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How to Use Real-Debrid on Kodi & APKs in November 2023

This comprehensive guide shows how to install and configure Real-Debrid on Kodi along with various streaming APKs on a Firestick, Android TV or other streaming device. Using this premium service provides high-quality, buffer-free streams from multiple sources.

Real-Debrid refers to itself as an "unrestricted downloader" that allows you to instantly access and stream movies, TV shows and other media from file lockers and torrent sites. You can think of Real-Debrid as a middleman that processes files on their servers and sends them to you at blazing fast speeds, resulting in no buffering delays.

Most cordcutters use Real-Debrid with Kodi addons or free streaming apps on their Firestick, Android TV box or other streaming device. Integrating this premium service eliminates buffering and provides access to high definition 4K and 1080p streams.

In a recent poll, over 90% of respondents reported using Real-Debrid with their favorite Kodi addons and streaming apps. The service starts at just $3 per month, making it very affordable.

How Real-Debrid Works

Real-Debrid is not an addon or app itself. Rather, it‘s a premium service that you can integrate into various Kodi addons and streaming apps.

Here‘s a quick overview of how Real-Debrid works:

  • You sign up for a paid Real-Debrid account on their website. This gives you access to their fast servers.

  • In your favorite Kodi addon or streaming app, you login and connect your Real-Debrid account.

  • When you search for movies or shows, Real-Debrid will find high-quality streams from file lockers and torrents.

  • These streams are sent through Real-Debrid‘s servers, bypassing slow third-party servers.

  • The end result is extremely fast streaming with no buffering in up to 4K quality.

The key benefit is bypassing low-quality streams from slow free servers. Real-Debrid massively boosts the streaming experience.

Real-Debrid Features

Some of the standout features provided by a Real-Debrid premium subscription include:

  • High-speed downloads up to 1,000 Mbps

  • Direct streaming without needing plugins

  • No waits for streams or ads

  • Browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome etc.

  • Parallel streaming from multiple hosts

  • Unlimited traffic and bandwidth

  • Support for various download managers

  • AES encrypted secure downloading

For cordcutters, the fast speeds and ability to stream HD quality with no buffering are the essential benefits. Real-Debrid takes your streaming to the next level.

Real-Debrid Pricing

In order to use Real-Debrid, you‘ll need to purchase a premium account subscription. Here are the pricing options:

  • 15 Days: Approximately $3 USD
  • 30 Days: Approximately $4 USD
  • 90 Days: Approximately $9 USD
  • 180 Days: Approximately $16 USD

As you can see, the monthly cost is very affordable. Many users choose the 30 day plan to start out with.

Real-Debrid accepts various payment methods:

  • Credit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin
  • Prepaid Service Tickets

Some users report issues paying by card. In these cases, try using PayPal, Amazon or crypto which tend to work better internationally.

Is Real-Debrid Legal and Safe?

Using Real-Debrid is perfectly legal. They simply provide access to files hosted on various file lockers and torrents. However, some of the content itself may be illegally shared.

When using Real-Debrid, you should only stream content that you have the rights to access. Public domain movies are a safe option.

In their privacy policy, Real-Debrid states they keep logs of all files accessed through their service for up to one year. For privacy, you may want to use a VPN service when accessing your Real-Debrid account and while streaming.

How to Setup Real-Debrid on Kodi

Let‘s go through the simple process of setting up Real-Debrid within Kodi:

  1. Sign up for a Real-Debrid account on their website.

  2. Install the Real-Debrid add-on from the Kodi repository. Search for "Real-Debrid" in the addon browser.

  3. Launch the Real-Debrid add-on in Kodi and select "Activate My Account"

  4. Note down the code provided and enter it on the Real-Debrid website under "My Account" > "Device Verification"

  5. Real-Debrid is now connected to Kodi. You can disable automatic resolving in the Real-Debrid add-on settings if desired.

