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Kodi 19.2 Release: A Guide to the Updates, Fixes, and New Features

Kodi 19.2 has arrived as the latest maintenance update to the popular open source media center software. While not a monumental release, 19.2 provides some valuable fixes and improvements for stability and performance.

In this detailed guide, we‘ll cover everything you need to know about Kodi 19.2 including:

  • An overview of the changes and updates
  • Downloading links and installation instructions
  • Details on add-on compatibility
  • Fixes for common bugs and issues
  • Tips for a smooth upgrade process
  • And much more!

Whether you are a new or experienced Kodi user, this guide will help you understand what‘s new in 19.2 and how to install it for the best media center experience. Let‘s get started!

What‘s New in Kodi 19.2 Matrix

Kodi 19 "Matrix" represented a major overhaul of the venerable media software, especially the add-on system. Naturally, such substantial changes brought bugs that needed squashing.

The Kodi team took feedback from users and add-on developers to address the most pressing issues in 19.2. Here are some of the most notable fixes and changes:

PVR and Live TV Improvements

  • Fixed crashing when accessing invalid channels from favorites
  • Fixed crashing on startup when searching for missing channel icons
  • "Delete permanently" now works properly in TV show recordings trash

Video Library and Scraping Fixes

  • Resolved issue that deleted unique IDs and caused problems for add-ons relying on them

Networking and Connectivity Enhancements

  • Websocket handling improved for more reliable streams
  • UPnP external storage connectivity fixed for older Android devices

Windows-Specific Fixes and Updates

  • Fixed monitor switching crash due to hardware changes
  • Fixed audio passthrough issues when display rate matching enabled
  • Enhanced 4K and HDR handling for better performance

Android Bug Fixes and Changes

  • External storage now accessible on older Android OS versions

Xbox One Improvements

  • Squashed bugs causing 4K playback failures and crashing
  • Vastly improved media handling and decoding performance
  • Fixed missing refresh rate info bug

And much more across the board! Kodi 19.2 represents serious polish, particularly for Xbox One where Kodi can now shine.

While there are no major new features, these fixes and enhancements result in a noticeably smoother and more stable Kodi 19 experience. For Xbox users especially, 19.2 is a must-have update.

A Look Under the Hood at Kodi 19.2

Under the surface, there are some significant changes in Kodi 19.2 that improve performance and stability:

  • Updated FFmpeg multimedia backend – Newer 4.4 version improves subtitle handling among other fixes.

  • Reworked memory allocation system – Greatly reduces crashes related to add-ons allocating memory incorrectly.

  • Retroplayer updates – Better handling of aspect ratios and refresh rates for emulators.

  • Texture handling improvements – Textures load faster and use less memory for snappier UI.

  • Android surface handling – Resolves inefficient surface use on Android for smoother playback.

These are just some of the many under-the-hood improvements that should provide a noticeably smoother experience.

The Kodi team continues to refine and optimize the Matrix codebase with each point release. Performance and stability keep getting better while maintaining the newly revamped modern UI.

Downloading and Installing Kodi 19.2

If you already have Kodi installed, updating to 19.2 is straightforward:

  1. In Kodi, go to Settings > System > Updates

  2. Select Check for Updates

  3. When it finds 19.2, click Install Update

  4. Let the process complete, then restart Kodi.

For clean installs or to update Kodi installations not set to auto-update, download the 19.2 installer from the official Kodi site:

Kodi 19.2 Downloads

Platform Download
Windows 64-bit Download
Windows 32-bit Download
macOS Download
iOS Download
Android Download (Google Play)
Linux Instructions (Install via apt)
Raspberry Pi Instructions (Install via apt)
Xbox One Download (Microsoft Store)
Amazon Fire TV Instructions

See Kodi platform-specific download pages for detailed instructions or alternate methods

For certain platforms like NVIDIA SHIELD TV, LibreELEC and CoreELEC devices, automatic OTA updates to 19.2 will roll out soon if not already available.

Back Up Your Data Before Updating

It‘s always wise to back up your library database, sources, and add-on configuration before updating Kodi. This allows you to restore your setup in case any issues arise.

In Kodi 19, go to Settings > System > Backup and Restore to create a backup.

Store this backup on external storage or a safe cloud location. With this backup file, you can restore your exact setup later if needed.

Add-on Compatibility with Kodi 19 Matrix

Due to substantial changes to the add-on framework, many add-ons designed for older Kodi 18 Leia no longer work properly in Kodi 19 Matrix without updates from add-on developers.

