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Kodi 19 Builds That Work Right Now on Any Kodi Device in 2022

Have you upgraded to the latest Kodi 19 Matrix release, only to find your favorite add-ons and builds no longer work? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. With Kodi’s transition to Python 3, many 3rd party add-ons became incompatible, causing frustration for users.

The good news is some talented developers have already updated their best Kodi builds for compatibility with Matrix. In this guide, I’ll show you the top fully-working Kodi 19 builds available right now in 2022.

What is Kodi? A Quick Overview

For those new to Kodi, here’s a quick overview. Kodi is a free, open-source media center software that allows you to organize and play your personal media library. It provides access to videos, music, podcasts, images and more.

Kodi is highly customizable through add-ons that let you stream additional content from the web. It works on various devices like Fire TV, Android, Raspberry Pi and computers.

Kodi builds take the customization even further. A build bundles together a pre-configured Kodi setup with a customized interface, themes, add-ons and settings. Builds provide an easy way to get a fully loaded Kodi setup in just a few clicks.

Why Use a VPN with Kodi Builds?

Before jumping into Kodi 19 builds, I highly recommend using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for all of your Kodi streaming.

A VPN routes your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel to hide your identity. This prevents your ISP or anyone else from monitoring what you stream through Kodi.

A quality VPN provides important privacy and security benefits:

  • Hide your IP address and location
  • Encrypt your data/activity
  • Access geo-restricted content
  • Protect yourself from malware
  • Avoid bandwidth throttling

Some top VPNs to use with Kodi 19 builds include:

  • Surfshark – Fast speeds and unlimited devices for only $2.21/month. My personal favorite!
  • ExpressVPN – Blazing speeds and advanced security. Comes with 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Private Internet Access – Budget friendly at only $2.03/month and allows port forwarding.

Now let‘s look at the best Kodi 19 Matrix builds that actually work in 2022. I update this list regularly as new builds are released.

Latest Working Kodi 19 Builds (Updated January 2022)

Diggz Xenon Matrix

One of the most popular Kodi builds, Diggz Xenon Matrix has been updated by developer Diggz for compatibility with Kodi 19. It can be installed through the Diggz Repo.

Some highlights of Diggz Xenon Matrix:

  • Includes categories like Movies, TV Shows, Streams, Music, Add-ons and more
  • Packed with add-ons like The Oath, Seren, Pluto TV, YouTube, PopcornFlix
  • Great for both Real-Debrid and free streaming
  • Sleek, easy to navigate interface
  • Settings available for trakt and Real-Debrid

Compatible Devices: Any device running Kodi 19 Matrix like Firestick, NVIDIA Shield, Android box

Install Guide: How to Install Diggz Xenon Matrix on Kodi 19

Zilt Build

Located within the SG Wizard repository, the Zilt build is another excellent choice for Kodi 19.

Some of what you get with Zilt:

  • Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Music, Family, Sports sections
  • Includes add-ons like The Oath, Shadow, cCloud TV, At The Flix
  • Lightweight build great for lower powered devices
  • Attractive layout in blue and orange colors

Compatible Devices: All devices running Kodi 19

Install Guide: How to Install Zilt Kodi 19 Build

Alienware Build

Developed by cMaN, the Alienware build brings a unique style and tons of content to Kodi 19. Access it via the cMaN Repository.

What makes Alienware a great pick:

  • Awesome alien/spaceship theme
  • Movies, Favs, Family, Non RD, TV Shows, Apps sections
  • Packed with add-ons like The Oath, Black Lightning, SportHD
  • Settings for trakt and Real-Debrid

Compatible Devices: Any device running Kodi 19

Install Guide: How to Install Alienware Kodi 19 Build

Doomzday BK19

For Kodi 19, developer Doomzday created the appropriately named Doomzday BK19 build. Get it from the [Doomzday Repository](https://repo.doomzday repo/).

Some top features of Doomzday BK19:

  • Sections for The Oath, Revolution, Favorites, Add-ons
  • Lean and fast performing interface
  • Optimized for Real-Debrid with easy auth
  • Great selection of working add-ons like The Oath, Seren, Crew

Compatible Devices: Any Kodi 19 device

Install Guide: How to Install Doomzday BK19 Kodi Build

Element 19 Build

From developer cMaN, Element 19 brings a lightweight build focused on quality over quantity. Grab it from the cMaN Repo.

Why Element 19 stands out:

  • Beautifully organized interface
  • Sections for Movies, Shows, Kids, Docs, Fitness, etc
  • Optimized for Real-Debrid and trakt
  • Integrates latest add-ons like The Oath, Seren, Ezra
  • Great performance even on lower powered devices

Compatible Devices: All devices running Kodi 19

Install Guide: How to Install Element 19 Kodi Build

Daemon Build

Developer G-Man created this excellent Kodi 19 build called Daemon. Get it from the G-Man Repo.

What makes Daemon a top build:

  • Beautiful modern interface
  • Sections for Movies, TV, Kids, Fitness, Live TV
  • Integrates Real-Debrid and trakt
  • Packed with working add-ons like Seren, The Oath
  • Great for any Kodi device including lower powered ones

Compatible Devices: All devices running Kodi 19

Install Guide: How to Install Daemon Kodi Build

Steampunk Build

Get a uniquely styled steampunk interface with this aptly named Kodi 19 build. Install from the Steampunk Repo.

Why choose the Steampunk build:

  • Awesome steampunk skin and graphics
  • Sections for Movies, TV, Debrid, Music, Add-ons, etc
  • Lean and fast interface great for all devices
  • Packed with add-ons like Seren, The Crew, Fen
  • Easy to navigate categories

Compatible Devices: Any Kodi 19 device

Install Guide: How to Install Steampunk Kodi Build

Kodi 19 Build Comparison Table

Here’s a quick overview comparing some key details of these top builds:

Build Name Repository Interface Size Key Add-ons VPN Friendly
Diggz Xenon Matrix Diggz Repo Thumbnails and menus 300-500MB Seren, The Oath Yes
Zilt SG Wizard Simple menus <200MB The Oath, cCloud TV Yes
Alienware cMaN Repo Spaceship style 400-600MB The Oath, Sport HD Yes
Doomzday BK19 Doomzday Repo Simple menus <200MB The Oath, Seren Yes
Element 19 cMaN Repo Category menus <300MB Seren, The Oath Yes
Daemon G-Man Repo Category menus 400-500MB Seren, The Oath Yes
Steampunk Steampunk Repo Steampunk style 300-400MB Seren, Fen Yes

How to Install a Kodi 19 Build

The process for installing a Kodi 19 build is simple and only takes a few minutes. Here is an overview of the steps:

  1. Prepare Kodi 19 – Make sure you have Kodi 19.x Matrix installed. If not, update to the latest version.

  2. Backup Data – Backup your current Kodi setup if you want to save any information. The build install will overwrite your existing setup.

  3. Reset Kodi – Do a fresh start to clear out any old data. Go to Settings > System > Tools > Fresh Start.

  4. Install Repo – Install the repository that hosts the Kodi build you want from the list above.

  5. Install Build – Open the repository, go to Program Add-ons, and install your desired build.

  6. Customize – Once installed, you can customize the build by adding your own add-ons, changing settings, etc.

For detailed install guides on each specific build, use the links provided earlier in this article.

More Kodi Resources and Tutorials

To learn more about Kodi and fully unlock its capabilities, check out these additional resources:

I hope this guide has helped you find an awesome Kodi 19 Matrix build that works great in 2022! Let me know if you have any other favorite builds in the comments.


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