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HOB at CeBIT 2000

Feb. 24 – 1 March
Hall 11, Stand G25

The central focus of this year’s CeBIT exhibit for the Connectivity experts from Zirndorf (near Nuremberg, Germany) is "Secure Enterprise Connectivity Solutions".
In addition to the recently announced software product HOBLink Secure (Strong Encryption solution based on SSL V. 3.0), HOB will debut two other new developments at CeBIT. These new products, coupled with the unveiling of further developments for five existing software products – HOBLink JWT, HOBLink J-DRDA, HOBLink SNA Router, HOBLink J-Term and HOBLink DRDA – underscore HOB’s basic strategy: platform-independent host integration on the basis of a complete products portfolio. In other words, Connectivity from one source (the manufacturer). This strategy is designed to significantly reduce administrative overhead while simultaneously counteracting the explosion of support costs.

This year HOB has again divided its stand into theme-related solution centers reflecting the chief business fields of the enterprise:

  1. Web-to-Host Connectivity
  2. Security
  3. Host/Server Solutions
  4. Classic Emulations
  5. Database Connectivity
  6. Windows Terminal Server Connectivity
  7. Midrange-AS/400 Connectivity
  8. Unix Connectivity
  9. Networking

HOB will conduct live demonstrations from Hanover via a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connecting the stand to the company’s own internal host systems.

New product presentations at CeBIT:

HOBLink Secure V. 1.1

HOBDB connect V. 1.1

HOBLink J-FaceLifter V. 1.1

In addition, new version releases for the following HOBLink products will be presented:

HOBLink J-Term Entry 1.2

HOBLink J-DRDA V. 2.1

HOBLink JWT V.1.2

HOBLink SNA Router V. 2.1

HOBLink DRDA V. 4.1

1. Web-to-Host Connectivity:

HOBLink J-Term Entry V. 1.2 *New Version*

HOBLink J-Term offers browser-based host access via Internet, Intranet and Extranet. When used in combination with the HOBCOM host/server software developed by HOB, HOBLink J-Term provides complete data encryption between host and client as well as system printing over the World Wide Web.

The HOBLink J-Term100% pure Java web-to-host software has been divided in two version groups. The first is a Thin-Client version with a reduced range of functions beginning with version group 1, marketed as HOBLink J-Term Entry V.1.2. Besides the 3270, 5250 and VT525 emulations, also implemented in this version are the SINIX 97801 and HP700 emulations, which will make their debut at this year’s CeBIT. Communication via RDP or ICA for access to MS Windows Terminal Server or CITRIX Metaframe is also optionally available with this new version. As a further option, it is also possible to use HOBLink Secure (see also 2. Security).

HOBLink J-Term V.2.2

HOBLink J-Term V.2.2 belongs to version group 2 of the web-to-host software and offers an extensive spectrum of functions which emphasize excellent management features and very simple, fully automatic operation. Pre-configurations of all user and workgroup-specific settings are stored as profiles on a central server. The applet loaded is 130 to 200 KB in size and provides world-wide access to IBM mainframe, AS/400 and ASCII hosts via Internet and Intranet. Using numerous tools, the system administrator then manages all settings centrally via a web browser. To increase user acceptance the screen masks are automatically displayed with the Windows look and feel via "GUI-on-the-fly". The implementation of SINIX 97801, HP700 emulations and support for RDP and ICA is also planned in the near future for this full version.

HOBLink J-FaceLifter V. 1.1 *New Development*

HOBLink J-FaceLifter is a development tool for up-grading host applications. This product is based on Java development environments such as Symantec "Visual Café" and gives classic "green screens" a Windows look and feel – and this with a minimum of programming.

2. Security

HOB is certainly no newcomer in the area of Strong Encryption. Four years ago the HOB Connectivity and Security experts introduced to the market their unique data transaction protection concept using their own HOBCOM mainframe optimizing software in connection with the HOBLink 3270 and HOBLink J-Term PC-Host and Web-to-Host packages. This security solution allows for data encryption on the basis of the Blowfish algorithm with a 64-bit block cipher and a maximum key length of 256 bits (see also 3. Host/Server Solutions).

