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How to Install the Kodi Ghost Repo on Firestick, Fire TV, and Android Box

The Kodi Ghost Repo is one of the most popular 3rd party repositories available today. It contains a great selection of video, music, program, and other add-ons that make it a top choice for many Kodi users.

In this step-by-step guide, you‘ll learn how to easily install the Kodi Ghost Repo on Firestick, Fire TV, and Android TV boxes.

An Overview of Kodi Repositories

Before jumping into the installation process, let‘s do a quick overview of what exactly Kodi repositories are and why they are useful.

A Kodi repository, sometimes called a "repo" for short, is essentially a storage center for many different Kodi add-ons. Instead of having to install add-ons one by one, a repository allows you to install multiple add-ons all at once from one location.

Repositories make it much easier to expand your Kodi library with lots of great video and music content. Some of the best Kodi repositories include:

  • Kodi Ghost Repo – Contains many great video, music, program, and picture add-ons. The focus of this guide.

  • Kodi Nerds Repo – Known for various movies, TV shows, live TV, and sports add-ons.

  • Supremacy Repo – Offers several high-quality video and utility add-ons.

  • The Crew Repo – Features The Crew video add-on along with several others.

  • XvBMC Repo – Contains a variety of Kodi maintenance, tool, and utility add-ons.

The major benefit of repositories is having easy access to lots of add-ons in one place versus having to manually find and install each add-on individually.

Now that you understand what Kodi repositories are, let‘s move on to installing one of the best – the Kodi Ghost Repo.

Step 1: Reset Kodi Settings to Default

Before installing any new repositories or add-ons, it‘s highly recommended to reset your Kodi settings to default. This clears out any old add-ons and gives you a fresh start.

Resetting Kodi will vary slightly depending on the device you have it installed on. Here are the basic steps:

Fire TV / Firestick:

  1. Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications
  2. Select Kodi > Clear Data

Android Box:

  1. Go to Settings > Apps > Kodi
  2. Tap Clear Data

Windows PC:

  1. Open Kodi and click the gear icon in the top left
  2. Go to System > Reset > Reset to Default

Once you‘ve reset Kodi, you‘ll have to re-enter your settings and login information. This is normal after a reset.

With Kodi now back to factory settings, we can move on to installing the Ghost Repo.

Step 2: Enable Unknown Sources in Kodi

Since Kodi repositories are not part of the official Kodi add-on library, you need to enable installation of "unknown sources" first. This just tells Kodi it‘s okay to install outside add-ons.

Here‘s how to enable unknown sources:

  1. Open Kodi and click the gear icon to access the Settings menu

  2. Go to System > Add-ons

  3. In the Add-ons area, enable Unknown Sources

  4. When prompted, click Yes to confirm

Unknown sources are now turned on. This allows you to install the Ghost Repo from an external source next.

Step 3: Add the Kodi Ghost Repo Source

Now that you‘ve reset Kodi and enabled unknown sources, it‘s time to add the actual Ghost Repo source.

The source points Kodi to the URL location where the repository files are stored online. Here‘s how to add it:

  1. From the Kodi home screen, go to System > File Manager

  2. Click Add Source

  3. Enter the following URL exactly as shown:
  4. Highlight the box underneath and enter a name for this media source, like "ghost"

  5. Click OK to save the source

You should now see the Ghost Repo source added to the File Manager list. This tells Kodi where to look to install the repository add-on in the next step.

Step 4: Install the Kodi Ghost Repo

With the Ghost Repo source added, you can now install the actual repository add-on:

  1. Go back to the Kodi home screen and select Add-ons

  2. Choose Install from zip file

  3. Click the "ghost" source you named earlier

  4. Select the file

  5. Wait for the add-on enabled notification

It may take Kodi a minute or two to install the repo. Once you see the "Add-on installed" message, you know the Ghost Repo has been successfully installed.

Step 5: Browse the Kodi Ghost Repo Add-ons

Now comes the fun part – browsing all of the great add-ons within the Kodi Ghost Repo. Here‘s how to access them:

  1. From the Add-ons section, choose Install from repository

  2. Select the Ghost Repo add-on repository

  3. Browse the video, music, program, and picture add-ons

  4. Install any add-ons you find interesting!

And that‘s it! You can now install any of the great add-ons within the Kodi Ghost Repo.

Some of the best Ghost Repo addons worth trying include:

  • Yoda – Movies and TV shows
  • The Magic Dragon – Movies, TV shows, documentaries
  • Crew – Movies, TV shows, sports replays
  • Tempest – Live TV, sports, IPTV
  • At The Flix – Movies, TV shows
  • AcmeInstaller – Utility for installing additional addons

Be sure to check back often as new addons are frequently added to the Ghost Repo.

