Create a Secure Foundation for HOB RD VPN with HOB Secure Communications Server

HOB Secure Communications Server (SCS) is an operating system based on open software technology, which is not built upon any of the available distributions. This operating system is specially designed for use with HOB RD VPN. Comfortable and clearly arranged administration options enable intuitive administration. HOB SCS only contains components that are necessary to run HOB server applications, whereby the main focus is on security and stability.

This solution contains all the functionalities needed for the operation of HOB RD VPN, as well as other software components that are either directly integrated or are available as add-ons (e.g., NTP time server, SSH access). After HOB SCS has been installed, you have a secure, hardened operating system on which no further security adaptions need to be made.


Your Benefits

Stable and secure operating system basis for the uninterrupted operation of HOB RD VPN
Optimal use of HOB RD VPN
The combination of HOB RD VPN and HOB SCS is full-fledged software appliance

Technical Highlights

Server operating system developed by HOB
Easy installation, even without previous UNIX/Linux knowledge
Dual Monitor Support
Extensive protocol and auditing options
Supports current hardware systems
  Available as a software platform or virtual appliance
Also availbale as virtual appliance for small user groups (up to 1000)


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