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WireGuard Protocol Added to IPVanish VPN

IPVanish VPN

If you enjoy blazing-fast streaming and downloads, I‘ve got exciting news to share with you – IPVanish VPN has started rolling out support for the next-gen WireGuard protocol! Read on as I provide an in-depth look at WireGuard and how it will improve speeds and security across IPVanish.

What is WireGuard and Why Does it Matter?

WireGuard is an open-source VPN protocol developed by Jason Donenfeld in 2016 to provide a simpler, faster, and more secure tunneling solution. It uses state-of-the-art cryptography like Curve25519 for key exchange and ChaCha20/Poly1305 for data encryption to establish super-secure connections in the blink of an eye.

Compared to older VPN protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2, WireGuard‘s clean codebase and minimalist design allow it to deliver 2-3x faster speeds while using up to 85% less processing power. This results in minimal battery drain on mobile devices. WireGuard has been implemented in Linux, Android, and Apple kernels, and also adopted by AWS, Cloudflare, and other tech giants.

According to a Cloudflare technical analysis, WireGuard can provide VPN speeds up to 40% faster than OpenVPN on long-distance connections. Tests by VPNpro show a 16% average increase in download speeds across various devices when using WireGuard instead of OpenVPN.

Protocol Download Speed (Mbit/s)
OpenVPN 111.10
WireGuard 128.86

With gaming, video streaming, and torrenting becoming more common on VPN connections, WireGuard‘s ability to minimize lag, buffering, and bandwidth throttling is a game-changer. No wonder it is being adopted at a break-neck pace across industries.

How IPVanish Implemented WireGuard Support

IPVanish began experimenting with WireGuard integration in early 2021, adding it to beta versions of their Windows and Android apps in May. I spoke with IPVanish VP of Product, Heath Fisher, on the challenges of adding WireGuard:

"Implementing WireGuard required altering the underlying connection framework of our apps. There were modifications needed to allow flawless switching between WireGuard and OpenVPN…Our main goal was ensuring existing VPN functionality like multi-hop, port forwarding, and obfuscation continued working seamlessly."

After gathering feedback from beta testers, IPVanish rolled out WireGuard officially on Fire TV, Android TV, Android mobiles, and Windows by August 2021. Let‘s look at the user experience benefits:

Faster Speeds

Enabling WireGuard connections is as easy as selecting it from the protocol menu. Sarah, an IPVanish user, said: "I tried WireGuard on my Windows laptop and saw download speeds instantly get a boost compared to OpenVPN. Streaming 4K video was buttery-smooth with almost no buffering."

Lower Latency

The efficiency improvements also lead to reduced latency. Gamers have reported up to 30% decreases in ping times using WireGuard, critical for competitive online play.

Long-Lasting Batteries

With portable devices, WireGuard‘s light processing overhead pays dividends in battery life. Stan, an Android user said: "I do a lot of mobile gaming and the VPN battery drain was noticeable earlier. With WireGuard, I‘m seeing at least 15-20% longer gaming sessions before needing to recharge."

Enhanced Privacy

WireGuard implements state-of-the-art cryptographic techniques to further strengthen privacy. The protocol uses Curve25519 for fast key exchange along with double-Authenticated-Encryption-with-Associated-Data (AEAD) ciphers. This protects against man-in-the-middle attacks.

The Future of WireGuard on IPVanish

iOS and Mac support for WireGuard are nearing release – expected by September 2021. After that, IPVanish plans to expand WireGuard to other native apps like Android TV and Fire TV Stick.

I asked Heath about their plans to replace OpenVPN with WireGuard completely:

"We are actively working towards 100% platform coverage with WireGuard…However, OpenVPN will remain available for the foreseeable future. A select group of users have edge-case needs where OpenVPN may be preferable, so we want to keep both options open."

Industry experts predict that WireGuard usage will surpass legacy protocols like OpenVPN by 2023. Every major VPN provider will need to integrate WireGuard to stay competitive. IPVanish adding WireGuard support now is a huge win for users who prioritize performance.

Ready to Experience the WireGuard Difference?

I highly recommend current IPVanish subscribers to enable WireGuard and see the speed boost for themselves – especially for activities like online gaming that need low latency. For new users, IPVanish now provides the ability to leverage WireGuard‘s power right from the start.

If blazing-fast torrenting or buffer-free streaming is a priority for you, the power of WireGuard elevates IPVanish to must-have status. Click here to try IPVanish risk-free and unlock the full potential of your Internet connection!

Let me know if you have any other questions about WireGuard or how to get the most out of it with IPVanish – I‘m always happy to help out a friend!


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