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How to Install Kodi Karaoke Lite Addon on Firestick, Fire TV, & Android Box

Kodi Karaoke Genres

Do you love karaoke night but find yourself spending too much money at the local karaoke bar? Do your kids constantly beg for a karaoke machine that costs a small fortune? Well, my friend, I have great news for you!

With the Kodi Karaoke Lite addon, you can easily turn your Firestick, Fire TV, or Android TV box into a homemade karaoke machine for just the cost of a Kodi subscription (or free if you already have Kodi).

In this guide, I‘ll walk you step-by-step through installing the Kodi Karaoke Lite addon. I‘ll also cover some extra troubleshooting tips in case you run into any hiccups.

By the end, you‘ll be able to belt out your favorite tunes right from the comfort of your living room!

A Quick Intro to Kodi Karaoke Lite

But first, what exactly is Kodi Karaoke Lite?

It‘s an addon for the Kodi media center software that gives you access to a massive library of karaoke songs spanning multiple decades and genres.

The addon can be found in the LittleWiz Kodi repository, which is kind of like an app store for Kodi addons. Once installed, Kodi Karaoke Lite lives inside your Kodi app menus just like any other addon.

According to Kodi community polls, Kodi Karaoke Lite ranks among the best Kodi karaoke addons available thanks to its huge song selection and ease of use.

It works very similarly to other popular Kodi music addons like MP3 Streams and World of Sounds. But it‘s specially designed for karaoke with official song lyrics on-screen and the vocal tracks removed from songs.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Ready to install it? Here‘s a step-by-step walkthrough on how to get Kodi Karaoke Lite up and running:

Enable Unknown Sources

Kodi Karaoke Lite isn‘t available in the official Kodi repository, so you‘ll need to enable "Unknown Sources" first:

  1. Open Kodi and hover over the little gear icon in the top left corner. Then click to open Settings.

  2. On the left sidebar in Settings, click on "System Settings."

  3. In System Settings, find the "Addons" tab and open it up.

  4. On the right side you‘ll see the option for "Unknown Sources." Hover over it and toggle it on.

  5. A warning box will pop up. Click "Yes" to confirm you want to enable Unknown Sources.

This just tells Kodi that you want to install addons from outside the official Kodi repository. Think of it like allowing third-party app installs on your smartphone.

Add the Fusion Repository

With Unknown Sources enabled, it‘s time to add the repository that hosts Kodi Karaoke Lite:

  1. Go back to the Settings menu and click on "File Manager."

  2. Select "Add source" then click on the box that says <None>.

  3. Type in the following URL exactly:

And click OK.

  1. Under where you just typed in the URL, you‘ll see a box for naming the source. Enter something like "Fusion" and click OK.

We just manually added the Fusion repository. This repository hosts the LittleWiz repository we need for the next steps.

Install the LittleWiz Repository

Now we can install the LittleWiz repository from the Fusion repository source:

  1. Go back to the Kodi Settings menu and click "Addons."

  2. Select "Install from zip file."

  3. Click on "Fusion" or whatever you named the source in Step 9.

  4. Go to the kodi repos folder, then click on English and select the zip file:
  1. You‘ll see a notification that the repository is installed. Wait a minute or two for it to finish.

The LittleWiz repository is now installed! This repository contains our Kodi Karaoke Lite addon.

Install Kodi Karaoke Lite Addon

Now the moment we‘ve been waiting for – installing Kodi Karaoke Lite:

  1. Go back to "Install from repository" and select the "LittleWiz Repo" you just installed.

  2. Click on "Video add-ons."

  3. Find "Kodi Karaoke Lite" and click Install.

  4. Wait a minute or two for it to finish installing. Click OK if you get a dependencies popup.

And that‘s it! The Kodi Karaoke Lite addon is now installed and ready for you to start singing your heart out!

You can access it through the "Addons" section in Kodi. See the next section for details on using the addon.

Troubleshooting Tips

Sometimes you may run into errors during the installation process. Here are some troubleshooting tips for common issues:

  • Can‘t enable Unknown Sources – Try restarting Kodi and your device. Or reinstall Kodi if it‘s still not working.

  • Fusion repository won‘t add – Double check that you typed the URL ( exactly right with no typos.

  • LittleWiz repo won‘t install – Make sure you selected the correct zip file path ending in

  • Kodi Karaoke Lite won‘t install – It could be a temporary server issue. Try restarting your device and router and installing again later.

  • Dependencies failed to install – Click OK and try reinstalling Kodi Karaoke Lite again. Failed dependencies usually resolves itself after a reinstall or two.

If you continue having trouble, feel free to ask for help in the Kodi forums. The community is very active and helpful for troubleshooting addon issues.

Using Kodi Karaoke Lite

Now let‘s go over how you actually use Kodi Karaoke Lite to pick songs and sing your heart out!

After installing, you can access the addon through the Video Addons section:

  1. Open Kodi and click on "Addons" in the vertical menu bar.

  2. Select "Video Addons."

  3. Find Kodi Karaoke Lite and open it.

The first thing you‘ll see is a list of music genres to choose from:

Kodi Karaoke Genres

Browse through the genres until you find one you like. Click it to see a list of artists for that genre.

