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All Wrestling Kodi Error- What to Do?

Purely Wrestling is an exciting new sports network dedicated to people who watch live wrestling, replays, other live streaming, and pay-per-views. But there are wrestling lovers who see an error message “Wrestling on Demand is not working” on Kodi.

Here is how to resolve this error. If you receive a message about the WWE on Demand Kodi Addon Installation failing, delete your cache and restart the application.

Additionally, Wrestling on Demand has been moved to a new repo; we will show the new repo and install Wrestling on Demand by following the steps. (Learn How To Delete Addons From Kodi)

Steps to do When You Encounter an Error While Installing the Wrestling on Demand Addon

  1. Ensure that you have cleared your cache or use a VPN that provides the US or UK IPs. Because your ISP blocks the majority of Kodi content, you must conceal your identity while streaming Kodi.
  2. You can unblock Kodi addons and conceal your internet activities from your ISP by using NordVPN.
  3. If you downloaded WOD with Kodi but cannot access the streaming URL, you need to use a VPN to bypass your ISP’s filtering of Kodi material.

How to Install Wrestling on Demand with a New Repo on Kodi:

For the steps on demand addon installation, follow the process below:

  • Navigate to the Gear icon on Kodi’s left top.
  • Then navigate to the File Manager.
  • Select the outsource button where it says None>.
  • It would help if you input “” and then click OK.
  • Now return to the Kodi main menu.
  • Then navigate to addons and click on it.
  • To return to the top left corner, click on that open.
  • Now, click on “Install from zip file” and locate and choose the Wodrepo.
  • Double-click
  • You’ll see a note in the upper right corner. Updated/installed the Wrestling Repository addon.
  • Now select “Install from repository” from the menu.
  • To gain access to the wrestling repository, click on Wrestling Repository.
  • Go to video addons to locate wrestling on-demand and instructions on how to install it.
  • To get wrestling on-demand, click here. When you click install, a pop-up window will appear at the top. On-demand wrestling Installed addon.
  • Now, return to the main screen and navigate to addons> video addons. Locate and use Wrestling on-Demand for live wrestling streaming.

Alternatives to WWE (If Wrestling on Demand not Working Error)

If WWE on Demand does not work for you and you are looking for WWE replacement addons, you can install the following best Kodi addons:

  1. The Illuminati repository contains an addon for Wrestling Inc
  2. The RayW1986 repository contains the AllWrestling addon.
  3. Phoenix addon is available from the xbmchub source.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Installing the Purely Wrestling Kodi Addon

To get started, new users should install Kodi on their devices. Instructions for installation: Microsoft Windows | Amazon Fire TV Stick | Android Phone | Android Set-Top Box

Because Kodi by default prevents installing third-party addons/repositories due to security concerns, we must configure Kodi to allow installation from unknown sources.

To avoid any difficulties, update Kodi to the newest version. As of now, the most recent version of Kodi is Leia 18.9. Windows | Fire TV Stick update guide. Also remember, select purely wrestling to avoid problems. (Learn How To Remove Source From Kodi)

Please ensure that your wrestling Kodi add on proxy settings are correct to avoid network connection problems if you’re using a VPN.

Click the cog symbol.

  1. Start Kodi. To enter System, click the cog icon in the upper left pane.
  • Navigate to the File manager.
  1. From the System page, select File manager.
  • Add source twice
  1. From the left column, double-click Add source.
  • Select None from the box in the center.
  1. In the middlebox, click None.
  • Enter the directory path to the media’s location.
  1. In the pop-up box, paste or write precisely into the media location box.

After that, click the OK button in the lower-right corner. If you encounter could not retrieve directory information, check for typos and try substituting http with https.

  • Indicate the crew of the media source
  1. In lowercase, give the media source we just added as crew a name. Then click OK beneath.
  • From the left panel, click Add-ons.
  1. After that, return to the main menu. From the left panel, select Add-ons.
  • Click the box symbol.
  1. From the left pane’s upper edge, click the box icon.
  • Install from a zip file
  1. Click the Install from zip file option.

If you haven’t previously, click Settings in the popup window to allow Kodi to install ZIP files from unknown sources. To dismiss the pop-up warning popup in Kodi 19, click OK.

  • Choose the sourcing crew.
  1. Select the newly added media source crew to Kodi.
  • Select file included within
  1. Locate and select file contained within.

If you see an error stating that the addon could not be installed from the ZIP file, kindly check your internet connection, reboot Kodi, and reinstall.

  • Installed THE CREW Repo Add-on
  1. Wait until a notification appears in the upper-right corner stating that THE CREW Repo Add-on has been installed.

Please note that this is only the repository installation; after that, it’s time to add a plugin to Kodi from the repository. From the current screen, select Install from repository.

  1. Navigate to THE CREW repository.

If you receive the “Could not connect to repository” issue, refer to our troubleshooting section.

  • Addons for video
  1. Select Video add-ons in step
  • Choose Only Wrestling
  1. Navigate to and choose Purely Wrestling.
  • Install the Purely Wrestling addon for Kodi.
  1. From the lower-right side, click Install to install the Purely Wrestling addon.
  • To install dependencies, click OK.
  1. When this window appears, click OK to allow the installation of additional requirements. If you see that it failed to install a dependency, try installing the required dependencies.
  • Install the Purely Wrestling addon.
  1. Wait till the message Purely Wrestling Add-on is installed appears. That is all! Purely Wrestling is now accessible via Kodi’s main menu > Addons> Video addons.

Fix for Purely Wrestling Not Working

1. There is no stream available/the stream is buffering/pending but will not play after loading.

Although the reasons for no stream available and other streaming failures vary, the most successful fixes include the following:

  • Clear the Kodi cache using the option in your device’s settings or a maintenance plugin such as Open Wizard.
  • Use the updated ResolveURL to reauthorize debrid services such as Real-Debrid, Premiumize, and All Debrid.
  • Navigate to the addon’s settings and disable the Auto Play feature.
  • Discontinue the use of VPNs in conjunction with debrid services.
  • Utilize a proxy server to circumvent ISP blocking.

2. Purely Wrestling Is Incapable of Starting/Launching

That could be because the addon has ceased to function. Additionally, functional add-ons will fail to launch; attempt the following approaches to resolve this issue.

  • Verify that the server and port numbers specified in your Kodi Internet access correspond to those on your network. This is important if you’re utilizing a VPN. Additional information: Kodi Proxy Settings
  • Clear the Kodi app cache using the device’s settings or a maintenance utility such as Open Wizard, then restart Kodi and relaunch the addon.

3. Error in Pure Wrestling Consult the Log for Additional Information

To begin, remove the Kodi app cache from your device’s settings. Next, reboot Kodi, and repeat the preceding action to determine if the issue persists. If this is the case, try to check the log file on Kodi and enlist the assistance of someone who can interpret it. Please remember that you should not seek help from official Kodi support channels for third-party addons. (Learn How To Uninstall A Kodi Build)

These issues arise due to a difference in the Python code for the addon’s dependencies. In that scenario, you should use a version of Kodi that is compatible with the addon. As always, we recommend using the most recent stable edition of Kodi and the most recent version of continuously updated addons.


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