Next, also enable Real-Debrid in your preferred Kodi addons like Seren or The Crew:

  1. In the addon, go to Tools > Settings > Accounts

  2. Select Real-Debrid and enter your account details to connect it

  3. Make sure "Enable Real-Debrid" is on

And that‘s it! Real-Debrid will now find high-quality sources in your addons.

Using Real-Debrid with Free Streaming Apps

Aside from Kodi, you can also use Real-Debrid with free streaming apps like:

  • Cinema APK / HD Cinema
  • Cat Mouse APK
  • UnlockMyTTV
  • Free Flix HQ
  • MediaBox HD

The process of enabling Real-Debrid is practically the same across apps:

  1. Install the streaming app on your device

  2. Launch the app and go to its Settings section

  3. Find Real-Debrid and select to login or connect your account

  4. Note down the authorization code shown

  5. On the Real-Debrid website, enter the code under Device Verification

Once connected, the app will display "RD" links at the top which are high-quality Real-Debrid streams.

The advantage of using Kodi addons is they provide a smoother ad-free experience. But you can still benefit from integrating Real-Debrid into free apps.

Best Kodi Addons for Real-Debrid

There are many great Kodi addons that work seamlessly with Real-Debrid including:

The Crew – Extremely popular Kodi addon with a huge catalog of movies, TV shows, sports and more. Integrating Real-Debrid provides tons of high-quality streams.

Seren – A slick modern Kodi addon using torrents for streaming. Requires a debrid service like Real-Debrid.

Venom – Long-standing addon for on-demand movies and TV with great Real-Debrid integration and 4K support.

Fen – Newer addon similar to Venom with great scrapers and Real-Debrid support. Fast streams in HD.

Oath – All-in-one addon good for sports, movies and IPTV. Real-Debrid can be enabled for higher quality links.

These are just some of the top options – there are many other good Real-Debrid enabled addons for Kodi as well.

Disable Auto-Resolving in Real-Debrid

A key setting in the Real-Debrid addon itself is disabling auto-resolve. By default this is enabled meaning Real-Debrid will automatically pick links to play without showing you the source options.

To disable auto-resolve so you can manually pick sources:

  1. In Kodi, open the Real-Debrid add-on

  2. Go to Tools > Settings

  3. Disable "Automatic Resolve Links"

Now when playing media, you‘ll see all the Real-Debrid sources and can manually select the desired stream. This gives you more control.

You can also disable auto-resolve globally across all addons in ResolveURL settings.

Delete Real-Debrid Download History

Real-Debrid keeps a log of all files downloaded and streamed through their service. For privacy reasons, you may wish to periodically clear this history.

To delete your Real-Debrid downloads history:

  1. Login to the Real-Debrid website

  2. Click "Downloads" in the left sidebar

  3. Click the trash can icon at the top right to erase your history

Note that Real-Debrid keeps logs for up to 1 year regardless, so a VPN is recommended for privacy. But clearing your history helps keep your account tidy.

How to Cancel Real-Debrid

If you wish to cancel Real-Debrid, you simply need to stop payment and let your subscription expire. They do not allow accounts to be deleted while still active.

To cancel:

  1. Visit the Real-Debrid website and go to Account Details

  2. Turn off auto-renewal for your subscription so it expires

  3. After expiration, email [email protected] to request account deletion

Once your account is cancelled, make sure to also disconnect it from any Kodi addons or apps you have it enabled in.

Real-Debrid Review

Overall, Real-Debrid offers excellent value for money starting at just a few dollars per month. It noticeably improves streaming in Kodi and apps by providing fast high-quality links.

The privacy policy logs are a concern. Using a secure VPN connection helps mitigate this issue and is recommended.

For cordcutters looking to step up their streaming game, Real-Debrid is a great premium service that makes Kodi addons and apps buffer-free. The speed and quality gains are very impressive.

If you do try Real-Debrid, we suggest starting with the 15 day plan to test it out across your favorite Kodi addons and streaming apps.


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