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How to Watch Match of the Day Online in USA (Live Soccer Action)

You all know about Match of the Day, right? It’s the English Premier League chat show that airs on NBCSN featuring the highlights of the matches of the day.

It airs on Saturdays when the season is on, and Rebecca Lowe hosts it along with a panel of analysts.

But how many of you know about the original show, the one which airs on the UK’s BBC. It is a must-watch show for every soccer enthusiasts which airs on BBC One every Saturday evening. It’s one of the longest-running sports programmes in the world, and the number of people who love to watch MOTD is growing with each passing day.

TL;DR Match of Day Quick Guide
  1. Install the best VPN service. (We recommend ExpressVPN for fast speeds and ease of use)
  2. Connect with a UK server
  3. Head to the BBC iPlayer webpage
  4. Enjoy watching MOTD live or the replay

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There also is the Match of the Day 2 airing on BBC Two, which has inspired the US version of MOTD2. It shows the Premier League action that took place on Sundays.

And here I will tell you how to watch BBC Match of the Day livestream in the US.

Watch Match of the Day stream online

The on-air channels are only available to the TV in a British home, but hey, you can watch the BBC Match of the Day stream online.

The iPlayer is your go-to service for everything that airs on the BBC network. BBC iPlayer is a free service, and you can watch all the shows that run on BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC four or BBC News.

Moreover, with BBC iPlayer, you can watch MOTD streaming on any of your favorite devices, be it Android, iOS or Windows.

The service is available on Macs and also on a range of set-top boxes. And as for the MOTD, it shows match related commentary, analysis and of course the day’s highlights.

Gary Lineker is the host, and he is in this role for almost two decades now. He also is one of the contributors to the American version of the show. There is a group of analysts and commentators working alongside.

For the 2017-18 season, the team includes Alan Shearer, Danny Murphy, Guy Mowbray, Ian Wright, Jermaine Jenas, Jon Motson, Jonathan Pearce, Martin Keown, Phil Neville, Simon Brotherton, Steve Bower and Steve Wilson.

So, you see there are quite a lot of people working hard to bring every detail of Premier League direct to your home. And you should not miss it while you have a chance. The only hindrance is the geo-restriction.

Because of the licensing rules and agreements, this online streaming service is available only in the UK. And what for the fans abroad?

Well, they can do a VPN download and configuration on their device first. Let’s see how.

Watch BBC iPlayer in USA

To watch BBC, you have to connect to a VPN server somewhere in the UK. One of the reliable service providers is watch BBC MOTD via VPNExpressVPN, and it has many servers all over Britain. Once the connection is successful, the server masks your original IP address with a British one.

Now, when you check iPlayer, you can watch all videos and live streams there, including the ones of Match of the Day. ExpressVPN also has an excellent encryption system.

It helps in keeping your online activities private. Your data transfers are hidden, and no one can know that you are streaming British content from the US.

Another good thing about ExpressVPN is the range of devices it works on. You can set up ExpressVPN on any device you use to view iPlayer content.

You can find the information and set up the process on the Express VPN download page.

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Register with BBC

A VPN service can unblock your access to the iPlayer streaming but to use it, you have to register yourself. After successful registration, you can watch live episodes of Match of the Day. The live stream is available alongside the TV air, i.e. at 5:30 pm ET on Saturday. (Learn how watch BBC iPlayer with our Extensive guide)

And if you missed the live episode, you can watch it later after a day, starting from the morning of Monday. The episode is available for a week until the next one is uploaded. And the Sunday evening MOTD2 episodes are available from Tuesday morning.

Once iPlayer is unlocked, you can also watch other popular sports programmes like Final Score and Football Focus.

And with the British VPN server connection, you have access to entire UK TV network. Whether you want to watch your iTV channel’s favorite shows or Channel 4’s, you get access to all.

So, now stream unlimited content from Britain and all for free. Yes, they provide their content free of cost. Tempting? Go on and enjoy watching match of the day online.


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