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How to Watch Love, Death and Robots Online

One of the most attention grabbing series is being aired, and it is very different from anything else you may have seen.

Following in the same vein of Black Mirror, this is a collection of stories which delve into the dark sides of many genre from sci-fi, comedy, horror and fantasy.

The most significant difference with Love, Death and Robots is each episode is animated. It can be viewed, but the streaming service which hosts it, has a unique way of delivering the show to viewers.

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Before taking a look at how you can access the show, we will look at what the show is all about and some of the cast.

What is Love, Death and Robots?

If you look at and Love, Death and Robots review, you will see this acclaim this animated anthology is receiving.

The series is brought to viewers by David Fincher and Tim Miller. With titles such as Deadpool, Mindhunter, Se7en, and The Social Network under their belts, you can be sure these are dark tales.

Each Robots episode is created by some of the best animation artists from around the world. All these make up the 18 short stories of around 15 minutes in length. While not the lengthiest episodes, they have viewers gripped and gagging for more.

Although the writers and stars (voices) of the show may be unknown, they do include some famous names.

Joe Lansdale is the creator and writer of hundreds of novels, comic books and graphic novels. He knows what goes into a show of this caliber and was a writer on one of the Love, Death and Robots episodes ‘Fish-Night’.

One other prolific writers names who are linked to the show is Ken Liu who’s story ‘Good Hunting’ was published back in 2012 as a two-parter. He says the adaption of his story is fantastic.

One of the largest names in the Love, Death and Robots cast is Samira Wiley. She is well known for starring in the ‘Handmaids Tale, and ‘Orange is the New Black.’

Why is Death and Robots Out of Order?

The Death and Robots anthology series comprises 18 episodes. Here are the complete episode listings:

Episode 1: Blind Spot
Episode 2: Sucker of Souls
Episode 3: Fish Night
Episode 4: Ice Age
Episode 5: Secret War
Episode 6: Suits
Episode 7: Alternate Histories
Episode 8: Aquila Rift
Episode 9: Good Hunting
Episode 10: Helping Hand
Episode 11: Lucky 13
Episode 12: Shape-Shifters
Episode 13: Sonnie’s Edge
Episode 14: The Dump
Episode 15: The Witness
Episode 16: Three Robots
Episode 17: When the Yogurt Took Over
Episode 18: Zima Blue

This show is a Netflix exclusive, and even then there is something new happening, and it could be something new for TV shows.

The episode order changes, this means what you see in Australia may differ to what viewers see in America.

The one way to make sure you get to see the shows in one order and not miss anything is to watch them on American Netflix.

This poses a slight problem, but there is a very easy way to bypass the geo-restrictions which are in place with Netflix, and which are impossible for some users to bypass.


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Love, Death and Robots and VPN’s

With the running order of this science fiction show can change randomly, it may make viewers realize that Netflix has a different content library for different regions.

This isn’t exclusive to Netflix, even Hulu, Amazon and some of the Kodi repos follow these restrictions.

Netflix though takes the banning of viewing in different countries to an entirely new level.

For this reason, we need to find how to watch Netflix from other countries so we you can catch all the episodes of this science fiction masterpiece and also any other content which may be only available in one region.

There are many VPN’s around, but not all of them are suitable for accessing Netflix. The reason being Netflix continually checks IP addresses, and even then VPN’s get caught and blocked. This may be a few weeks in between, but it does happen.

You can narrow out some VPN’s because of this as they have small server networks.

Larger VPN providers get around this by having many more servers, and on occasions, even this isn’t sufficient to continually bypass these restrictions. Some VPN services will stop providing Netflix support because of the struggle and costs involved.

In many places, you will see the name ExpressVPN continually mentioned. This service has thousands of servers, and with a large number in America, connections can come from city level rather than merely a different country.

This is the same in all countries where they operate. With high numbers of servers and IP addresses, they can remain undetected by streaming services that have such restrictions.

Even if they get caught, their speedy customer support service is on hand 24/7, and will inform all users which server to connect to.

Benefits and features of a world-class VPN need to go way beyond only accessing streaming services which have geo-restrictions.

Even from the very simple sign up process of ExpressVPN, they make things easy for users, and make sure all their online activities remain private.

Changing Netflix Region With a VPN

To change regions, and to bypass all the restrictions only takes 5 steps. Following these, you can access Netflix in any country.

  • Set up your Netflix account if you don’t have one
  • Sign up for ExpressVPN or login into the VPN if you already are a subscriber
  • Connect to a server in the country where you wish to watch any Netflix shows or movies
  • Navigate to the Netflix website. It automatically connects you to the site in the country you selected in your VPN client.
  • You can now enjoy watching the shows and movies for that region

When you see how easy these steps are, using the recommended VPN is even easier. Users quickly find Express is the best VPN service to use in any country around the world.


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