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Google TV Unlocks Over 800 Free Live TV Channels

Google has taken a major step forward in the evolution of its smart TV platform, with the addition of over 800 free live TV channels spanning a wide range of categories and languages. This buildout of the Live tab on Google TV devices marks the company‘s most ambitious effort yet to integrate live linear programming into its streaming-centric user experience.

When Google TV first launched in 2020 as a rebrand of Android TV, live TV functionality was limited. At the time, the Live tab only surfaced a handful of live channels from free ad-supported streaming services like Pluto TV, rather than a full-scale channel guide. Rival platforms like Roku and Amazon Fire TV were already aggregating live streams from dozens of digital providers into their menus.

Gradually, Google TV added more live content from partners like, Samsung TV Plus and The Roku Channel. But this latest expansion dwarfs previous updates, with Google boasting of over 800 channels now available.

These new live channels offer a broader selection of programming than ever before on Google TV, spanning a wide range of categories:

  • News: Local affiliates for ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox provide national and local news. Additional outlets like Cheddar, Newsy and Reuters add more options for staying informed.

  • Sports: Channels from fuboTV, Vewd Sports and others deliver live sports including football, baseball, soccer, combat sports and more.

  • Entertainment: An array of choices for TV shows, movies, reality programs, game shows and other light entertainment.

  • Kids & Family: Family-friendly channels with cartoons, educational series and other children‘s content.

  • International Content: Programming from over 10 countries in languages like Spanish, French, Arabic, German, Korean and Tagalog.

This diversity of live TV on Google TV finally brings it close to parity with competitors that offer broad channel guides directly through their platforms. For instance, Roku aggregates live channels from over 200 streaming providers.

Importantly, the user experience is seamless, without needing to juggle numerous different apps. Browsing through categorized sections or searching by program title allows discovery of content from a wide range of sources, all viewable immediately with a single click.

For existing streaming services, Google TV also allows users to link provider accounts like YouTube TV, Philo or fuboTV and see those subscriptions integrated right into the Live tab.

According to Google, the update is rolling out first to Google TVs from Sony, TCL, Hisense, Philips and other brands. Owners of Chromecast with Google TV can also access the new live channels.

By embracing live TV in a big way, Google is leaning into the staying power of linear programming amid the rise of on-demand streaming. Research consistently shows consumers still spend a majority of screen time watching live channels versus video on demand. And channels from free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) services are growing rapidly, offering a middle ground between traditional pay TV and pure streaming apps like Netflix or Disney+.

This update cements Google TV as a one-stop shop for streaming and live TV. The platform now provides access to on-demand catalogs from top services like HBO Max, Prime Video, Hulu and Netflix as well as hundreds of live channels.

For cord-cutters who want live news, sports and entertainment without paying for cable or satellite, Google TV looks more enticing than ever. And the ability to incorporate streaming subscriptions alongside free live channels creates a customized TV experience matching individual interests.

Going forward, Google TV still has room to expand live offerings further and refine discovery features. But this huge influx of live programming makes the platform more competitive while delivering greater value to users.


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