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YouTube Vanced – Blocking Video Ads on YouTube for Android

Hey there! Are you as fed up as I am with the constant barrage of ads on YouTube lately? It seems like there are more and more ads being shoved in our face during videos. Well I‘ve got the perfect solution for you – it‘s called YouTube Vanced!

In this guide, I‘ll be explaining exactly what Vanced is, how it blocks YouTube ads, and how you can install it on your Android device to enjoy ad-free video watching. I‘ll also provide some tips on using Vanced safely and responsibly.

So if you‘re ready to take back control of your YouTube experience, keep reading!

What is YouTube Vanced and How Does it Block Ads?

YouTube Vanced is a modded version of the official YouTube app for Android. It provides all the core features of the YouTube app, but strips out those pesky video ads completely.

With over 2 billion users, YouTube has become overloaded with ads in an effort to maximize revenue. Sometimes it feels like we spend more time watching ads than actual videos!

Vanced puts an end to that by intercepting ad requests and blocking them. So when you use YouTube Vanced, videos will play uninterrupted without a single ad.

In addition to removing ads, Vanced also adds other handy features like:

  • Background play to keep videos going with the screen off
  • Picture-in-picture mode for multi-tasking
  • Custom themes and colors
  • Video downloads for offline viewing

But the main draw is really the complete removal of ads for an uncluttered viewing experience.

Now you may be wondering – how does Vanced actually block the ads if it‘s not an official YouTube app?

Well the Vanced developers have expertly reverse engineered the YouTube app code. They‘ve identified exactly how video ads are loaded from Google‘s servers and disabled those requests in the app.

So when you watch a video on Vanced, it prevents the ad content from even being loaded in the first place. Pretty clever right?

This ad blocking happens silently in the background so as a user, you simply see the video play without interruptions. You still get access to all of YouTube‘s content and features, just without those pesky ads.

Is YouTube Vanced Legal and Safe to Use?

Now before you go downloading Vanced, it‘s important to understand exactly how legal and safe it is to use a modded third-party app like this. Let‘s explore this topic…

The Vanced developers are not affiliated with Google or YouTube in any official capacity. They have simply taken the original open source Android app and customized it.

According to Google‘s policies, distributing modded versions of their apps outside of the Play Store is generally not permitted.

However, Vanced itself does not enable any actual piracy or illegal streaming. It simply blocks the ads that YouTube inserts into free public videos.

Millions of people use YouTube Vanced with no repercussions. As long as you are only using it to block ads on free YouTube videos that you have legal access to, the risk is relatively low.

Of course, we each need to make our own decision on whether using Vanced aligns with our own ethics. But many feel that as long as they aren‘t downloading paid content or pirated material, merely blocking ads on free videos is harmless.

As with any app from outside the Play Store, you do need to be mindful of security risks though. Only download Vanced from the official website to ensure you get a clean legitimate copy.

The Vanced Manager app makes installing the latest safe version straightforward. But as always, exercise caution whenever installing third party apps outside of the Play Store.

So in summary – use your best personal judgement on whether you feel comfortable using Vanced or not. But many users find the benefits outweigh the risks as long as it‘s used ethically.

Alright, now that the disclaimers are out of the way, let‘s talk about how to actually install and use YouTube Vanced!

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing YouTube Vanced on Android

The process of getting Vanced up and running on your Android device only takes a few minutes. Here is an easy step-by-step walkthrough:

1. Download the Vanced Manager App

  • Open your Chrome or Firefox browser on your Android device
  • Go to
  • Scroll down and click the ‘Vanced Manager‘ download button
  • Open your device‘s file manager and go to ‘Downloads‘
  • Tap to install the Vanced Manager APK

2. Enable Unknown Source Installation

  • When trying to install Vanced Manager, you may get a warning that ‘Unknown sources‘ are not allowed
  • To enable this, go to your Android settings > Security
  • Check the box next to ‘Allow installation of apps from unknown sources‘
  • Confirm by pressing ‘Okay‘ on the popup

3. Install YouTube Vanced through the Manager

  • Open the Vanced Manager app
  • Select ‘YouTube Vanced‘ and tap Install
  • Choose your preferred version, theme color and language
  • YouTube Vanced will now install automatically

Once the installation completes, you‘ll find the Vanced app in your app drawer ready to use!