Kodi Ghost Repo Add-on Overview

Now that you have the Ghost Repo installed, let‘s take a closer look at some of the top add-ons it offers across various categories:

Video Add-ons

The Ghost Repo contains a huge selection of video add-ons with movies, TV shows, live TV, sports, and more:

  • Yoda – Extremely popular Exodus fork for movies and TV
  • The Magic Dragon – Movies, TV shows, documentaries, kids content
  • The Crew – Movies, TV shows, sports replays, live TV
  • Tempest – Live TV, IPTV, sports, PPV events
  • At The Flix – Great selection of movies and TV shows
  • Genre – Sorts video content into categories like action, comedy, etc.
  • YouTube – Official YouTube add-on
  • Rising Tides – Extensive selection of movies and TV
  • Fen – Feature-rich video add-on similar to Exodus
  • Oath – Scrapes many sites for movies, TV shows, documentaries

Music Add-ons

For music lovers, the Ghost Repo includes a solid lineup of music addons like:

  • MP3 Streams – Internet radio stations
  • World of Sounds – Audio books, comedy, old time radio
  • Thunderstruck – High-quality AC/DC focused music add-on
  • Sunshine Live – Techno, dance, and trance music
  • Amazon Music – Official Amazon Music Unlimited add-on
  • Beatzone – Electronic dance music streams
  • Radio 105 – Italian radio stations
  • RauteMusik – German underground techno and electro

Program Add-ons

To expand Kodi‘s functionality, the Ghost Repo has some handy program add-ons including:

  • Search History – View your addon search history
  • File Commander – Powerful file manager for local/network files
  • Context Menus – Adds more options to Kodi context menus
  • AutoCompletion – Helps autocomplete enteries faster
  • Application Menus – Customize your Kodi menus
  • AcmeInstaller – Install addons from an external JSON URL

Photo and Weather Add-ons

For screensaver backgrounds, the Ghost Repo provides:

  • 500px – High resolution photos from 500px artists
  • Fantastic Clouds ScreenSaver – Soothing cloud videos

It also includes several weather addons like:

  • WeatherZone – Detailed forecasts and radar imagery
  • Simple Weather – Easy weather updates from WeatherBit

As you can see, the Kodi Ghost Repo really does have a diverse collection of great add-ons. It‘s one of the best all-in-one repositories available.

Advanced Tips for Using the Ghost Repo

Here are some pro tips for getting the most out of the Ghost Repo:

  • Check the repo frequently for updates to existing addons plus new ones added. Many Kodi repos update regularly.

  • If you have problems with an addon, try reinstalling it from the Ghost Repo. This will ensure you have the latest working version.

  • Don‘t install addons you don‘t plan on actually using. Too many unneeded addons can clutter up Kodi and cause stability issues.

  • combine zeus with venom imput this code in Addon Browser:

  • Read add-on descriptions before installing. This gives you an idea of what content they offer.

  • If you want easy access to new releases, install addons like ReleaseBB or New Releases Hub from the Ghost Repo.

  • For the best video quality, Real-Debrid or Premiumize integrations are recommended. Many addons support them.

  • For help installing or using an addon, check the support section of the developer‘s website. Most have guides available.

Take your time browsing all the Ghost Repo has to offer. With regular updates, you‘re sure to find great new addons every time you check it.

Troubleshooting Kodi Ghost Repo Issues

Although the Ghost Repo usually works flawlessly, you may occasionally run into an issue while installing or using it.

Here are some common problems and fixes:

Can‘t add the repo source URL – Double check that you entered the source URL 100% accurately. A single incorrect character will prevent it from adding.

Add-on not enabled error – First try reinstalling the repository zip file. If the issue persists, reset Kodi to default settings again.

Add-ons won‘t update or install – The repository may be down temporarily. Try again later. Also enable Debug logging under System > Logging and check the log for clues.

Add-ons missing or not working – The developer likely discontinued the add-on. Uninstall it and look for a working alternative. Check the Ghost Repo frequently as new ones are always being added.

Can‘t remove old repository – Sometimes remnants of repositories get stuck even after uninstalling. Completely reset Kodi to clear them out.

General issues or buffering – Reset Kodi and re-install the Ghost Repo from scratch. Also make sure your internet connection is fast enough, preferably 5 Mbps or higher.

Hopefully these tips help troubleshoot any potential problems you encounter. Overall the Ghost Repo tends to work extremely well with few issues.

And that wraps up this guide on installing the Kodi Ghost Repo!

With so many great working video, music, and program addons, it‘s easy to see why it remains one of the most popular Kodi repositories.

The simple installation process makes getting up and running quick and easy on the Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV box, or any Kodi device.

Be sure to check the Ghost Repo frequently for updates to keep your addons in working order. New ones are continually being added as well.

Now grab the popcorn and enjoy tons of free movies, TV shows, live sports, and more thanks to the Ghost Repo!


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