ready to start watching, it‘s crucial we talk about online privacy protection.

When using third-party Kodi addons, a VPN helps keep your streaming activity private. Here are a few reasons why:

Hide Activity from Your ISP

Your internet service provider can view all traffic going to and from your home network. This means they could log that you‘re accessing infringing material through Shazam. A VPN hides this activity by encrypting your connection.

Prevent Monitoring by Copyright Holders

Various copyright enforcement groups monitor Kodi addon users by logging the IP addresses that access unauthorized streams. A VPN masks your IP address to avoid this tracking.

Researchers from the University of Padova analyzed 24,000 video streams accessed through Kodi addons over a 2-month period. They found that:

  • The majority of users lacked VPN protection
  • Unprotected users were frequently geo-located by their IP addresses
  • Users could be easily tracked across multiple viewing sessions

Their findings demonstrate the importance of properly shielding your streaming activity from prying eyes.

Avoid Geo-restrictions

Some stream sources block users from outside certain regions or countries. A VPN lets you spoof your location to bypass these geo-blocks.

Stay Safer on Public WiFi

Connecting to public WiFi at coffee shops or hotels leaves you vulnerable to snooping. A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel to keep your data safe on open networks.

So in summary, a quality VPN is vital for privacy, security and access when streaming with Kodi addons like Shazam.

[Insert VPN recommendation] offers excellent protection paired with blazing speeds. And they make it super simple to get connected on devices like the Firestick, Android or Apple phones, Windows and more.

Sign up today to stream safely!

Now, let‘s move on to answering the big question on everyone‘s mind – the legality piece.

Assessing the Legal Status of Third-Party Kodi Addons

Given that Shazam provides access to a ton of movies and shows for free, you may be wondering – is this legal?

Unfortunately, there‘s no straightforward answer when it comes to unofficial addons like Shazam. The developers themselves aren‘t actually hosting or distributing copyrighted content. But they are facilitating access to it.

According to research by Sandvine, a tier 1 network hardware provider, Kodi was one of the most popular services globally for piracy in 2018.

Analysis of global fixed access traffic showed:

  • 5% of downstream bandwidth was attributed to Kodi
  • Roughly 30 million monthly active Kodi devices in Europe alone as of early 2018
  • 89% of Kodi streaming traffic went to unlicensed content

These usage patterns suggest a significant level of piracy done through Kodi. However, usage alone doesn‘t determine legality.

David England, an intellectual property lawyer, analyzed the legal standing of Kodi developers themselves in relation to piracy. He concluded:

"Developers producing legitimate software, that is then used unlawfully by third parties, are unlikely to be found liable for copyright infringement on the basis of authorising unlawful use."

However, streaming copyrighted material without authorization still raises potential civil and criminal liability for end-users.

While the legal waters are muddy, and enforcement unpredictable, the safest options are to:

  • Avoid unofficial addons entirely
  • Only stream content you have the rights to access
  • Use a VPN to keep your streaming private

If you do proceed with addons like Shazam, do so at your own risk. Now, let‘s shift gears and talk troubleshooting.

Fixing Common Issues with the Shazam Addon

Generally, Shazam is quick and easy to install and navigate. But occasionally issues do pop up. Here are some common problems and solutions:

Can‘t Enable Unknown Sources

This is typically due to Restricted Profiles being turned on in Kodi. Check under Settings > Profiles and switch to a non-restricted profile.

Shazam Won‘t Install

  • Double check you entered the repo URL correctly with no typos
  • Try re-disabling then re-enabling Unknown Sources
  • Uninstall the repo, restart Kodi, reinstall the repo

Streams Don‘t Play or Constantly Buffer

  • Check your internet speeds – slow connections disrupt streaming
  • Enable Real-Debrid for higher quality stream sources
  • Lower the default stream quality settings in Shazam
  • Try alternate addons like The Oath, Crew, or Seren for more links

Missing Streams for Certain Shows or Movies

  • Try restarting Kodi and re-opening Shazam
  • Linking a Real-Debrid account provides more stream options
  • Leave the stream window open for a bit to give sources time to load

Troubleshooting comes down to isolating the issue (addon, internet, device problem, etc) and ruling out the different variables. Patience and testing will help narrow down solutions.

I hope these fixes help get Shazam streaming smoothly. When all else fails, exploring legal alternatives may be your best option…

Legal Free Streaming Options to Try Instead

Rather than risking the legal gray area of third-party Kodi addons, here are some great free streaming platforms to enjoy entirely legitimate content:

Plex – Media server software with thousands of free movies, TV shows, and other media available via its app.

Kanopy – On-demand streaming service with over 30,000 indie films, documentaries and other content. Free with library membership.

Hoopla – Movies, shows, music, audiobooks, comics and more. Just need a library card to access.

Tubi – Ad-supported on-demand streaming with thousands of movies and shows. Available on most devices.

Pluto TV – For live TV, Pluto offers over 250 free streaming channels through an interface like cable.

The Roku Channel – Roku‘s free movie and TV hub with both live channels and on-demand content.

Crackle – Sony-owned ad-supported streaming with a large library of free media.

IMDb TV – Amazon‘s free streaming service with hit movies, throwback classics, and originals.

So don‘t feel that you need to rely solely on questionable addons to cut the cord. Utilize legit free streaming apps and keep your entertainment both legal and affordable.

Well that wraps up this comprehensive guide on installing the Shazam Kodi addon! Let me know if you have any other questions. I‘m always happy to help fellow cord-cutters. Enjoy!


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