Because of the rising trend of integrating the Internet/Intranet into the enterprise, the need for security solutions has also increased. To meet this demand HOB is expanding its product portfolio in the security area and is presenting a new software development at CeBIT 2000.

HOBLink Secure *New Development*

This encryption software is based on the standard SSL V.3.0 (Secure Socket Layer) and consists of a 3 component solution. Only algorithms are used which have proven up to this time to be absolutely secure. These are RC4 with an encoding of 128 bits and 3DES with up to 112 bits. In addition, RC2 with 40 bits and DES with 56 bits are supported.

The encryption methods: Diffie-Hellmann (DH), RSA (according to Rivest, Shamir and Adlemann) and the Message Digests MD5 and SHA-1. The latter are often used as digital signature. Additionally, for better performance an extra compression according to V.42bis was integrated which allows for a 4:1 reduction of the data stream.

3. Host/Server Solutions

HOB’s long-standing competence in the Mainframe Connectivity market lead to the development of innovative Mainframe software solutions tailored to customers needs which optimize the interplay between LAN and WAN PC’s, web clients, terminals, NC’s and mainframes. Issues such as data security, failsafe performance and cost containment will be probed in practice-oriented demonstrations under the rubric "Host Server Solutions".


HOBCOM, the mainframe optimizing software, was specially developed for S/390 and S/370 systems under OS/390, MVS, VSE and VM. It contains numerous tools for structure-specific control or management of emulations and printers and automation of operating sequences which relate to PC / host application access. A cost-effective bonus: you can integrate existing "old" SNA applications in a TCP/IP network concept without having to modify the host applications.

When used with HOBLink 3270 or HOBLink J-Term, HOBCOM controls the data encryption process of the entire data stream in the enterprise network, Internet, Intranet and Extranet – a subject which occupies first place in the priority list of the MIS Managers. The encryption employs the Blowfish algorithm in a 64-bit block cipher with a key up to 256 bits long. The encoding is gapless and cannot be cracked – from client to host, over gateways and servers, for either the password only or the whole 3270 data stream.

Using HOBCOM’s "Single Sign-on" function, the log-on procedures can be reduced to a single action. HOBCOM saves time by handling access to other host applications in the background. An integrated data selection and compression process helps to lower transmission costs up to 90%. Another plus for HOBCOM is the extensive printer support which allows printing directly from CICS and IMS as well as printing to LPD and NC. Furthermore, printing via the SMB protocol is implemented, which means that no additional client-side software is required.


HOBPACK is the data compression software for data transfer between OS/390, MVS and VM based mainframes and PC’s and is made up of host and client components. It runs in the background, automatically compressing and decompressing the complete file transfer between PC and host.

HOBLink SNA Router V.2.1 *New Version*

HOBLink SNA Router is an cost-effective remote access solution that makes it possible to link clients from TCP/IP or SNA networks to IBM mainframes. The direct connection from the gateway computer under Windows 95/98, NT and Windows 2000 to the host is via SNA. HOBLink SNA Router can function internally as SNA Server and supports Token Ring and Ethernet. From a remote location the link can be established via X.25 and SDLC or ISDN D-channel.

New features implemented in version 2.1 include TCP/IP and SNA support as well as expansion to a total of 500 concurrent sessions using a minimum of resources plus the ability to run the software as a service: In the undesirable but by no means unavoidable case of a crash, HOBLink SNA Router is automatically reactivated as soon as the server is restarted. In addition, an interface for operation with HOBLink Secure has been integrated.

4. Classic Emulations

HOBLink 3270 V. 4.4

HOBLink 3270 is HOB’s flagship. In version 4.4 HOB expands the convenient and feature-rich 3270 emulation with the HOBLink Secure option, ensuring a secure connection to the IBM mainframe.

