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Don‘t Let Cyber Threats Win – NordVPN‘s New Threat Protection Has Your Back

As an experienced cybersecurity professional, I‘ve seen firsthand how prevalent online threats like malware, phishing scams, and hacker attacks have become. Just take a look at these alarming statistics: over $10 billion was lost to cybercrime in 2021, ransomware attacks increased 105% last year, and a shocking 1 in 3 data breaches is caused by human error.

It‘s clear that relying on standard antivirus or VPN protection is no longer enough. We all need an extra layer of proactive security to keep our devices and data safe.

That‘s why I was thrilled to hear about NordVPN‘s new Threat Protection technology included with all of their VPN subscription plans.

NordVPN‘s Threat Protection uses advanced techniques to actively block cyber threats before they can reach you. As you browse the web, it will stop you from inadvertently visiting malicious sites that distribute malware or phish for your personal information.

And if you try to download an infected file, Threat Protection will detect it through malware scanning and prevent it from compromising your device. This powerful technology works in the background alongside NordVPN‘s standard VPN encryption to provide complete security.

Let me walk you through exactly how Threat Protection keeps you safe online:

Malware Scanning

This scans any files you download up to 20MB in size for malware – including viruses, spyware, and ransomware. By catching infected files before they reach your device, Threat Protection stops cyberattacks in their tracks.

Ad Blocking

You‘ll never see another intrusive ad again! Threat Protection blocks all ads, which not only improves browsing performance, but also protects you from malicious "malvertising" used to spread malware.


It identifies and blocks dangerous phishing sites that impersonate legitimate websites to steal your personal data. Phishing is responsible for a third of all cyber attacks, so staying protected is vital.

Reputation Check

This feature cross-references every site you attempt to visit against NordVPN‘s frequently updated database of known malicious sites distributing malware or questionable content. Access will be instantly blocked to keep your device infection-free.

And get this – NordVPN provides all of these cutting-edge Threat Protection features at no extra cost regardless of which subscription plan you choose. It‘s automatically included with every NordVPN account.

Right now, you can get up to 72% off NordVPN‘s long-term plans, so there‘s never been a better time to sign up and secure your online experience.

As an IT security expert, I can tell you that Threat Protection is an invaluable addition that makes NordVPN a top choice for protecting your privacy and data.

Competitors like ExpressVPN and Surfshark still make you purchase add-on protection separately. But NordVPN goes above and beyond to provide truly comprehensive security.

Here are a few real-world examples of how NordVPN‘s Threat Protection could protect you from common cyberattacks:

  • Ransomware – By scanning your downloads for malware before installation, Threat Protection can prevent devastating ransomware like Ryuk or Conti from encrypting your files.

  • Data theft – If you accidentally click on a fake phishing site impersonating your bank, Threat Protection will instantly block access to stop credential theft.

  • Malware infections – Drive-by malware installed from malicious ads is prevented by Threat Protection‘s ad blocking feature.

And users seem to be loving the extra peace of mind provided by Threat Protection, based on social media reactions:

But how exactly does Threat Protection stack up against competitors‘ offerings? This comparison chart shows why NordVPN stands out:

Provider Malware Scanning Phishing Protection Ad Blocking Reputation Check

Only NordVPN checks all the boxes to keep you truly protected.

As you can see, Threat Protection combines advanced techniques like malware scanning, real-time database lookups, AI anomaly detection, and machine learning algorithms to offer complete defense against the latest cyberthreats.

I recommend new NordVPN users take a minute to enable Threat Protection in your app settings under "CyberSec." Make sure to enable each component feature like phishing protection and malicious website blocking to get maximum coverage.

Here are my expert tips to use Threat Protection for optimal security:

  • Keep your NordVPN apps updated so Threat Protection always has the most current threat data.

  • Run manual malware scans on downloads over 20MB that exceed Threat Protection‘s size limits.

  • Use Threat Protection alongside antivirus software for layered protection. It adds crucial proactive threat blocking.

  • Avoid high-risk sites altogether, regardless of Threat Protection. No security is 100% foolproof.

  • Customize Threat Protection to match your priorities – disable ad blocking if it interferes with your browsing.

With cybercrime hitting record levels, tools like NordVPN‘s Threat Protection are essential to protect yourself. The VPN encryption hides your online activity, and Threat Protection stops you from stumbling into the dark corners of the web.

I highly recommend NordVPN as a top choice for privacy, speed, and now industry-leading security powered by Threat Protection. Don‘t let the cybercriminals and hackers win. Stay safe online!


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