Provide Business Partners Efficient Access to Resources

Good partner relationships are the basis for business success. This is why success-oriented enterprises cultivate profitable partnerships with suppliers, distributors and partners. Connecting business partners to relevant enterprise processes and data creates trust, shortens information paths, secures the exchange of information and provides for a mutually profitable relationship. Of course, every company has data that simply cannot be released. So it is of utmost importance that partners may only access those resources they are authorized to. To ensure security and, at the same time, convenient operability in such situations, enterprises from all industries count on secure remote access software from HOB. These solutions provide a comprehensive package for the integration of business partners into enterprise processes at the application level with a software-based SSL VPN appliance (HOB RD VPN).

HOB Provides the Right Access

HOB’s remote access solutions are independent of place and platform and thus best suited for use across corporate borders. Administrative overhead is particularly low, as the software solutions enable access to centrally stored data from any operating system, without having to install anything on the client device. When the HOB-developed Java RDP client is used, a complicated establishment of a VPN tunnel is also obviated. Thanks to the sophisticated roles- and rights-design, it is easy to define who is to get access to what data. Absolute security and confidentiality are thus ensured. Individually configurable authentication options and SSL-encrypted data transmission also make for a secure and convenient data partnership.

Advantages for your Enterprise


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