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How to Setup Premiumize on Kodi

How to Setup Premiumize on Kodi

Premiumize is a premium streaming service that provides high-quality links for various streaming apps and Kodi addons. By integrating Premiumize into your preferred platform, you gain access to a vast library of 1080p, 4K, and cached torrent streams without buffering or lag.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll cover everything you need to know about Premiumize and how to set it up on Kodi for the ultimate streaming experience:

Table of Contents

  • What is Premiumize?
  • Premiumize Features
  • Premiumize Pricing
  • How to Sign Up for Premiumize
  • Integrating Premiumize with Kodi
    • Authorizing Premiumize in Kodi
    • Adding Premiumize to a Kodi Addon
  • Integrating Premiumize with Streaming Apps
  • Premiumize vs Real-Debrid
  • Troubleshooting Guide
  • FAQs

What is Premiumize?

Premiumize is a premium link generator and torrent downloader service. It works by crawling torrent sites and file hosters to find high-quality source files, then makes those files available for streaming through supported apps and addons.

The key benefits of Premiumize include:

  • No buffering: Premiumize only indexes the best quality torrents and hoster links to avoid buffering issues. This results in smooth, high-quality streams.

  • 4K and 1080p links: Premiumize finds HD and ultra HD torrents and streams in resolutions up to 4K.

  • Torrent downloads: You can use Premiumize to download torrents directly to their cloud storage. Downloads are optimized for streaming and saved for later viewing.

  • VPN and antivirus: Downloads are scanned for malware and transferred through secure VPN servers for privacy.

  • CDN streaming: Premiumize uses a global content delivery network (CDN) to route streams through the fastest servers. This avoids peak traffic and reduces buffering.

In short, Premiumize takes the hassle out of finding and streaming high-quality content. While free Kodi addons index some HD links, Premiumize gives you a much larger library of optimized streams.

Premiumize Features

Premiumize offers several features and tools that enhance the streaming experience:

Cloud Downloads

Premiumize gives you 1TB of secure cloud storage for torrent downloads. Rather than downloading torrents directly to your device, you can save them to your Premiumize cloud for streaming:

  • Downloads are scanned for malware before saving to the cloud
  • Premiumize optimizes video quality and streams downloads through their CDN
  • Access your cloud library from any device
  • Share files or create a private stream for someone else

This takes the load off your home network and allows you to build a cloud library of content.

Remote Downloader

You can add .torrent files or magnet links to the Premiumize downloader remotely. This will download the torrent in the background so you can immediately stream the content rather than waiting for the full download.

Remote downloading is perfect for larger files since it won‘t bottleneck your home network.

RSS Automation

The Premiumize RSS downloader can automatically grab torrents from RSS feeds as they are posted. Simply add your favorite RSS feeds and Premiumize will download new torrents that match your keywords.

This creates an automated, hands-off system to build your cloud library.

Premium Link Generation

The core purpose of Premiumize is generating premium streaming links from hosters, Usenet, and torrent sites. Premiumize dedicates significant server resources to crawling the web for the best quality files.

The advantage here is that Premiumize weeds out low-quality links that typically buffer on free Kodi addons. The result is smooth streaming in HD and 4K resolutions.

Premiumize Pricing

Premiumize offers reasonable pricing starting at €9 per month. Here are the available subscription options:

  • 1 month – €9
  • 3 months – €8 per month
  • 6 months – €7 per month
  • 12 months – €6 per month

For the best value, the 12-month plan brings the monthly cost down to €6 (about $7 USD).

Payment options include all major credit cards and Bitcoin.

How to Sign Up for Premiumize

Registering for a Premiumize account only takes a minute. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click Sign Up in the upper right.

  2. Enter your email address and choose a password. Then click the blue Register button.

  3. Check your email inbox for a confirmation message from Premiumize and click the activation link.

  4. You‘ll be redirected back to Premiumize. Choose your preferred subscription plan.

  5. Enter your payment details on the secure checkout page.

  6. Your new Premiumize account is now active!

With your account created, we can integrate Premiumize into Kodi and start streaming.

Integrating Premiumize with Kodi

To connect your Premiumize service with Kodi, you first need to authorize the account within Kodi. This links your Premiumize credentials to generate premium streams.

Then you can enable Premiumize in individual Kodi addons to display premium links. The process only takes a few minutes.

Authorizing Premiumize in Kodi

Here are the steps to authorize Premiumize within Kodi:

  1. In Kodi, go to Addons > My Addons > ResolveURL > Universal Resolvers > Settings.

  2. Scroll down and select Universal Resolvers under the Accounts section.

  3. Choose (Re)Authorize My Account under the resolver.

  4. You‘ll see a notification that an authorization code was generated. Make note of this code.

  5. Pull up in your browser and log into your account.

  6. Go to the Device page under your account settings.

  7. Enter the authorization code from Step 4 and click Submit.

  8. Click Allow on the device authorization prompt.

This links your Premiumize account to Kodi. Now when you enable Premiumize in an addon, it will index your premium streams.