The good news is that with each passing month, more and more add-ons are getting ported and updated for compatibility with Matrix. Kodi 19.2 is compatible with any add-on that works in 19.1.

Here are some of the most popular Kodi 19 compatible add-ons as of writing:

  • The Crew – Top all-in-one streaming add-on for movies, shows, sports, etc.
  • Seren – Premium link scraper for cached torrent streams.
  • Venom – Multi-source scraper and player.
  • The Oath – Great selection of movie/TV sources.
  • Fen – Easy access to many streaming links.
  • Ghost – Reliable and elegant Kodi add-on.
  • Tempest – All-in-one add-on with unique features.

Check our always updated list of best Kodi add-ons for even more options known to work properly in Kodi 19.2.

In terms of pre-configured Kodi builds, these are some of the best options guaranteed compatible with Matrix 19.2:

  • Diggz Xenon Build – Feature-packed build great for any device.
  • Xanax Build – Lightweight yet full-featured streaming build.
  • Misfit Mod Lite – Beginner-friendly build with beautiful design.

Refer to our best Kodi builds guide for additional working builds to install.

When to Expect Full Add-on Compatibility?

The majority of the most popular Kodi add-ons have already been updated for Matrix. Many remaining add-ons are still maintained by single developers who work on their own timelines.

Based on projections from the Kodi team and add-on developers, we can expect nearly full compatibility within 6-12 months from Matrix‘s initial release. By Kodi 20‘s launch, compatibility should be a non-issue.

For now, there is already a great selection of updated add-ons and builds to enjoy. Certain more complex add-ons may take a bit longer to transition, but the landscape is improving every week.

Fixes and Solutions for Common Kodi 19 Issues

Updating Kodi, especially across major versions, can sometimes cause issues with your setup and add-ons. Here are some common problems users face along with fixes:

Missing sources – Kodi failed to transfer sources from old version. Re-enter sources under File Manager.

Add-ons not working – Old non-compatible add-ons were transferred. Uninstall them and install Matrix compatible add-ons.

Library integration failure – Sometimes libraries fail to update to new version. Reset the library and scan/clean to re-integrate.

Rollbacks to previous Kodi – If Kodi automatically rolls back, usually an incompatible add-on is causing a conflict. Uninstall all add-ons first.

Crashes or freezes – An outdated skin or faulty add-on is likely responsible. Restore from a backup or reset Kodi to default.

Can‘t update Kodi – On certain devices like Amazon Fire TV, allow Apps from Unknown Sources to install unsigned APKs directly.

Missing settings or instability – Perform a fresh reinstall rather than update in place for a cleaner slate.

As a general rule, periodically clearing caches and old thumbnails will keep Kodi running smoothly. For any serious issues, restore your setup from the backup you wisely created.

Should You Upgrade to Kodi 19.2?

For most Kodi users, upgrading to 19.2 is recommended for the appreciable bug fixes and stability improvements it brings.

However, if you have a nicely tuned setup on an older Kodi Leia 18.9, there may not be an urgent need to upgrade just yet, besides keeping up with the latest. Add-on support for Leia remains solid for now.

Users experiencing stability or performance issues on 19.0 or 19.1 will certainly benefit from upgrading to 19.2. Xbox One users in particular should absolutely upgrade.

Overall there are no downsides, only improvements. But exercise caution with your data and don’t upgrade mission critical setups without proper backups.

For Kodi newcomers, starting fresh with 19.2 is ideal. For long-time users, approach updating responsibly.

The Future Looks Bright for Kodi 20 and Beyond

Kodi 19 "Matrix" set the stage for an overhauled modern media center optimized for the future. Kodi 20 development is already underway.

We can expect continued improvements in speed and stability. Official Netflix and DRM integration may finally come to fruition. The Python 3 transition will conclude. And regular users and contributors will shape Kodi‘s evolution through feedback and code.

The passion of the Kodi team and community persists in furthering an incredible open source project relied on by millions. The future looks bright for Kodi 20 and beyond.

Final Thoughts on Kodi 19.2

While not revolutionary, Kodi 19.2 delivers worthwhile bug fixes and refinements to the Matrix foundation. Upgrading stands to provide a better experience, especially on platforms like Xbox that suffered more bugs initially.

Take time to backup your data and carefully prepare. But know that updating to Kodi 19.2 is relatively smooth and low risk.

As always, come discuss this Kodi release and any issues over on the official Kodi subreddit or forums. The community is here to help.

Enjoy movie night on your newly updated Kodi 19.2! This guide helped you install the latest. Now have fun streaming.


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