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Get Blazing Fast Speeds with IPVanish‘s Upgraded VPN Network

Living in the high-speed digital era, slow internet is one of the most frustrating things around. And VPNs, while providing valuable privacy and access benefits, are infamous for reducing connection speeds. But IPVanish has some exciting news that will have you streaming, gaming and browsing at lightning fast speeds again!

The popular VPN provider announced massive infrastructure upgrades that boost network capacity and server speeds by up to 2.5x. This speed injection brings welcome relief for buffering woes, lag and slow downloads.

Why VPN Speed Matters

Before getting into the nitty-gritty details, let‘s discuss why VPN speed is so crucial. VPNs route your traffic through remote servers, hiding your IP address and encrypting data. However, this convoluted path can bog down your speeds. Activities like streaming HD video require consistently fast connectivity to avoid endless buffering wheels. Other areas impacted by slow VPN speeds:

  • Online gaming requiring low latency
  • Video calls with glitchy audio/video
  • 4K streaming constantly downshifting quality
  • Large downloads taking forever to complete

In today‘s high-bandwidth world, we expect snappy response times. And a sluggish VPN that disrupts that experience simply doesn‘t cut it anymore.

IPVanish‘s Plan for Blazing Fast Speeds

Well aware of user frustrations around speed, IPVanish undertook massive upgrades to rev up their global network. According to their press releases, this technical overhaul involved:

  • Upgrading server network cards from 10 Gbps to 25 Gbps capacity
  • Enhanced servers with newer, more powerful hardware
  • Expanding infrastructure with additional servers worldwide
  • Boosting capacity at major data centers like New York, London, Amsterdam

Essentially, they future-proofed their network by doubling or tripling available bandwidth across the board. The result – IPVanish now confidently boasts the "fastest VPN speeds in the world."

Early 2021 brings another wave of improvements with the addition of WireGuard support. This next-gen protocol uses state-of-the-art encryption techniques to deliver even faster connections.

Quantifiable Speed Improvements

But does this translate into real world speed gains for users? Absolutely.

Independent speed tests confirm connections are screaming fast after the upgrades:

Before Upgrade After Upgrade Improvement
Average Download Speed 58 Mbps 142 Mbps 145%
Average Upload Speed 22 Mbps 52 Mbps 136%
Ping Latency 105 ms 52 ms 50%

Based on IPVanish‘s internal tests, they observed:

  • 4K video streaming with no buffering or stalling on upgraded servers
  • Increased throughput and reduced lag for online gaming
  • Faster routing resulting in improved streaming speeds

Bottom line – your experience using IPVanish should be lightning quick across the board.

Optimizing Your Connections for Max Speed

To get the most out of IPVanish‘s upgraded network, be sure to:

Choose the closest servers – Connecting to geographically nearby servers reduces latency and round trip times. Avoid far away servers.

Use Ethernet for streaming – For 4K or gaming, ethernet gives faster speeds than WiFi. Use ethernet over powerline adapters if needed.

Enable protocol settings – Turn on port forwarding and other speed-boosting protocol options in the VPN app. TCP may help with streaming.

Switch protocols if needed – Try different protocols like OpenVPN or IKEv2. WireGuard will be fastest when available.

Test speed before connecting – Check your base ISP speed using, then compare to VPN speed. Should be minimal difference.

Contact support if issues – IPVanish‘s experts can help troubleshoot and get your speeds up.

Of course, your exact speed will vary based on location, hardware, ISP and other factors. But you should see a noticeable bump across the board thanks to the upgraded infrastructure.

When to Choose IPVanish VPN

With its revamped network, IPVanish is an easy choice for activities requiring ultra fast speeds:

  • Streaming HD or 4K Video – Buffer-free streaming is now a reality with IPVanish. No more stalling or endless loading wheels.

  • Online Gaming – Latency-sensitive gaming like competitive FPS performs great with tunnels optimized for speed.

  • Large Downloads – Torrents, files, apps will download much quicker thanks to fatter pipes.

  • Remote Access – Bulk file transfers, video calls and remote desktops feel snappy and responsive.

If glacial VPN speeds kept you from enjoying IPVanish in the past, it‘s time to give them another look. You‘ll be amazed by the speed boost!

So unlock your full internet potential with IPVanish – now featuring a level of speed and performance built for the high-bandwidth digital age we live in.


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