Adding Premiumize to a Kodi Addon

Once your account is authorized in Kodi, go to the addon you want to use Premiumize with:

  1. In the addon, click on Tools or Settings.

  2. Open the ResolveURL settings.

  3. Enable Universal Resolvers if it‘s not already on.

  4. Scroll down and enable Premiumize under Universal Resolvers accounts.

  5. Go back to the main addon menu and choose a source like Movies or TV shows.

You‘ll now see premium links from your Premiumize account in the stream list. These links are marked as "Premium" in the addon and avoid the buffering problems of free links.

Most popular video addons like Seren, The Oath, Crew, and Venom are configured to work with Premiumize out of the box. Just enable Universal Resolvers with your authorized account and you‘re set.

Integrating Premiumize with Streaming Apps

Besides Kodi, you can connect your Premiumize account to various Android streaming apps like Cinema HD, BeeTV, CyberFlix TV, and more.

The process is similar to Kodi:

  1. Open the app settings.

  2. Find the option to integrate Real-Debrid or premium services. This may be called "ResolveURL" or "Universal Resolvers" like in Kodi.

  3. Enter your Premiumize API key when prompted. To find this, log into your Premiumize account and go to the API page.

  4. Select Premiumize from the list of resolvers.

  5. Return to the main app menu and pick a video source to view premium streams from your account.

The steps can vary somewhat across apps, but generally follow the same authorization process. Enabling Premiumize unlock tons of high-quality streaming sources.

Premiumize vs Real-Debrid

Real-Debrid is the main competitor to Premiumize in the premium link space. Here‘s how the two services compare:


  • Real-Debrid is cheaper at just $3 USD per month if you buy a full year. Premiumize starts at $7 USD per month.

Link Quality

  • Both extract 1080p and 4K streams from hosters and torrents. Video quality is excellent on each platform.

Link Availability

  • Premiumize may index a few more niche torrents, but Real-Debrid has wider addon support and more total links.


  • Premiumize includes extras like cloud storage, while Real-Debrid focuses solely on linking.


  • Speeds are consistently fast on both services. Most users see little difference in streaming performance.

Overall, Premiumize adds more bells and whistles through its cloud tools, but sticks to the core function of supplying premium links like Real-Debrid. Either service will significantly boost your streaming quality and make buffering a thing of the past.

Troubleshooting Guide

Here are some common issues and fixes for using Premiumize with Kodi:

No premium links appearing:

  • Double check that Universal Resolvers is enabled and Premiumize is authorized under accounts.

  • Try re-authorizing Premiumize from the Universal Resolvers settings.

  • Clear the addon cache from Tools > Clear Cache.

Buffering on premium links:

  • Ensure your Kodi device is connected over a fast WiFi or ethernet connection.

  • Try adjusting the CDN through Premiumize under Universal Resolvers accounts.

  • Clear the addon cache and re-check for buffering.

Premiumize not working after Kodi update:

  • The new Kodi version may have reset addon settings. Redo the Premiumize authorization steps above.

  • If issues persist, uninstall then reinstall your problem addon.

  • As a last resort, perform a fresh start to redo the entire Kodi setup.

Premiumize authorization lost:

  • Sometimes an update will remove Premiumize authorization. Just repeat the linking process above.

  • Check Premiumize under Accounts in ResolveURL to confirm the status.

  • You can always re-auth without having to re-enter credentials.

Premiumize links not cached:

  • Cached torrents can take some time to become available after downloading.

  • Make sure pre-download caching is enabled in your Premiumize account settings.

  • Individual addons may not support Premiumize link caching.


What devices support Premiumize?

Premiumize works on all Kodi setups including Fire TV, Android TV boxes, PCs, smartphones, and more. It also integrates with the majority of Android streaming apps.

Is Premiumize legal?

Premiumize itself simply indexes online sources available to anyone. You are responsible for using Premiumize to exclusively stream free, public domain content.

Does Premiumize work on all Kodi addons?

While Premiumize has wide support, some newer or lesser-known addons may not be integrated yet. The most popular addons are guaranteed compatible.

Can I share my Premiumize account?

Yes, Premiumize allows account sharing across 5 devices. IP locking restrictions can be removed under account settings.

Is Premiumize worth the price?

For many Kodi users, paying a small monthly fee is absolutely worth it for reliable access to unlimited HD/4K streams. Compared to cable or streaming services, it‘s a bargain.

Is Premiumize better for movies or TV shows?

Premiumize shines for both movies and TV. You‘ll find a deep library of the latest cinema releases, popular shows, and older classics with Premiumize.

How many streams can I watch at once?

Premiumize places no limits on simultaneous streaming. You can stream to as many devices as you want from a single account.

Can I use Premiumize outside of Kodi?

Absolutely! Premiumize works with all major streaming APK apps for Android and iOS devices. It also offers tools like cloud downloads for desktop watching.


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