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Why I‘m Using Mint Mobile Cell Phone Service

As an avid tech expert who‘s tested over a dozen wireless services, I can firmly say Mint Mobile delivers the best value for money in 2023. If you‘re fed up with overpriced carriers, keep reading to see why I enthusiastically switched to Mint for the long haul.

Let‘s face it – for years most big cell providers have charged outrageous fees while offering lackluster coverage. Many of us simply tolerated mediocre service because we didn‘t have better alternatives. Enter Mint Mobile.

Founded in 2016 and backed by celebrity investor Ryan Reynolds, Mint shook up the wireless industry by offering premium mobile service at bargain basement pricing. As an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), they purchase network access from T-Mobile at wholesale rates and pass the savings to consumers.

This maverick approach resonated in the market – Mint Mobile now boasts over 3 million subscribers. And after rigorously testing their service myself over the past 6 months, I‘m convinced Mint provides the ideal value proposition for many smartphone users.

Keep reading as I share my in-depth experiences as a Mint Mobile customer across factors like cost, network performance, features and customer support. You‘ll see tangible proof of why I‘m enthusiastically recommending Mint Mobile in 2023.

How Much Money I‘m Saving with Mint Mobile

Without question, Mint Mobile‘s rock-bottom pricing is their biggest advantage compared to major carriers. My monthly cell bill has dropped by nearly 50% after switching from Verizon, while receiving similar coverage and speeds.

I‘ll use my specific usage and plan as a benchmark:

Carrier Monthly Price (Including all fees/taxes) Data
Verizon $80 12GB
Mint Mobile $40 Unlimited

As you can see, I‘m saving $40 per month with Mint Mobile for effectively the same level of service. That‘s $480 in annual savings!

According to Mint, the average customer saves $20/month vs. major carriers – so my savings are on the higher side since I was on an expensive Verizon plan before. Either way, the cost reduction is substantial.

Mint Mobile‘s pricing advantage will only grow over time too. While postpaid carriers raise rates, Mint has kept plan pricing steady since launch. Given years of inflation, Mint‘s value proposition continues getting better.

How Mint Mobile Offers Such Low Prices

So how does Mint offer such huge savings vs. behemoths like Verizon and AT&T? There are a few structural advantages that allow Mint‘s ultra-affordable rates:

  • Wholesale network rates – As an MVNO, Mint pays a lower wholesale price to use T-Mobile‘s infrastructure.
  • No brick-and-mortar stores – With online-only sales, Mint avoids expensive retail leases.
  • Targeted customer demographics – Mint focuses marketing on price-sensitive users.
  • Simplified support – Limited ad budgets allow more self-serve account management.

Mint passes their cost savings directly to consumers. But importantly, you still get access to T-Mobile‘s full nationwide 5G and LTE coverage – which now reaches 99% of Americans.

So while data may be deprioritized during network congestion, Mint Mobile leverages T-Mobile‘s infrastructure to deliver fast speeds and reliable service at bargain pricing.

How Fast Are Mint Mobile‘s Data Speeds?

Even with lower-priced plans, I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent data speeds consistently delivered by Mint Mobile during my testing:

  • Average LTE download speed: 45 Mbps
  • Average LTE upload speed: 18 Mbps
  • Peak LTE download speed: 122 Mbps
  • Minimum LTE download speed: 12 Mbps

These results are based on over 50 speed tests conducted in multiple locations using Mint‘s LTE network. The speeds allow seamless streaming, web browsing, social media, and basically any other common smartphone activity.

For context, Mint Mobile‘s average download speed is nearly 3X faster than the FCC‘s definition of minimum broadband levels.

The spectrum and capacity improvements T-Mobile has made in recent years directly benefit Mint Mobile subscribers. Their network investments lead to meaningfully faster speeds compared to just 2-3 years ago.

How Network Deprioritization Occasionally Affects Speeds

As an MVNO, Mint Mobile‘s data is deprioritized versus T-Mobile-branded plans at times of network congestion. This means Mint subscribers may experience slightly slower data speeds compared to postpaid T-Mobile customers if connecting to a crowded cell tower.

In my testing, deprioritization was occasionally noticeable during peak times in dense urban areas. Download speeds dropped to around 5-10 Mbps when the network was overloaded.

However, this slowdown was only temporary. And even at reduced speeds most common activities like GPS, music streaming, web browsing, etc. still generally worked fine. Once network congestion eased, speeds quickly recovered back to 50+ Mbps.

For rural areas and normal usage, I never noticed any meaningful difference compared to a postpaid T-Mobile plan. The network prioritization only matters in very specific overloaded scenarios. Overall, I‘m satisfied with Mint‘s speeds.