HOBLink FaceLifter V. 2.2

Working with the alphanumeric IBM mainframe applications poses a problem for some users, especially those from the younger generation. HOBLink FaceLifter is a development tool for generating host masks with the look and feel of Windows and for adding Windows online Help to the host applications. The functionality of the host programs can be supplemented without having to modify the source code of the host program. A prerequisite for the developer is know-how in MS Visual Basic.

True to the motto "Everything from one (manufacturer) source", HOB also offers software bundles for mainframe communication.

HOBLink Terminal Edition 99

This package covers PC Connectivity to IBM mainframe, Midrange, UNIX and DEC computers.

Components included: HOBLink 3270, HOBLink 5250 and HOBLink VT525 Emulation, HOBLink SNA Stack and HOBLink Distribution (a central pre-configuration tool for enterprise-wide "unattended install").

HOBLink Host Edition 99

This package provides for PC Connectivity to IBM mainframe, UNIX and DEC computers.

Components included: 3270 Emulation, VT525 Emulation, X Server, ODBC drivers for access to IBM DB2 databases, 3770 Emulation, NFS Client, AFTP Client, SNA Stack and a central pre-configuration tool for enterprise-wide "unattended install".

HOBLink RJE V.1.2

Up to now companies normally had to pay a pretty penny for remote job processing. With HOBLink RJE, however, HOB offers savings and more flexibility at the same time. This software provides precise emulation of a 3770 data station with all the accompanying functions, allowing you to use existing PCs as RJE data stations. RJE (Remote Job Entry) is a protocol developed by IBM which regulates the exchange of data between the central computer and the data station. This allows the user to work with data locally on the PC as well as remotely, that is, centrally from the host. System administrators have the possibility of comfortably distributing print output throughout the company. Host developers can use PC editors and send their source code via HOBLink RJE to the host where it can be compiled. Additionally, HOBLink RJE provides high-performance file transfer at a transmission rate of about 8 MB/min.

5. Database Connectivity

HOBLink DRDA V. 4.1 *New Version*

The expanded version 4.1 of HOBLink DRDA will be presented at CeBIT this year. This ODBC driver allows for direct access to all DB2 databases. Access is implemented via the ODBC interface or embedded SQL from every Windows application. This makes it possible to process data conveniently in any known Windows application. NDS support and the option of using HOBLink Secure are new in version 4.1. Access to Oracle 8 and MS SQL Server is also possible in combination with HOBDB.

HOBDB connect V. 1.1 *New Development*

At this year’s CeBIT HOB is premiering its new database gateway "HOBDB connect". Using HOBLink DRDA or HOBLink J-DRDA as middleware, HOBDB connect allows for access to Oracle 8 and MS SQL Server from central Windows 32-bit platforms, where HOBDB connect is residing. With DRDA via TCP/IP as communication protocol, you can simultaneously take full advantage of the features of the IBM DRDA protocol that save on network resources, thereby considerably boosting performance. The initial results of our own tests show a reduction in the data stream of about 40% when accessing Oracle 8 and 30% for MS SQL Server V.7.

HOBLink J-DRDA V.2.1 *New Version*

Conceived as middleware, HOBLink J-DRDA V.2.1 creates the basis for direct connection to all DB2 databases directly from a Java application or Java applet. HOBLink J-DRDA is a JDBC driver type 4 based on native Java which for the first time implements non-proprietary database connections to DB2 from a heterogeneous environment. In combination with HOBDB connect, access to Oracle 8 and MS SQL Server is also possible. The target market for HOBLink J-DRDA is primarily developers of 2-tier database solutions. The product is now being expanded to support JDBC 2.0.

EasySQL Entry V. 1.1

In connection with HOBLink DRDA, EasySQL Entry provides enterprises with a complete solution for integrating host data into PC networks. EasySQL Entry consists of two components: first, a development tool for administrators for creating user-friendly database query applications under Windows 95/98, NT, Windows 2000, OS/2; second, a production tool for users which handles the actual queries or entries. Execution on the host under OS/390, MVS/TSO, VM/CMS, CICS/VSE and CICS/MVS is also supported.