The first time opening it, walk through the sign in process to sync your Google account. This connects all of your YouTube subscriptions, watch history and playlists.

And that‘s all there is to it! The Vanced Manager makes it easy to keep Vanced updated whenever new versions are released.

Let me know in the comments if you run into any issues getting it installed. I‘m happy to provide some troubleshooting tips.

Common YouTube Vanced Installation Issues

Here are some common problems people run into when trying to install Vanced along with potential solutions:

Installation fails or crashes:

  • Update Vanced Manager to the latest version
  • Clear cache/data for the Manager app
  • Grant all requested permissions
  • Free up storage space on your device
  • Try a different browser to download files
  • Restart your device and retry installing

Unknown sources disabled:

  • Enable ‘Install unknown apps‘ in Android security settings
  • Use a file manager to install the APK if your browser restricts it

Already have YouTube installed:

  • Fully uninstall updates and mods to YouTube before installing Vanced
  • Or install Vanced directly using the APK from the downloads folder

Google sign-in issues:

  • Use MicroG version of Vanced if you want to avoid logging into Google
  • Disable 2-factor authentication on your Google account
  • Add your Google account in Vanced MicroG settings

Let me know if you have any other issues! With a bit of troubleshooting, you should be able to get Vanced working.

Key Advantages of YouTube Vanced

Now that you have Vanced installed, let‘s talk about all the great benefits it provides:

No Video Ads

This is obviously the #1 reason people use Vanced. Say goodbye to all those frustrating ads constantly interrupting your videos!

YouTube has been aggressively increasing the number of ads on the platform. Ads now play before, during, and after videos.

Vanced puts a stop to that by blocking video ads altogether. Just pure uninterrupted video content.

Background and Picture-in-Picture Playback

With Vanced you can continue listening to YouTube videos even with the screen turned off. The audio will keep playing in the background.

The picture-in-picture mode also lets you watch videos in a small floating window while using other apps. Perfect for multi-tasking!

Downloads for Offline Viewing

Need to save some videos to watch on a plane or somewhere with no signal? Vanced makes it easy to download videos for offline playback.

Dark Mode

Switch YouTube to a sleek dark theme for a more cinematic viewing experience. Much better suited for nighttime viewing.

Customization Options

The theming engine in Vanced provides all kinds of custom colors and layouts to personalize the app.

Match your phone‘s aesthetics or just enjoy a fresh look for the YouTube app.

YouTube Vanced vs Official YouTube App

Let‘s compare the key differences between the stock YouTube app and Vanced:

Feature YouTube YouTube Vanced
Video Ads Yes No
Background Play No Yes
PIP Mode Limited Yes
Dark Theme Yes Yes
Video Downloads Limited Yes
Account Sign-In Yes Yes
Subscriptions & History Yes Yes
4K Video Yes Yes

As you can see, Vanced retains all the core functionality of the real YouTube app while enriching the experience by removing ads and adding bonus features.

The key takeaway? Vanced = Regular YouTube – Video Ads

It‘s really the best of both worlds – the vast YouTube ecosystem without annoying ads cluttering up your watching experience.

And your Google account fully syncs between both apps so your subscriptions, watch history, likes, and playlists are shared. It‘s totally seamless.

But Aren‘t Ads What Support Creators?

Now you might be wondering – if everyone blocked YouTube ads, how would creators earn money and keep producing great content?

It‘s definitely something to be mindful of. Many YouTubers rely on ad revenue from their videos to fund their work.

