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How to Watch Derry Girls Online

Derry Girls is a hilarious look at life in the 90s in Northern Ireland. It was produced by Hat trick Productions and brought to the small screen by writer Lisa McGee.

Season 2 of The Derry Girls has just closed, so to go back over past episodes is what lovers of the show are looking to do.

This quick guide shows how you can watch every episode of the Derry girls online.

Before taking a quick look at how you do this, we will have a recap of what makes this award winning show such a hit.

What is Derry Girls?

Creator Lisa McGee has delivered a show that has taken a grim subject of the troubles in the North of Ireland, and trashed any stereotype there may have been.

The second series has been and gone and showed no signs of being a troubled second series.

Critical acclaim has come from all angles, as you can see from the reviews in the Radio Times, or the Week in TV column in the Guardian.

The TV series is hilarious and follows the exploits of a group of girls.

Erin played by Saoirse Monica Jackson, along with her close cousin Orla who is brought to life by Louisa Harland.

There are other friends in tow, with the character played by Jamie-Lee O’Donnell, Michelle, and Clare whose funny character Nicola Coughlan makes up the four female friends. One male sidekick tags along in the form of James who is played by Dylan Llewellyn.

Season 2 Derry Girls kicks off with Erin (Monica Jackson) and the rest of the crew heading off for an outdoor pursuits weekend.

All this is a part of the Ireland peace process but things don’t go as planned once Michelle finds there are to be Protestant lads in the same camp.

Over the 6 episodes of the girls exploits, things escalate and school life is very far from normal.

When the girls are forbid to see Take That in Belfast, they make their own plans. This is nothing compared to the 50s style prom where Jenny Joyce takes control, and her and the girls receive an unwelcome shower.

In the final episode of Season 2, fever pitch hits Derry, as everyone is excited about the Bill Clinton visit. The President of the USA visiting such a small place. What could go wrong?

Season 3 Derry Girls has more up its sleeve, and until then, viewers are keen how to watch Derry Girls online.

Where to Watch Derry Girls Online?

After the success of season one. You could stream Derry Girls on US Netflix; however, this has since been removed.

Luckily, the solution is far easier, and much cheaper than heading off to the streaming giant.

There is one place where to watch Derry Girls online, and this is directly from the source. It is the home of this great series, and they have every episode from both seasons.

Channel 4 is famous for some of the great TV shows and Film 4 movies they churn out. Not unlike other free to air channels, they have their VOD service that anyone in the UK can access.

It used to be known as 4oD, but with a rebrand and overhaul, it is now under the moniker of All 4. Under this streaming umbrella, you can find content from Channel 4, More 4, E4, Film 4 and 4 Music.

The service has plenty of groundbreaking shows, and the Derry-Girls sits right at the top of the pile.

The great thing with All 4, is that it is straightforward to sign up for and watch using a VPN from any country in the world.

How to Watch Channel 4 in the U.S

There are many lovers of the show who reside in America, and knowing how to watch channel 4 in the US is often asked.

This is very easy, and the following instructions will tell you all you need to know.

Device compatibility: The All 4 app is compatible with almost every device you can think of. This includes Android, iOS, iPad, Windows and Mac, Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV and Amazon FireStick. Game consoles and Roku are also supported.

Ad supported channel: The All 4 streaming service delivers high quality; however, because it is an ad-funded channel, you have to suffer the advertisements.

You may think that an ad-blocker can prevent this, but the service won’t run with an ad-blocker enabled. You also need the latest version of the Flash player for streaming content.

Episode catchup: For new shows, there is a 30-day catchup feature where they are on the service, this gives you long enough to watch what you have missed.

Aside from this, you can download shows that gives you 7-days where you can watch them off-line before they vanish from your device.

Creating a Channel 4 Account and a VPN

  1. Head to
  2. Enter your email address and confirm your email address
  3. Enter a password and click on Next
  4. Fill in the details on the following page: Name, DOB, gender, and a UK postcode. (Search on the internet for a UK hotel). If it asks for an address, just select one from the list.

That is all there is to sign up apart from confirming your email in the confirmation mail you will be sent.

The next step is to find a good VPN to access All 4 and start your Derry Girls stream.
A reliable VPN will bypass the geo-restrictions that are in place, and you can then access any of the great TV shows.

For streaming, there is no better VPN than ExpressVPN. It delivers the fastest download speeds so there is no buffering, and it uses the highest bank-grade encryption.

This offers lots more benefits than merely accessing overseas streaming services. All your online activities remain private, and even your ISP won’t see what you are doing.

This is a good thing, and not just because of data retention, but also connection throttling.

They can’t see you are streaming, so your connection will stay at the fastest possible speed. When you sign up to this anonymous VPN, you get a 30-day money back guarantee.

This allows you to test all the features thoroughly before it costs you a penny. Much like a free trial, only better. Once you do this, you can sit back and watch


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