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Install Fights on Demand Kodi Addon on Firestick/Android (Kodi 19)

Ready to expand your combat sports streaming options on Kodi? In this detailed guide, we‘ll walk through installing and using the popular Fights on Demand addon for MMA, boxing, wrestling and more.

Whether you‘re a Fire TV user, Android fan, or Kodi enthusiast on any device, we‘ve got you covered with a full setup tutorial, usage tips, legality analysis and troubleshooting advice for Fights on Demand. Let‘s get started!

A Must-Have Addon for Combat Sports Fans

First off, why is this addon so popular with Kodi users hungry for fight sports streams?

  • Massive library – Tons of live streams and replays across MMA, boxing, wrestling and more. New links constantly added.

  • Well organized – Intuitive categories like MMA Replays, Wrestling PPV events, Boxing Fight Nights etc make finding what you want easy.

  • Completely free – No fees, subscriptions or logins required.

  • Works on any device – Stream on Fire TV, Android, Windows, iOS…you name it!

Over 46 million households in the U.S. watched combat sports live in 2021 according to surveys. And boxing and MMA events routinely draw over 5 million viewers for championship fights.

So it‘s no surprise that demand is sky-high for addons like Fights on Demand that aggregate live streaming links all in one place. Let‘s get it installed!

Step-By-Step Installation Guide

Here is the full playbook on getting the Fights on Demand addon up and running in Kodi 19 Matrix on any supported device:


  • Kodi 19 installed
  • Enable Unknown Sources in Kodi settings


  1. Open Kodi settings

    • From Kodi home screen, click the gear icon to enter the settings menu
  2. Enable Unknown Sources

    • Go to System > Add-ons and toggle "Unknown Sources" on

    • Click Yes on the popup dialog to confirm
  3. Enter Addon Source URL

    • Go to System > File Manager > Add Source >

    • Enter the source URL exactly as shown:
    • Name the source something like "fights" and click OK

  4. Install the Repository

    • Go back to Add-ons menu in System

    • Select Install from Zip File > fights (your source name)

    • Install the file from the repo

  5. Install the Addon

    • Next choose Install from Repository > Narcacist‘s Wizard Repository > Video Add-ons
    • Select the Fights on Demand addon and click Install

That‘s all it takes! The addon will now be available in your Kodi addons list.

Now let‘s look at some tips for getting the most out of Fights on Demand.

Configuring the Addon

Fights on Demand works right out of the box with its default settings. But adjusting a few options can improve performance:

Cache Controls

  • Go to Tools > Cache Controls within the addon
  • Clear both Function Cache and Image Cache
  • Increase cache expiration to 60 days

Adjust Scrapers

  • In Tools > Scraper Settings, disable underperforming scrapers
  • Enable torrent scraping for higher quality links

Multithreaded Scraping

  • Enable parallel scraping in Tools > General
  • Use 5 or more scraper threads

With caching optimized, scrapers configured, and multithreading enabled, you‘ll get faster streams and more reliable sources.

Addon Features and Usage

Now that it‘s set up, let‘s explore key features and how to use Fights on Demand:


  • MMA Replays – Relive classic UFC fights or the latest Bellator events
  • Wrestling Replays – Missed WWE Raw or AEW Dynamite? Catch up here
  • Boxing Archives – Legends like Ali, Tyson, De La Hoya and more
  • Fight Night – Links to tonight‘s scheduled live boxing and MMA cards
  • Wrestling PPV – Get the biggest WWE and other wrestling pay-per-views
  • MMA PPV – UFC numbered events and other MMA megacards

Streaming Options

There are typically multiple links for any given event or fight:

  • Torrents – 1080p quality from torrent scraping
  • Direct streams – Typically 720p depending on source
  • Acestream/Sopcast – Requires additional addon but high quality
  • YouTube – Legal public domain fights or highlight clips

I recommend testing different links to find the best balance of quality and stability.


  • Search – Find specific fights or fighters across all categories
  • Account – Link Real-Debrid for premium filehosts
  • Cache Controls – Clear caches and adjust expiration time

Take advantage of search and Real-Debrid integration to maximize the addon‘s potential.

With this arsenal of replays, current fights, tools and configurable settings, Fights on Demand provides an exceptional free portal into the world of combat sports streaming on Kodi!

Is It Legal? Streaming Responsibly

When using third-party addons like Fights on Demand, the legality question inevitably comes up. The addon itself is simply open-source software, which is perfectly legal. However, some of the streaming sources it pulls from could be unlicensed pirated content.

As a general rule, you should avoid streaming the following types of copyrighted content without permission:

  • Pay-per-views – Events that normally require paid access
  • Premium cable channels – HBO boxing, Showtime fights, etc.
  • Latest theatrical releases – Brand new movies still in theaters

However, the addon also sources many legal public domain streams including:

  • Past fights – Beyond standard copyright terms
  • YouTube – Posted for public streaming access
  • Promotional content – Free previews consented by content owners

When in doubt, its best to err on the side of caution and avoid any unauthorized copyrighted content. A VPN like IPVanish will keep your streaming activities private and secure.

Now let‘s look at some common issues and solutions.

Troubleshooting Guide

Problem Solution
Add-on not installing Double check Unknown Sources is enabled, re-enter source URL correctly.
Streams not loading Clear caches in addon Tools menu, enable Real-Debrid account.
Error playing Acestream links Ensure you have Ace Player or equivalent installed.
Can‘t find certain fight Use addon search bar to search across all categories.
Buffering or lag Try switching to a different stream link, enable multithreaded scraping.

Still having trouble? The Official Kodi Forums are a great resource to search for help.

And that wraps up this complete guide to unlocking endless combat sports streaming with the Fights on Demand addon! Follow the steps above to add it to your Kodi setup.

Now just kick back, fire up Kodi and enjoy the latest fights across MMA, boxing, wrestling and more! The action awaits…


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