However, research shows that a minority of power users generate the vast majority of YouTube‘swatch time and ad revenue. Most casual viewers only watch a few videos per week.

Blocking ads on this occasional content likely has minimal impact on revenue compared to hardcore users watching hours per day.

I personally use Vanced but also actively support creators I appreciate by purchasing merchandise, contributing on Patreon, or sending a direct donation.

Even just leaving a positive comment, liking, and sharing videos helps boost creators way more than passive ad watching.

If you feel guilty, consider actively supporting the creators you value the most. The ad clicks from casual viewers barely contribute any revenue.

But ultimately we each have to make an ethical judgement call on using ad blocking technology. I hope this perspective helps as you make that decision for yourself.

How Much Advertising Does Vanced Actually Block?

You might be wondering just how many ads Vanced is really blocking as you use YouTube. The numbers may surprise you!

In 2021, Google earned over $28 billion in revenue just from YouTube ads. The average viewer sees between 5-10 ads per hour of videos.

Adblockers like Vanced are estimated to block:

  • 15-30 ads per 2-3 hour viewing session
  • 30-60 ads blocked for 5 hours of YouTube watching
  • 100+ ads per day for heavy YouTube viewers

So for regular viewers, Vanced can block thousands of ads per month!

No wonder Google isn‘t the biggest fan of ad blockers – it drastically eats into their profits. But from a user perspective, being able to avoid hundreds of ads is quite appealing!

Is YouTube Vanced the Best Ad Blocker for YouTube?

Vanced is certainly one of the most popular ad blocking options for YouTube on Android. But it‘s not the only way to get an ad-free experience. Let‘s look at a few other options:

Browser Extensions – Plugins like uBlock Origin and AdBlock can block YouTube video ads in Chrome or Firefox browsers. This works great on desktop PCs.

YouTube Premium – YouTube‘s $12/month subscription removes ads across devices. But it‘s pricey for casual viewers.

DNS Filters – Block ads system-wide by routing your traffic through ad blocking DNS servers. More advanced to setup.

Pi-Hole – Network wide ad blocking via a Raspberry Pi device. Works for all connected devices in your home.

So Vanced is definitely not the only way to remove YouTube ads. But in my opinion, it provides the best overall experience specifically for Android mobile devices.

The platform-level ad blocking is super convenient compared to browser extensions. And you maintain all the native YouTube app features unlike DNS filtering.

Yes it requires sideloading, but thanks to the Vanced Manager app it‘s actually a very straightforward install process.

Maximizing Your Privacy and Security with YouTube Vanced

Blocking ads goes hand in hand with enhancing your privacy. Here are a few tips to use Vanced securely:

  • Always run Vanced with a good VPN enabled to hide your viewing activity and location from your ISP. I recommend NordVPN or Surfshark.

  • Use the MicroG version of YouTube Vanced to avoid directly logging into your Google account and syncing data.

  • Set up a secure VPN-based email to sign up for any accounts instead of using personal ones.

  • Enable 2-factor authentication on the Google account you use with Vanced to protect against hijacking.

  • Consider using a privacy-focused browser like Bromite or DuckDuckGo for even more protection.

  • Run periodic antivirus scans to check your device for any malware, just to be safe.

So using Vanced in combination with a trustworthy VPN and secure browser gives you an incredibly private and controlled viewing experience!

Wrapping Up

Well there you have it! Everything you need to know to get started with YouTube Vanced and level up your ad-free viewing experience.

In summary:

  • Vanced blocks all video ads on YouTube via clever background tweaks

  • Provides extra features like background play, pip mode, etc

  • Easy to install on Android using the Vanced Manager

  • Use responsibly and support creators through other means

  • Combine with a VPN for enhanced privacy

Let me know if you have any other questions down below! I‘m happy to help get you set up with Vanced.

Now get out there and start enjoying YouTube without any interruptions again! No more endless ads driving you crazy.

Talk soon,
[Your Name]


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