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How To Buy Songs On iTunes Not Available In Your Country

While there are millions of songs available on Apple Music and Apple iTunes, there are instances where some of the ones you want on your iPhone or iPad are not listed in your local iTunes catalog.

Even now, some users have reset warnings for the music library with all the new changes.

You may try the iTunes library or other services on your device to find this song is not available Spotify music app either.

So, what can you do to make sure to update and fix the error on iOS and play songs you want from your iCloud or Apple Music?

You may also find Apple Music songs you had years ago vanish when you change sync settings music from iPhone or iCloud back to share on a computer. You may also see songs are blocked from playing when you click them.

It appears things are changing back on the mac, yet Windows is still the same at present.

The good news is, there is a solution, and you can do this still use the iTunes app to access Apple music on your iPhone rather than just relying on the new Apple Music update to fix the software creep.

No longer do you need to see the problem error message “This song is not currently available in your country or region music library,” when you sync music.

Here, you can find what you want to play on your phone and add it to your album playlist or all your devices. Make sure to follow the step by step guides to buy from another region and to allow you to sync as you desire. (Read How to Change Country in Google Play)

Can You Buy Songs on iTunes from a Different Country?

It is here that many music lovers get frustrated with the iOS problem. You can find your iTunes grayed out in the settings, or the song you wanted isn’t listed.

The one reason for this being song producers places restrictions on releases. It may be a different date, or the music will never be released in that region.

It is possible to purchase songs from other countries. Although you need an account in that country, you need your device to connect to another county iTunes catalog.

If you wish to select a different iTunes store to grab these songs, you need to change the store first and then have a payment method to fund any purchases.

  1. Change the iTunes Store
  2. Launch Settings from your Home screen.
  3. Tap on iTunes & App Store.
  4. Tap on Apple ID.
  5. Authenticate with your password or Touch ID.
  6. Tap on Country or Region.
  7. Tap on Change Country or Region.
  8. Select a new country or region.
  9. Tap on Next.
  10. Tap on Agree.
  11. Enter payment details and billing information.
  12. Click Next.

Now you are set up for the new country update music library

However, most individuals don’t just wish to change one time and want to switch back and forth.

Here you can use the step here to switch between iTunes or app store countries in another region as you like. First, you have to log out of your current regional iTunes or App Store to fix the iOS error.

  1. Launch your music or app Store
  2. Tap on user Apple ID:
  3. Tap on ‘Sign Out’ on your device
  4. Here, you can change the region on an Apple iPhone or iPad.
  5. Launch ‘Settings’ from on your phone
  6. Tap on General.
  7. Tap Language, country, or region toward the bottom.
  8. Tap on Region
  9. Save the new country as ‘Unites States’, or you will see another error message ‘song is not currently available in your country or region.’

To create a new device account, you need to find a *free* app or song only available in that particular store. TV apps are often a good choice as these are mainly in the US only.

  1. Go to the YouTube TV listing in the US App Store on an iPhone or iPad, and tap the link.
  2. Select ‘Change Store’ if it remains stuck in the previous region and shows the error’ item isn’t available in the current store.’
  3. Head to the YouTube TV listing again if frozen on the feature page.
  4. Tap on Get.
  5. Tap Install.
  6. Tap on ‘Create New Apple ID.’
  7. Select the United States if not checked already.
  8. Enter all the required information.
  9. Tap None for billing information. (You can do this for free apps, although you will need U.S. iTunes gift cards for purchases).
  10. Open Mail and verify your new email address used for the new U.S. account.
  11. Finally, download YouTube TV (or any region-specific app or song).
  12. Go to the YouTube TV listing on an iPhone or iPad, and tap its link
  13. Click on Get and then tap install
  14. Log in to your newly created U.S. iTunes Account if not logged in already
  15. Repeat any Get & Install steps if needed.
  16. You should now switch to the US store and start your download

Can You No Longer Buy Songs on iTunes?

Apple announced iTunes was to be replaced on the mac. Three apps will replace it

  • Apple Music
  • Podcasts and Apple TV

You can still sync music on iPod, iPhone, and iPad, and there is no fix on Windows, so Apple Music won’t change yet

The iTunes Store remains on iOS, and you can buy music in the Apple Music app on mac and iTunes app on Windows, as well as gift vouchers.

What Happens if Apple Doesn’t Have a Song?

You may find this is where you see the problem message “the song is not currently available in your country or region.” It can be as much with the changes with iTunes, iCloud, iPad, and other device software.

The problem appears to be the syncing of Apple Music songs. When you add a song or music, the software informs the app to get the music from the Apple database. In this manner, it can’t be corrupted and offers a faster download.

The problem begins when your device gets confused with the Apple music library. You can also find this happens when you import your playlist on your Apple devices and your computer.

To get around store restrictions, users use a VPN on their Windows computer, Apple devices such as phone and an Apple computer.

A VPN is vital to enable you to download, play, or update your playlist on your iPhone without too much of a problem.

However, you may need to turn off your VPN and see if your music plays without error.

If you wonder why are some songs not available on Apple music, it is because your VPN is making you appear somewhere else. Thus, you can’t play them as expected.

If disabling the VPN will fix this error, you may need to sign out when you play some album music and click to open the app when you need to sign into another Apple music location.

Likewise, you can encounter software for this iPhone is not currently available because you have an iPhone that isn’t a US one.(Find the Best VPN Service here)

Once you click to open your VPN, you can quickly see it allows you to swap regions for different Apple Music locations, and besides this, your VPN can help correct many of the sync issues you need to fix.


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