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Where To Watch Infinity Train

There wasn’t much to touch the Infinity Train as modern shows go in the past few years. Owen Dennis created it for the Cartoon network, yet it moved homes during its brief life.

With each season comprising 10 episodes, the animated series highlights the adventures of a preteen and her robot companion.

Tulip Owens is a 13-year-old girl who finds herself trapped on a train one day and searches for a way out. One-One the robot she befriends are two spherical robots with alternate personalities.

Together they scour the train, meeting a cast of strange characters along the way and hoping to find clues that will help Tulip find her way home.

Book 4 sees the last season of Infinity Train, and the entire series has gone to be one of the most ambitious, complex, and emotional shows seen on TV.

Set before the first season, the final season sees Min-Gi (Johnny Young) and Ryan (Sekai Murashige), two best friends and aspiring musicians drifting apart. They board the train to face their greatest challenges and loyalty to each other. (Read Sorry This Content Isn’t Available Right Now Blocked)

Fans of the show were sad to see the end, and now old, and new fans alike want to know where the Infinity Train stream is?

It began in 2016 on YouTube before moving to Cartoon Network; since then, it has moved on, and fans are unsure where to look. In our guide, you can learn more about the show, and by the end, you’ll see that you will need one specific streaming service.

Is Infinity Train On Disney Plus?

Unfortunately, you won’t find Infinity Train on Disney Plus, and you are unlikely to see the show on this streaming service. (Learn How to Watch Disney Plus Online Outside of the US)

What Streaming Service Is Infinity Train On?

Each of the four seasons of Infinity Train has 10 episodes. Characters change as each season pans out, although there are one or two recurring characters. The show started with Tulip and the friends she met on the way in the episodes from season one and season two.

What used to be on the Cartoon Network quickly became an HBO Max exclusive, and now, this is the only place you can find all the episodes from all four seasons anywhere on the internet.

The final 10 episodes of book 4 were released on 15th April 2021. However, you can stream the first episode of Book 3 available to stream for free on the HBO Max website.

There isn’t a free trial any longer with HBO Max, and the cost is $9.99 per month if you select the ad-supported option, or $14.99 per month if you want the ad-free plan.

If you want to watch the show at no cost, you can try to sign up for Hulu with Live TV and select HBO Max as an add-on. With this plan, you have a one-week free trial, and in theory, you will get one week free with HBO Max and stream Infinity Train free. Hulu with Live TV costs $54.99 after the free trial on top of the $14.99 for HBO Max.

You will find that many shows which began on The Cartoon network are now under the HBO Max umbrella. To get these, you now have to sign up to HBO Max as the shows like the Infinity train won’t be made available anywhere else.

HBO Max is the most recent streaming service from Warner Media, which comprises legacy HBO content and breadth of shows and movies from the expansive Warner Media umbrella.

As we saw, you’ll have available seasons of different shows, from Cartoon Network and Turner networks, such as TBS, TNT, and TCM, and many more.

Where Can I Watch Infinity Train Outside Us?

If you want to watch Infinity Train outside the US, then you will find it almost impossible via any other streaming service.

A quick check throws up the first season of Infinity Train, episode 1 watch online on Stan in Australia. Besides this, there isn’t much of an option besides using a VPN and signing up for HBO Max.

Now is a good time to use a VPN for watching any full season of 10 episodes of Infinity Train. Signing up for a VPN is straightforward, and besides keeping your online presence private as you spend the day online with full encryption. (Read our StrongVPN Reviews)

It is good to know you can access the best streaming services such as HBO Max, Netflix, and more from outside the US.


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