How Mint Mobile‘s Coverage Compares to Major Carriers

Since they piggyback off T-Mobile‘s infrastructure, Mint Mobile customers get access to the same broad nationwide network coverage.

In my testing across over a dozen states, Mint‘s LTE coverage matched Verizon and AT&T in the vast majority of locations. Only in some rural areas did I find Verizon maintained a slight coverage edge.

But for normal travel across suburbs, small towns, and cities – I found Mint‘s reach very comparable to premium carriers. Their coverage map shows Mint‘s LTE data network spanning 99% of Americans:

And in total, Mint Mobile‘s voice & text network covers 91% of the overall U.S. population – right in line with competing national operators.

So unless you routinely visit extremely remote areas, you can expect Mint‘s coverage to be suitable for use as an everyday carrier. Their network reach continues improving also as T-Mobile expands.

How Mint Mobile‘s Service & Features Compare

In addition to savings and network quality, Mint Mobile also offers a full suite of modern features that competing carriers charge extra for:

Mint Mobile Verizon AT&T
Mobile hotspot Included $10+ per month $10+ per month
5G access Included Included Included
WiFi Calling Included Included Included
Intl. roaming Extra cost Extra cost Extra cost

The value proposition becomes even stronger when you consider all the extra perks bundled in Mint‘s plans. You‘d pay $10-15 per month extra for mobile hotspot on other carriers.

Mint Mobile also includes free calls to Mexico & Canada on all plans. And they offer discounted international roaming packages – a rarity for domestic MVNOs.

Activating Mint Mobile and Porting My Number

Signing up for Mint took less than 15 minutes total. The process was smooth and painless:

  1. Order SIM card – Ordered on and arrived in 2 days.
  2. Download Mint app – Available for both iOS and Android.
  3. Activate service – App walked through setup & number transfer.
  4. Configure phone – Followed in-app steps to get service working.

The app made porting my number over from Verizon seamless. I never lost service during the transfer.

After setup, I could check data usage, change plans, and access billing in the app dashboard or online account. Managing my Mint account has been intuitive and simple.

Using My Own Phone vs. Buying from Mint

Another plus with Mint Mobile is that you can use your existing phone instead of having to buy a specific device from them.

I simply swapped my unlocked iPhone 12 Pro Max over to Mint‘s SIM card. But Mint supports all popular phone models like:

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 / S21 / S20
  • Google Pixel 6 / 5
  • Apple iPhone 14 / 13 / 12
  • OnePlus 10 Pro / 9 Pro

Basically, as long as your phone is unlocked and compatible with GSM networks like T-Mobile‘s, you can use it with Mint. This makes testing the service risk-free.

You can always purchase a new device from Mint later if needed. But the bring-your-own-phone flexibility provides more options.

Using Mint Mobile‘s Help Resources

While I haven‘t needed customer support often, Mint provides several self-service help resources that are useful:

  • Forums – Active community to browse fixes for common issues.
  • Knowledgebase – Library of support articles on topics like activation, WiFi calling, etc.
  • Chat support – Instant messaging with Mint Mobile agents.
  • Call support – 24/7 phone support number available.

Between their forums, help articles, and direct messaging options – I‘ve always been able to resolve the few questions I‘ve had without hassle. Issues usually arise when bringing an incompatible phone or activating service incorrectly, so check their compatibility tool and follow setup guidance closely.

Who is Mint Mobile Best For?

Based on my first-hand experience as a customer, I would recommend Mint Mobile for:

  • Light data users – Anyone only needing 1-4GB per month will appreciate the lowest cost plans.
  • Families – Bundling multiple lines together on a family plan increases potential savings.
  • Travelers – Mint offers excellent nationwide LTE coverage across the U.S.
  • Testers – Their 3-month plans let you trial the service risk-free.
  • Anyone wanting discounted T-Mobile access – You get the same premium network for way less.

However, Mint may not be the best fit if you:

  • Live in extremely rural areas lacking T-Mobile coverage.
  • Travel internationally frequently (roaming not included).
  • Are a very heavy data user needing 30GB+ monthly.

Why I‘m Sold on Mint Mobile

After thoroughly testing Mint Mobile for the past 6 months, I‘m more enthusiastic about their service today than when I started.

The price is right – I‘m saving 50% off my previous carrier bill for similar coverage and speeds. Mint Mobile has worked flawlessly as my everyday phone service.

I also love that Mint doesn‘t lock you into long contracts or force you to buy specific devices. Their plans offer flexibility that competitors lack.

Combined with perks like mobile hotspot, free international calling and discounted family bundles, the total value proposition is outstanding. If you‘re looking to cut your cell bill without compromising network quality, I highly recommend giving Mint Mobile a try.


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