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The Essential Guide to Installing the Reddit Addon on Kodi

With over 52 million daily active users, Reddit is one of the most popular social platforms on the web. The Reddit Kodi addon makes all that viral video content accessible right on your TV.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll show you how to install the Reddit addon on Kodi 19 Matrix and leverage this massive library of entertainment.

Why Add Reddit to Your Kodi Setup?

Here are some key benefits of using the Reddit addon on Kodi:

  • Endless stream of videos – Reddit has thousands of active subreddits uploading new viral videos, GIFs, game clips, and more around the clock.

  • Obscure niche content – Unlike YouTube, Reddit has vibrant communities for extremely niche topics that you won‘t find elsewhere.

  • Anonymity – You can privately browse and watch Reddit videos without an account or needing to login.

  • Fast streaming – The addon provides smooth playback with minimal buffering in my experience.

  • Big screen experience – Enjoy Reddit content on your TV instead of small smartphone and computer screens.

Overall, the Reddit addon saves you from endlessly scrolling through posts and gives you an organized library of video content tailored to your interests.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Install

Installing the Reddit addon only takes a few minutes. Follow these steps:

Enable Unknown Sources

This allows installing third-party addons from outside repositories:

  1. Open Kodi and click the "Settings" icon
  2. Go to System > Add-ons
  3. Toggle "Unknown Sources" to ON
  4. Click Yes to confirm

Enabling Unknown Sources in Kodi

Install the Reddit Repository

This contains the Reddit addon:

  1. Go to Add-ons > Install from Repository
  2. Select Kodi Add-on Repository
  3. Choose Video Add-ons
  4. Click on Repository
  5. Select Install

Installing the Reddit Repository

Install the Reddit Addon

Now you can install the actual addon from the repository:

  1. Access the Repository
  2. Go to Video Add-ons
  3. Select Reddit Video
  4. Click the Install button

Once enabled, you‘ll see the addon installed confirmation.

Installing the Reddit Addon

Access the Reddit Addon

  1. Return to the Kodi home screen
  2. Launch Add-ons from the left sidebar
  3. Select the Reddit Video icon
  4. Start watching viral videos!

And that‘s it! The entire process should only take 5-10 minutes.

Ratings Comparisons Between the Browser and Kodi Versions

Feature Browser Reddit Kodi Reddit Addon
Content Selection 5/5 5/5
Usability 3/5 5/5
Privacy 2/5 5/5
Video Quality 4/5 4/5
Advertisements 1/5 5/5

Summary: The Kodi Reddit addon provides a vastly superior experience compared to using a web browser in terms of usability, privacy, and ad removal. You get access to all the same content without the downsides.

Customizing the Addon for the Best Experience

The Reddit addon comes packed with settings to help customize your viewing experience.

Here are some recommendations:

  • Set default sort to "Hot" or "Top" to see most popular content

  • Enable autoplay so videos stream back-to-back

  • Increase posts per page to reduce loading times

  • Adjust NSFW filters based on your preferences

  • Change cache settings to improve streaming on slower connections

Take some time to dive into the settings and tailor the addon to your needs. It can have a big impact.

Customize the Addon Settings for the Best Experience

How to Navigate the Addon Interfaces

The Reddit addon has a simple layout that makes finding content intuitive:

Home Screen

The home screen provides quick access to:

  • Subreddits – Browse trending subreddits uploading viral videos

  • Categories – Video genres like Sports, Gaming, News, Animals

  • Search – Find videos by keyword or subreddit

Home Screen of the Reddit Addon

Browsing Content

Selecting a subreddit, category or search shows a list of related videos. You can:

  • Sort by Hot, New, Top or Rising

  • Filter by keywords

  • Adjust timeframes (day, week, month, etc)

  • Manage subscriptions to favorite subreddits

Select any video to start watching immediately!

Browsing Videos in the Reddit Addon

Are Reddit Videos Legal to Stream?

When it comes to copyright, Reddit exists in a legal grey area.

Reddit doesn‘t host any video content itself. All videos are uploaded by users. Subreddits often contain copyrighted material ripped from YouTube, Twitch and other sources.

/r/videos and other popular subreddits will remove videos in response to DMCA takedown requests. But many clips slip through the cracks.

So you‘re unlikely to face any legal consequences for watching Reddit videos. But ethical concerns remain around supporting piracy.

Use your best judgment when streaming. Avoid illegally uploaded movies, TV shows and pay-per-view events. Stick to user-generated content.

Pair with Real-Debrid for High-Quality Streams

The Reddit addon relies on the original uploaded formats. So some videos only come in lower resolutions.

You can unlock full HD and 4K quality by pairing Kodi with Real-Debrid.

Real-Debrid scrapes torrents and file hosts for premium quality sources. It only costs a few dollars per month.

Enable Real-Debrid under the Reddit addon settings. Then you can enjoy ultra high-def streaming.

Integrate Real-Debrid into the Reddit Addon

Choosing the Best Kodi Skin

The Reddit addon works great with just about any Kodi skin.

But for the optimal viewing experience, I recommend:

  • Artic Zephyr 2 – Sleek, user-friendly interface perfect for video.

  • Aura – Highly customizable skin with beautiful animations.

  • Xonfluence – Classic skin providing a familiar layout.

Take some time to experiment with different skins. Fine tune the menus and widgets to suit your needs.

Complementary Addons to Complete Your Setup

The Reddit addon makes a great starting point for a well-rounded addons setup:

  • The Crew – Movies and TV shows from streaming sites.

  • The Oath – Wide selection of TV shows and documentaries.

  • Uptime Kodi – Status of popular streaming sites.

  • YouTube – Official YouTube addon.

With Reddit plus a few other addons, you‘ll have endless entertainment at your fingertips!

Syncing Your Reddit Account for Enhanced Features

Although not required, you can sync your Reddit account with Kodi for added functionality:

  • Upvote/downvote directly from Kodi

  • View upvoted posts and saved content

  • Comment on videos

  • Create multireddits and access custom feeds

To sync your account:

  1. Create a free Reddit account on or the mobile app

  2. In Kodi, go to the Reddit addon settings

  3. Input your Reddit username and password

  4. Click Authorize.

Now your account will be connected for expanded features when browsing subreddits and videos.

Troubleshooting Guide

Here are fixes for some common issues:

Can‘t install addon – Double check Unknown Sources is enabled. Try reinstalling the repository. Also uninstall then restart the addon.

Endless loading – Clear the addon cache under Manage Dependencies. Or disable then re-enable the addon.

Buffering/low quality – Increase cache and buffering in settings. Or use Real-Debrid for premium streaming.

Missing videos – The addon doesn‘t contain all of Reddit. It‘s limited to supported websites. So some subreddits may lack content.

Add-on not opening – Ensure Kodi is updated to v19 Matrix or newer. Also restart the addon and clear caches. Reinstall if issues continue.

For any other problems, post details on the Kodi forum and the community can assist.

Closing Thoughts

The Reddit Kodi addon offers an exceptional way to watch Reddit‘s viral video content on the big screen. Quick to set up and easy to use, it opens up a massive library of entertainment.

Follow this guide to get it installed on Kodi 19 Matrix in just a few minutes. And be sure to customize the settings, skins, and account sync for the best experience.

Now you can kick back and enjoy all the obscure, trending, funny, shocking, and eyebrow-raising videos that Reddit has to offer!


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