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How To Delete Messages On Reddit

Besides this, users can send and receive messages, and this can quickly mount up, so unless you are rigorous with your inbox cleaning, you can be overwhelmed.

While there isn’t a way to delete Reddit messages in one go, you can go through them. In our guide, we have all you need about how to delete sent messages on Reddit and keep your inbox tidy.

By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of how to delete Reddit messages regardless of your devices. (Learn How Do I Delete a Snapchat Account)

How Do You Delete Messages on Reddit App?

At one stage, it was an awaited feature to delete messages using the mobile app. Luckily, it has been introduced, so here are the steps you need to delete messages from the app.

  1. Launch your Reddit app and ensure you’re logged in.
  2. Click the Chat menu sitting next to the Pencil icon.
  3. Select the user where you want to delete a message.
  4. Long press the message for few seconds.
  5. Select Delete Message.
  6. Confirm by selecting Delete.

Can You Delete Chats on Reddit?

Chats are quite hard to delete from Reddit Inc. The only proper way besides hiding them is to go through these simple steps.

  1. Open the chat window,
  2. Hover over the message you’d like to delete,
  3. Click the “trash can” icon.
  4. You will need to do this for each entry as there is no way to delete a full chat in one go on Reddit; delete messages still needs to be done manually.

In addition, remember you can only delete the chat messages you’ve sent and not the chat messages you’ve received.

Delete private message received on Reddit?

In the old and new versions of Reddit, you click ‘delete’ underneath any private message received on Reddit.

It would help if you remembered that you could only delete the private messages received and not the private messages you’ve sent. (Read Okcupid Disabled Account Or Blocked)

How Do I Delete Message History?

If you want to delete message history on Reddit, you’ll need to go through this one at a time as there is no way to do it all at once. Here are ways to delete different things from Old Reddit messages to the new Reddit messages etc.

Delete a post on Reddit?

  • Old Reddit: You can click ‘delete’ underneath the post. You can do this from a listing in your profile or a subreddit. You can also do it from the post.
  • New Reddit: You still click ‘delete’ beneath your post, although now you need to click 3 dots beneath the post and then hit “delete” if viewing the actual post.

Delete a Post Draft Saved on Reddit?

  • Old Reddit: Draft’s feature isn’t available from Old Reddit.
  • New Reddit: You can delete your saved draft posts from Click “Drafts” and then click the trash can icon to delete it.

Delete a comment Made on Reddit?

You’ll see this is the same method as if deleting posts.

  • Old Reddit: Click ‘delete’ below the comment. You can do this from the listing in your profile or a subreddit or do it directly from the post.
  • New Reddit: Click “delete” underneath your comment in the listing, yet you’ll need to click three dots beneath the post and then ‘delete’ if viewing the actual comment.

How Do I Delete My Delete for Me Messages?

In looking at how to delete Reddit messages and finding certain posts, or messages that can’t be deleted, users often want to delete Reddit account. Besides this, they have found the website uses an algorithm to use your data for targeting ads and other content.

If you wish to delete your account, it is easier to do it in a web browser than the app. Before you do so, you need to delete any post and comment history as deleting your account won’t remove these posts and comments.(Learn How to Delete Kodi Build)

You may want to delete your Reddit account for a few other reasons, such as:

  • You feel insulted.
  • Someone hacked your account.
  • You think a person is tampering with your content.
  • You want a break.
  • You are tired of Reddit’s settings woes.

Once you delete your Reddit account, you can’t go back.

Delete Reddit Account via Browser

  1. Open a web browser and go to the Reddit website.
  2. Log in to your account. If you another user account, log into the correct one.
  3. Tap the user icon and then “User Settings.”
  4. Scroll until you see the red button.
  5. Click “Deactivate Account” and fill in the fields with the account information.
  6. Mark the checkbox and press the “Deactivate” button.
  7. Your Reddit account no longer exists.

Deleting a Reddit account doesn’t remove posted content that other users can see. However, the posts will be under an anonymous name.

Private messages are still visible to others, but not you. People can’t see Reddit search history or visited links, yet they can see your posts and comment history by your profile. (Learn How To Delete A Subreddit)

You cannot delete sent Reddit messages since a copy of the message is automatically saved in the inbox of the person you sent it to. However, erasing incoming messages is straightforward.

Sign in via a desktop browser, go to your “Messages,” select your intended messages, and select “delete.”

Be careful as deleting your Reddit account won’t auto-delete messages. Everything else relating to your account remains on the platform.

Many users use a VPN to safely pass messages to their Reddit accounts, particularly if they are private messages, for example.

In addition, if you find a block where you are, you can bypass this with a VPN to access the site or the mobile app. You can have a discussion or browse subreddits following a link that appears to be another country. (Find the Best VPN Provider)

Whatever the reason, you can delete Reddit messages, hide your browser location, or get around a ban using a VPN. You will also find you can test these free on iOS and Android before using the money-back guarantee.


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