From there, you can select an artist and you‘ll get a list of their available karaoke songs!

Select the song you want and it will start playing immediately. Lyrics will display on-screen so you can sing along.

The playback controls at the bottom let you pause/rewind and skip ahead just like a music player.

A handy search function is also available if you know a specific song or artist you want to sing. Just type it into the search bar at the top rather than browsing genres.

Pairing Mics and Speakers

To sing along out loud, you‘ll need a way to get the karaoke music from your device into speakers.

The easiest way is to use a Bluetooth speaker – just pair it to your Firestick, Fire TV, or Android box like you would pair headphones. The music will play through the external speaker.

You can then grab a Bluetooth karaoke microphone that also pairs to your device. As you sing into the mic, your voice will be picked up and played through the speakers!

This gives you the classic karaoke experience of hearing both the music and your own voice amplified.

With just a couple affordable devices, you‘ll have a DIY karaoke setup ready for your next party!

Why Choose Kodi Karaoke Lite?

At this point, you may be wondering – why choose Kodi Karaoke Lite over the many other Kodi addons available?

Here are a few of the key advantages that make it my #1 pick for Kodi karaoke:

Massive music library – Get access to thousands upon thousands of karaoke tracks spanning multiple decades and genres – far more than most competitors. Kodi Karaoke Lite adds new music frequently so the library never gets stale.

Top-notch song quality – Songs play smoothly and sound great, which is crucial for karaoke. Minimal buffering too thanks to plenty of high-quality streams.

Feature-packed – Convenient song browsing, playlists, favorites, and robust search make it easy to queue up your queue. Lyrics display on-screen so you always know what to sing.

Beginner-friendly – Easy, step-by-step setup takes just a few minutes even for total Kodi beginners. Intuitive menus make navigating a breeze.

100% free – No expensive monthly fees or confusing registration required. Just install and start singing for zero additional cost.

Active development – The developer actively maintains it with frequent updates and bug fixes, so it‘s less prone to problems down the road.

Give Kodi Karaoke Lite a try, and I‘m positive you‘ll be hooked! But it‘s not the only fish in the sea when it comes to Kodi karaoke addons…

Comparing Kodi Karaoke Lite to Other Options

Kodi Karaoke Lite stands out from the pack, but a couple other noteworthy Kodi karaoke addons include:

MP3 Streams – MP3 Streams has a dedicated karaoke section with on-demand songs and playlists. Library is decently large but not as big as Kodi Karaoke Lite.

Spotify Karaoke – Uses your existing Spotify account to play karaoke versions of songs in your playlists and Spotify‘s various libraries. But requires a paid Spotify subscription.

World of Sounds – Primarily focused on live radio but includes a karaoke section. Light on features compared to Kodi Karaoke Lite.

YouTube – You can find karaoke videos on YouTube, but video quality varies and it lacks Kodi‘s media center features.

While the other addons have their merits, Kodi Karaoke Lite comes out on top for those who prioritize library size, audio quality, and a true karaoke experience.

But with Kodi‘s open platform, you can always install multiple karaoke addons and switch between them! Add your favorites to your personal repertoire.

The Rising Popularity of At-Home Karaoke

Karaoke is a hugely popular pastime around the world. According to a recent industry report, the global karaoke market size was valued at $9.72 billion in 2021.

And that number is expected to grow significantly in the coming years as at-home karaoke rises in popularity:

Karaoke Industry Growth Chart

Several factors are fueling this growth in at-home karaoke:

  • Cost – At-home systems are way cheaper than going out to karaoke bars, especially for frequent singers.

  • Convenience – No need to drive anywhere or wait for your song. Just sing whenever you want!

  • Song options – Apps like Kodi Karaoke Lite give you access to way more songs than even the biggest karaoke bars.

  • Pandemic impact – COVID-19 restrictions limited public karaoke options, driving more interest in DIY home setups.

As the quality of streaming and home audio equipment improves, at-home karaoke provides an experience that rivals going out – all for a fraction of the cost!

And with Kodi powering your karaoke machine, you unlock nearly endless music options spanning every genre imaginable. Time to channel your inner diva!

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide got you pumped about setting up karaoke at home with Kodi Karaoke Lite.

The process only takes about 10-15 minutes, even for total beginners. And once installed, you‘ll have thousands of songs ready for your next karaoke night!

Here‘s a quick recap of the installation process:

  1. Enable Unknown Sources in Kodi Settings
  2. Add the Fusion repository
  3. Install the LittleWiz repository
  4. Install the Kodi Karaoke Lite addon
  5. Connect Bluetooth speakers and mics
  6. Select songs and start singing!

If you run into any hiccups during setup, don‘t hesitate to ask for help in the Kodi forums – the community is super friendly and helpful if you get stuck.

Now get out there and unleash your inner rockstar! I hope Kodi Karaoke Lite brings you and your family/friends many hours of karaoke fun.

Let me know if you have any other questions down below, my friend! I‘m always happy to help fellow music lovers discover the magic of Kodi.


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