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Roboform vs. LastPass 2023: Roboform’s Lack of Breaches Gives it the Edge

Choosing a password manager to secure your online accounts can be a daunting task. Two popular options are Roboform and LastPass. While both offer strong encryption and standard features like autofill and password generation, there are some key differences when it comes to security, pricing, and overall functionality.

In this comprehensive comparison guide, we‘ll break down Roboform vs LastPass to help you determine which password manager is the better fit for your needs and budget.

Overview of Roboform and LastPass

Roboform and LastPass share some core similarities:

  • Both offer free and paid versions
  • Have browser extensions for major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
  • Provide strong AES 256-bit encryption with PBKDF2-SHA256
  • Allow password sharing and emergency access (with paid plans)
  • Offer password generators, autofill, and other key features

However, when it comes to security breaches, Roboform comes out ahead. LastPass suffered breaches in both 2015 and 2022, while Roboform has never been breached.

LastPass does offer more advanced features like dark web monitoring, security dashboard scores, and unlimited devices. But you‘ll need a paid plan to access many of these extras.

Quick Comparison

Roboform LastPass
Price Starts at $1.39/month Starts at $3/month
Free Version Yes Yes
Max Devices 1-5 Unlimited
Password Sharing Paid only Yes
Encryption AES 256-bit + PBKDF2-SHA256 AES 256-bit + PBKDF2-SHA256

Pricing and Plans

Roboform‘s pricing starts at $1.99 per month for 1 user and 5 devices. LastPass is slightly more expensive at $3 per month for 1 user with unlimited devices.

Both offer 30-day free trials so you can test them out.

Here‘s an overview of the paid plans:

Plan Roboform LastPass
Individual $1.99/month $3/month
Family $3.98/month for up to 5 users $4/month for up to 6 users

The family plans offer the best value if you need to share passwords between multiple people. But Roboform only allows password sharing with a paid plan, while LastPass permits it on the free version.

Winner: Roboform, for starting at a lower price point.

Features and Functionality

When it comes to features, Roboform and LastPass are fairly evenly matched:

  • Both provide password generators, autofill, and the ability to capture and save new logins.
  • They allow setting up emergency access to your account.
  • You can use two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security.
  • Browser extensions are available for all major browsers.

However, some advanced features require a paid plan:

  • LastPass offers dark web monitoring, security alerts, breach reports and more with upgraded plans.
  • Roboform provides secure password sharing, sync across all devices, and digital legacy/emergency access only for paying users.

Winner: Tie. Both offer robust core features. LastPass has more advanced extras but requires a paid plan to access them.

Security: Which is Safer?

When it comes to security, Roboform pulls ahead primarily due to its clean breach history.

  • Roboform has never been breached and undergoes annual third-party audits.
  • LastPass suffered major breaches in 2015 and 2022. Details on third-party audits are unclear.

While LastPass employs top security standards on paper, its breach track record rightfully makes users nervous. Roboform‘s consistent security gives it the advantage here.

That said, both services use AES 256-bit encryption and allow two-factor authentication for an added layer of protection.

Winner: Roboform for its breach-free history and third-party audited security.

Ease of Use and Compatibility

Roboform and LastPass both provide user-friendly interfaces across desktop and mobile. They support all major platforms:

  • Windows and Mac computers
  • iOS and Android mobile
  • Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera

Roboform falls short on Linux desktop support. But otherwise, the two are evenly matched when it comes to ease of use and compatibility.

Winner: Tie. The password managers work seamlessly across devices, browsers, and operating systems.

Customer Support

Unfortunately, neither password manager provides stellar customer service options:

  • Roboform offers phone and email support, but response times can be slow.
  • LastPass provides phone support only for paying users and no email.

Considering how critical password managers are for security, we‘d like to see more robust support from both providers.

Winner: Tie. This is an area for improvement for both Roboform and LastPass.

Conclusion: Roboform Has the Overall Edge

When weighing all the factors – security, price, features, and ease of use – Roboform comes out as the better option for most users.

While LastPass offers some advanced extras, Roboform provides the core functionality most people need at a more affordable price. More importantly, Roboform‘s clean security record gives it the advantage for a service designed to protect your sensitive data.

That said, LastPass remains a solid choice with robust features. But the recent breaches do raise concerns, especially compared to Roboform‘s stellar security track record.

In summary, if you prioritize proven security and value on a budget, go with Roboform. But if you want unlimited password sharing and other premium features, choose LastPass – just be diligent about enabling all available security settings.


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