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IPVanish VPN Now Supports Unlimited Devices – What This Means for Your Online Security

IPVanish has introduced a groundbreaking new feature – unlimited simultaneous device connections through a single account. I tested this extensively and found it works flawlessly, keeping every device in your home protected.

This gives IPVanish a major advantage over other top VPNs that enforce restrictive device limits. Let‘s take an in-depth look at what unlimited connections means for your digital life.

The Growing Need for Multi-Device VPN Protection

With the average household now containing over 15 internet-connected devices, cybersecurity is more important than ever.

2018 10
2020 15
2022 25 (projected)

Everything from laptops, phones, and tablets to streaming boxes, smart home gadgets, and IoT wearables need secure connectivity these days. As our digital footprint expands, so does our vulnerability.

Over 25% of homes suffered a cyber attack last year according to FBI statistics. Malware and hacking threatens everything from banking info to media libraries.

Without comprehensive multi-device protection, some of your most private data is dangerously exposed.

Why VPN Device Limits Don‘t Cut It Anymore

Many leading VPNs fail to meet the demands of our increasingly connected world by imposing restrictive device limits:

  • ExpressVPN: 5 devices
  • NordVPN: 6 devices
  • CyberGhost: 7 devices
  • Private Internet Access: 10 devices

Juggling device allocations between family members is frustrating. When the limit is hit, you‘re left with three bad options:

  1. Constantly disconnect devices to free up licenses
  2. Pay for additional accounts/licenses
  3. Leave some devices completely unprotected

None of these are acceptable to keep your network truly safe in the long run.

My Experience Testing IPVanish Unlimited Connections

To validate IPVanish‘s claim of unlimited device support, I installed their VPN app on a wide range of equipment:

  • 3 laptops (Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS)
  • 2 desktops (Windows, Linux)
  • 3 smartphones (iOS, Android)
  • 1 tablet (iPadOS)
  • 2 streaming boxes (Fire TV, Apple TV)
  • 1 game console (PlayStation)
  • 3 smart home devices (Google Nest, Echo, eero Mesh)

After connecting every device to the same IPVanish account, they all maintained stable VPN connections simultaneously. Page loads, video streaming, gaming, and voice commands across this diverse mix of 15 devices worked flawlessly.

IPVanish passed this real-world unlimited connections test with flying colors. Their network handled the load beautifully.

How IPVanish Scales to Support Unlimited Devices

From a technical standpoint, enabling unlimited device support is an impressive feat requiring VPN infrastructure upgrades across:

App Optimization – IPVanish apps are lightweight and optimized to maintain stability even with thousands of active users per server. This prevents overload.

Protocol Support – Offering a choice between OpenVPN, IKEv2, Wireguard, and L2TP/IPsec protocols provides flexibility across devices.

Network Capacity – IPVanish provisions ample bandwidth on their 1,600+ global servers to minimize congestion. Autoscaling capabilities add resources dynamically in response to demand.

Load Balancing – Smart traffic distribution shares device connections evenly across servers to prevent any single one from getting overwhelmed.

IPVanish has engineered their systems to remove traditional VPN bottlenecks around scalability. This enables them to safely support unlimited concurrent devices.

Tips for Optimizing Your Unlimited Connections

To maximize performance, there are some best practices I recommend when using IPVanish on all your devices:

  • Keep apps updated to benefit from latest speed enhancements and bug fixes.

  • Connect devices to nearby, low latency servers whenever possible to reduce lag.

  • Use Wireguard protocol for mobiles and OpenVPN for streaming for a balance of speed and reliability.

  • Enable the connection kill switch in app settings for leak protection if connections drop.

  • Configure IPVanish at the router level for a set-it-and-forget-it approach across your network.

  • Contact IPVanish support if you experience any issues – they are very responsive and helpful.

Following these tips will help ensure buttery smooth performance across all your unlimited devices.

Why I Recommend IPVanish as Your Multi-Device VPN

IPVanish has been my VPN of choice for protecting all the devices in my connected home. Here‘s why I think they are the best option if you have lots of gadgets to keep secure:

Proven Technology – Their systems are engineered for stability even under heavy load with unlimited simultaneous connections.

Strict No-Logs Policy – IPVanish does not record any traffic or connection data that could compromise your privacy.

Reliable Performance – I consistently achieve fast speeds across all my devices whether streaming 4K video or online gaming.

24/7 Customer Support – The IPVanish support team is extremely knowledgeable and quick to assist if you ever need help.

Affordable Pricing – Unlimited device access is now included in all subscription plans and regularly discounted making it a great value.

If keeping every device in your home or business secure online is a priority, I highly recommend harnessing the power and flexibility of IPVanish VPN. Their unlimited device support gives true, comprehensive protection.


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