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How To Block Someone On Viber Without Them Knowing

While Viber is one of the best apps to use to keep in touch, you may decide, you need to trim back your contact list as there are one or two individuals you wish weren’t there.

Not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, you may look to see what happens if you block someone from Viber. Can they see you are online, and can they tell you have blocked them? Even worse, can you tell if one of your contacts has blocked you?

Here you can learn a bit more about how to block in Viber.

What Will Happen if you Block Someone on Viber?

As soon as you block someone, you instantly stop him or her from making contact with you in 1-to-1 messages. Besides, you stop them from adding you to group conversations.

Here are a few key things to note about blocking contacts:

  • You can’t send messages or call to anyone you block
  • Profile details are visible to a blocked contact if they saved you before you blocked them. Changes won’t be updated. If they hadn’t saved you, then they can’t see your profile.
  • Your online status won’t show, and if you do unblock them, any calls or messages made during the block won’t become visible.
  • Blocking contacts doesn’t delete previous messages and your call history.
  • You can still see blocked contacts messages in-group chats you are a member of.
  • Once you block a contact, they are unable to add you to a group chat. If they try to message you here, they will see a ‘Sent’ message status, though it never shows as either ‘delivered’ or ‘seen.’

How Do I Block Someone on Viber Without Them Knowing

You have a couple of ways how to block on Viber and to do this depends on whether you know them or not.

Once you open Viber, and go through all the areas to tap on your list, the same things as above happen, and it is the way how to block Viber contact that differs.

Block Unknown Numbers

If you see an unknown phone number, you can do the following

  1. Add to your contacts
  2. Block & report spam – Viber can ban this number making contact again
  3. Block – messages that are not spam; you can easily block an account they are sent from and add them to your block list

Block Existing Contacts

Viber puts all blocked contacts in one area. If you wish to add more or unblock, it makes it easy.

Open Viber app

  1. Tap on the ‘More’ option at the bottom of your screen
  2. Click on Settings and select Privacy
  3. Tap to select Viber Block List
  4. To the top right corner is a ‘+’ icon
  5. Tap to open the dropdown list with contacts to block (you can do it manually by searching for name or phone number. International numbers need country codes also)

Block With Chat Window

Another way you can block people is by running through the following

  1. Open your Viber app
  2. In the contact window, select any contact you wish to block
  3. Head to the Options in the top right corner (click the three vertical dots)
  4. Tap on ‘Chat Info’
  5. Select ‘Block this Contact’ (you can unblock later if you wish)

The only way they can find out you have blocked them is if they try to make contact with you at a later date. However, group chats may give the game away as they can see if you interact there.

How Would You Know if You are Blocked on Viber?

In the same way as many other social networking services, if you are blocked, Viber won’t tell you. (Learn how to get Unbanned on Omegle)

It is up to you to work out if you have been blocked by the signs you may see.

Here are some of the signs you may see:

No Profile Updates: If you check a contact’s profile, you won’t see any updates they make from the date they potentially blocked you.

No Messages Received: Once you send a message on Viber, you usually see a Delivered or Seen Notification. If you no longer see these notifications, it is a sign you may have been blocked. You will see a message sent notifications, though.

One thing you may spot when trying to figure out if you’ve been blocked on Viber. It is similar to what happens when you block someone on your iPhone.

Messages are sent, they are just not received, and the blocked contact doesn’t receive notifications.

Aside from all this, there can be other reasons you wish to block Viber contacts, so for full security, you can use a VPN. Using these services, the VPN will spoof your location and encrypt all your data.

If you are worried a person may try to locate you, now you have made it much harder, and you are safe they can’t see any communications you send from your device.


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