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Does Pandora Work In Mexico

Pandora is the best-known internet radio service in the world. Unlike most streaming radio services that suggest music based on similarities with other users who like the same music, Pandora uses the Music Genome Project for presenting music based on several hundred factors.

Pandora has almost one million songs available in their library, and Pandora is a fantastic way to explore new music.
Pandora has been facing usage restrictions since 2007. Much of this is due to the copyright holders of the music. For this reason, Pandora started blocking users based on their IP addresses.

You can find Pandora has three plans in place, one free that offers search and play what you want (after watching an ad). There are also two paid plans. $4.99 per month provides more; Pandora Plus is still ad-supported (with a 30-day free trial)

Pandora Premium costs $9.99 per month (with a 60-day free trial) and comes with no restrictions apart from the fact you still can’t use the radio app in many countries.

Here you can find out more about the Pandora radio service. You can also see how you can find a way around the restrictions that are in place.

What Countries Does Pandora Work In?

Pandora is only available inside the United States, although it wasn’t always the case. Because of the world radio operation laws, which exist, there were only New Zealand and Australia where the radio station was able to operate. (Read This Song Is Not Currently Available In Your Country Or Region)

However, this wasn’t their only hurdle, and Pandora announced they were not continuing their radio services in Australia and New Zealand. Because of this, it left just the USA where users can access and use the radio service.

Pa­­n­do­­ra displayed a message to users in these two countries in 2017, stating they were ending their service in this region. Even with huge investments, it wasn’t enough to turn the tide.

Another reason they were under pressure was the lack of procedure in place for copyright holders to be paid for their rights reserved music.

Even with just two other countries, a mass of content was played inside the Pandora Internet radio app, and no royalties were recouped and passed to the artists.

Can I Listen to Pandora Outside the USA?

Nobody can listen to Pandora outside the USA by regular means. You can download the app or even try to browse the website, and you’ll come across an error.

“Pandora isn’t available where you are…yet.” Unfortunately, after all their quarrels and setbacks, it seems they won’t venture outside the USA anytime soon.

However, if you use a VPN, the result is very different, and you can access Pandora from anywhere. These tools will mask your IP address by taking one from a server in another country to replace your real IP address. Doing this makes you look like you are accessing Pandora from within the USA.

A VPN, or virtual private network, is preferable because a VPN encrypts your entire device’s Internet traffic before forwarding it through intermediary servers to the final destination of your choice.

Beyond spoofing your location, the advantages of VPNs include increased security, privacy, and accessing geo-locked content or services across many countries.

VPNs are generally shipped with tailored applications, which do not involve any additional configuration to your device. Making a connection is as easy as selecting the location you want and clicking on the connect button.

VPNs also offer the benefit of stopping any prying eyes from seeing what you are doing. You can even be on a coffee shop Wi-Fi in Mexico, and you can be listening to your favorite tunes with the utmost confidence that no one can hack into your device. (Learn How To Add USTVNow To Kodi)

How to Use Pandora?

Although you have restrictions, once you have a VPN in place and head to the Pandora radio internet website, it is straightforward to use, and you aren’t restricted to use inside the United States.

Inside Pandora Radio, you find yourself greeted with a search bar, where you start typing in, the page opens, and you can see all the artists with the letters you began to enter.

You can filter this by artists, albums, songs, stations, playlists, and podcasts.

Selecting any item takes you deeper to more choices, especially for artists. You can choose from any of their albums or single songs. Once this plays you, have a selection underneath of similar artists the algorithm has selected for you.

Once you begin playing, you can let the app do its own thing and keep presenting you with new tunes. If they are not to your taste, hit the next track button.

You can also use the music station-download feature; for unlimited rights reserved offline listening when you travel worldwide.

Does Spotify Work in Mexico?

Spotify works in Mexico, and you can access the rights reserved service in countless other countries worldwide.

You also have other features such as shuffle, download music and podcasts, share music content, Spotify radio, and much more.

While Spotify services work outside the United States, your account will present you with the local music depending on the part of the world you are in.

There will be individual tracks available that you can get anywhere, yet some may face restrictions, or they are rights reserved and thus geo-restricted to the United States, for example.

While you do need a VPN to get Pandora unblocked, you can find a VPN with Spotify opens up a much more extensive library of music than you can usually access, no matter which country you can access the service.


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