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How to Watch Disenchantment Season 2 form Anywhere

Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, has brought another show to add to his repertoire. The show follows the life of Princess Bean (Abbi Jacobson) and all her new found friends as she rebels against her arranged marriage to Prince Merkimer.

While things didn’t get off to the best start for the Prince, the show instantly had many fans.

King Zøg (John DiMaggio) was dismayed at the actions of Bean, yet with the help of Elfo, Luci fans fell for the Disenchantress.

With the first two seasons out of the way (season 2 began on September 20, 2019), season three is supposed to start any time soon, and now is a good time for fans, old or new, to go back and watch Disenchantment online.

By the end of this guide, you will see how to watch this great show; even if you can’t watch Disenchantment online free, you can head back to Dreamland online for Part 2 and watch more adventure from the Disenchantment series.

Disenchantment Season 2 Cast and Episodes

Netflix ordered twenty episodes of the show, and the first 10 of part 1 started in August 2018 with episode 1, and season 2, or the second half of part one, began on September 20, 2019.

Bean the alcoholic princess (Abbi Jacobson) was up to more adventure, and tales were never dull in Disenchantment season 2. Matt Groening pulled another dreamland hit out of the bag for this series.

Disenchantment Season 2 Cast

  • Abbi Jacobson – Tiabeanie, ‘Bean’
  • Eric André – Luci
  • Nat Faxon – Elfo
  • John DiMaggio – King Zøg
  • Maurice LaMarche – Odval
  • Billy West – Sorcerio
  • Rich Fulcher – Turbish
  • David Herman – The Herald
  • Tress MacNeille – Queen Oona
  • Jeny Batten – Kissy the Elf
  • Lucy Montgomery – Bunty
  • Matt Berry – Prince Merkimer

Disenchantment Season 2 Episodes

  • Episode1 – The Disenchantress
  • Episode 2 – Stairway to Hell
  • Episode 3 – The Very Thing
  • Episode 4 – The Lonely Heart Is a Hunter
  • Episode 5 – Our Bodies, Our Elves
  • Episode 6 – The Dreamland Job
  • Episode 7 – Love’s Slimy Embrace
  • Episode 8 – TheHer Own Write
  • Episode 9 – The Electric Princess
  • Episode 1 0 – Tiabeanie Falls

Where to Watch Disenchantment

To find an online Disenchantment stream, you’ll need to head to Netflix; however, Netflix blocks streaming access to viewers in some countries, and it all depends on the rights to broadcast shows in that particular region.

Because of this, you could find lots of streaming new episodes of TV shows and genres, yet no hint of episode 1 of Disenchantment and the adventures of Bean.

In the most simplest form, these are the straightforward steps to watch American Netflix from any country. You can, of course, change the country in the VPN app to access a different Netflix library. (Learn How to Change Countries on Netflix)

  1. Sign up for your chosen VPN provider
  2. Install and open the VPN client
  3. Manually select a US-based server
  4. Wait for the VPN service to connect to the server.
  5. The connect button turns green once you connect
  6. Open your Netflix app or the Netflix home page.
  7. Log in with your regular details.

Top tier VPNs are optimized for all platforms to deliver the fastest speeds. VPNs can also do much more in the way of protection while you are online, yet they are better known for bypassing these strict geo-restrictions.

Any data you send will be encrypted; this means your ISP can’t see your data, and when you access a Netflix library, they only see the IP of the server in that country and the data of your account.

Netflix makes it easy as you may use the service in any country once you have a Netflix subscription. Because of this, Netflix is one of the top streaming platforms that make it hard to access VPNs.

However, for users, it makes it easier to watch more of the Bean the Disenchantress.

You can use the 30-day money-back guarantee most premium VPN’s offer. To watch every episode from episode 1 Disenchantment season 2 for free streaming on any Netflix catalog content you want.


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