6. Windows Terminal Server Connectivity

HOBLink JWT V. 1.2 *New Version*

Under the motto "Windows Anywhere" HOB is debuting a new version of the platform-independent client for the Windows Terminal Server. HOBLink JWT (=Java Windows Terminal) marks the beginning of HOB’s intensified commitment in the area of Windows Terminal Server Connectivity. HOBLink JWT is compatible with Windows Terminal Server under NT Server 4.0 and Windows 2000.

HOBLink JWT can be installed either locally or on the web server and – based on the Microsoft RDP protocol (Remote Desktop Protocol) – allows for transparent integration of all platforms into the Windows environment via web browser. Windows as well as non-Windows clients, such as Macintosh, UNIX, Linux, NC’s and handheld PC’s are supported. This means that all clients have access to Windows 32-bit applications. The smallest common denominator is a Java Virtual Machine. There is no need for costly, high-maintenance server software.

HOBLink JWT Version 1.2 has now been expanded to support the CITRIX ICA protocol and also includes the additional "Load Balancing" function. It is also suited for use with HOBLink Secure.

7. Midrange – AS/400 Connectivity

HOBLink 5250 V. 1.1

In the midrange sector HOB is presenting HOBLink 5250, a "state-of-the-art" 5250 emulation with the usual extensive pallet of features you expect from HOB emulations. Communication is supported via SNA as well as via TN5250E.

HOBLink AS/400 Edition 99

The complete packet for connecting PC’s to IBM Midrange computers.

Components included: 5250 Emulation, ODBC driver for access to D2/400, AFTP and NFS Client, SNA Stack and HOBLink Distribution (a central pre-configuration tool for enterprise-wide "unattended install"). This complete packet can easily be integrated into SNA and TCP/IP-AS/400 environments.

8. UNIX Connectivity

HOBLink X11 V. 4.6

HOBLink X11 V.4.6 (R6.4) is an X Server for Windows 16/32-bit and OS/2. What sets it apart from the others? It’s outstanding price/performance ratio and its clearly designed, user-friendly configuration and application options. One unique feature is a function allowing playback of movie files (AVI and MPG files). Moreover, besides 8-bit color depth, the program also supports "HighColor" (16-bit) and "TrueColor" (24-bit). A central component of the software is the "Multiple X-Server" functionality. This feature allows simultaneous processing of several graphics applications on different hosts (X-Clients) parallel to classic Windows applications as well as data transfer via FTP. A VT525 emulation is also included in the product.

HOBLink VT525 V. 1.2

High-performance VT Terminal Emulation for connection to all UNIX hosts and DEC computers. Downward compatible support is provided from the VT525 VT Emulations to VT52.

HOBLink NFS V. 1.1

With HOBLink NFS the Connectivity experts from HOB offer not only an NFS client but also a server for 32-bit Windows. Both products may be purchased separately and are also contained in HOBLink Host Edition, HOBLink AS/400 Edition and HOBLink Unix Edition.

HOBLink Unix Edition 99

The complete packet for connecting PC’s to UNIX computers.

Components included: X Server, NFS Client, VT525 Emulation and HOBLink Distribution (a central pre-configuration tool for enterprise-wide "unattended install"). This complete packet can easily be integrated into UNIX environments.

9. Networking

In addition to its extensive software product portfolio, HOB also offers network solutions. The focal point during the concept phase of the complete network solution is the secure design of the total system. Firewalls, VPN gateways and HOB’s own software solutions protect the entire network right up to the individual workstations. Moreover, by using high-performance components, HOB guarantees that operations spanning several topologies will not lead to bottleneck problems.

Other focal points of HOB Networking include the subject areas VoIP (Voice over IP), QoS (Quality of Service) and minimizing operating costs through intelligent management systems.


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