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How To Remove Your Data From Intelius: A Step-By-Step Guide

Finding a detailed profile about yourself on Intelius can be alarming. This digital dossier, including your address, phone number, and even criminal records, reflects the vast trove of data compiled about you.

As an experienced privacy professional, I know this data – sourced from public records, social media, and other brokers – is sold freely. But you can fight back.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through reclaiming your privacy from Intelius and discuss smarter data protection.

Here‘s what we‘ll cover:

Let‘s start with the step-by-step process to remove your data from Intelius.

How to remove your data from Intelius

Removing yourself from Intelius gives you control over your personal data. Follow these steps to submit an opt-out request:

Step 1: Locate your profile

First, visit and search for your profile using your name and location details. Be sure to identify the correct record among any similarities.

According to Intelius, their database contains over 20 billion public records on hundreds of millions of Americans sourced from public sources and partnerships. With so many profiles, properly identifying yourself is crucial.

Step 2: Access the opt-out page

Scroll to the Intelius homepage footer and click "Do not sell or share my personal information." This leads to the opt-out portal run by PeopleConnect.

Intelius emphasizes that this opt-out does not delete your records, but prevents your data from being shared or sold by their partners.

Step 3: Open user data tools

On the PeopleConnect site, click "View public data tools" then "Manage my suppression rules" to access the opt-out form.

PeopleConnect operates the data suppression options for Intelius, Whitepages, and related services. Centralizing the process through them allows you to opt-out from multiple brokers simultaneously.

Step 4: Enter your email

Submit the email address associated with your name and agree to the terms and conditions. Then click "Continue."

Ensure the email is active, as you‘ll need to confirm via your inbox shortly. Check your spam folder too.

Step 5: Verify your email

Check your email for a verification message from Intelius and click "Verify email." This redirects you back to the opt-out page.

I recommend adding and to your contacts to prevent the emails from being marked as spam.

Step 6: Provide your birth date

On the suppression page, enter your birth date, agree to the terms, and click "Continue."

Providing your birth date helps identify you, though I understand sharing this sensitive information is concerning. Unfortunately, it‘s required to remove your records.

Step 7: Input your full name

Supply your first, middle, and last names. Double check that you‘ve entered your complete legal name before proceeding.

Using your precise legal name results in the most accurate match against your records in their people search database.

Step 8: Select your record

From the list of records that appears, choose the one belonging to you and click "Continue."

If multiple records are found under your name, you‘ll need to repeat the opt-out process separately for each entry.

Step 9: Verify your identity

Pick an email or phone number you control to get a verification code. Input the code once received to complete your request.

This identity check ensures someone else isn‘t trying to remove your records without your permission.

And that covers the full manual process to opt-out of Intelius! However, this removal is limited to their site – your data likely exists on hundreds of other people search platforms and data brokers.

While Intelius provides an option to opt-out, most data brokers don‘t even offer that. Realistically, managing your privacy requires regular removals across multiple sites.

That‘s where data removal services come in handy! But first, let‘s discuss why you should care about removing your info in the first place…

Should you remove your data?

Wondering whether removing your data from Intelius is worth the effort? Consider these risks of inaction:

Privacy invasion

Intelius compiles your personal details – like phone numbers, addresses, even criminal records – without your consent. Anyone can access this sensitive information with just a quick search.

And with over 20 billion public records, Intelius has amassed extensive data on millions of Americans. Their sheer scale highlights why taking control of your information is crucial.

Fraud and theft risks

Your data enables identity theft and account fraud. The more data points bad actors have – like your SSN, date of birth, addresses – the easier it is to steal your identity.

According to the FTC, identity theft leads to $1.9 billion in losses annually. And identity theft protection firm LifeLock found that 1 in 3 consumers suffered identity theft in 2022. Removing your data helps minimize the threat.

Unwanted contacts

By having your phone number, address, and email on Intelius, you risk unwanted communication from telemarketers, scammers, or even harassment.

For instance, stalking victim Erin Andrews sued Intelius for providing a stalker her hotel room information without consent. Protect yourself by opting-out.

Career impacts

Imagine a potential employer finds incorrect, unflattering, or outdated records about you on Intelius or related sites. Even if the information isn‘t accurate, it could still jeopardize your career opportunities and reputation.

Plus, some industries like financial services require background checks. Erroneous details in your profile could hamper your job candidacy during the screening process.

Digital footprint control

Everything about you online contributes to your digital footprint. Removing yourself from Intelius limits your exposure while allowing you to cultivate your public image.

According to Pew Research, 79% of Americans feel they have no control over their data. Opting out helps regain control.

Legal concerns

Depending on where you live, having your information on Intelius could violate laws around handling personal data, credit reporting, public records, and defamation.

For example, the unauthorized sharing of public record details may breach certain state laws. Protect yourself by removing your data.

With your privacy, finances, career, reputation, and legal standing at risk, removing your Intelius profile is clearly crucial. And while Intelius is just one player, hundreds of similar companies traffic in your data.

Blocking them requires constant vigilance – but data removal services make protection far easier.

Using data removal services

Manually dealing with Intelius alone is tedious enough…now imagine repeating the process on countless other sketchy data sites.

Data removal services like Incogni, DeleteMe, and HelloPrivacy lighten the burden by handling opt-outs across multiple platforms for you.

How they help

These subscription services offer an all-in-one solution for online privacy:

  • Submit opt-out requests on your behalf: No more digging through websites and forms – they handle submissions to Intelius, Spokeo, MyLife, and more.

  • Continuous monitoring: Most re-remove your data as needed, rather than just a one-off scrub.

  • Marketing list removal: Some services help you reduce junk mail and sales calls.

  • Dark web scans: Check for compromised credentials being sold on shadowy forums.

  • Privacy reports: See their latest opt-outs and where your info was found.

Essentially, they function like a personal assistant for data removal – regularly sweeping the web to purge your details.

Top-rated services

Service Price Opt-outs Marketing Lists Reports More Info
Incogni $6.49-$12.99/mo Visit Incogni
DeleteMe $8.71-$27.42/mo Visit DeleteMe
HelloPrivacy $11.99/mo or $99/yr Visit HelloPrivacy

With a service handling opt-outs across various sites, you spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your privacy.

Next, let‘s recap some frequently asked questions about removing your Intelius profile.

Intelius opt-out FAQs

Below are answers to common questions around opting out of Intelius:

Can I delete my Intelius profile completely?

Unfortunately, no. Intelius only allows suppressing your records from being shared or sold – but they still keep your data internally. For true deletion, you‘d need to contact the original public record sources.

Does Intelius removal affect other sites?

The Intelius opt-out is limited to their database. Your information likely appears on countless other data broker sites which would need separate removal requests.

Can I opt-out on behalf of someone else?

You can submit requests for minor children. But for adults, Intelius requires personal confirmation via email and phone verification.

How long does Intelius removal take?

According to Intelius, it takes up to 72 hours to process data suppression requests. However, it‘s wise to give it a full week before checking if your profile still appears in search results.

Will a removal request impact my background check?

No. Intelius states that your public records will still show up on background checks. Suppression only stops your data from being shared or sold commercially by their partners.

Can I remove records without my consent?

You can request removal of any records that you believe were shared illegally or without proper authorization. However, Intelius will still maintain records sourced from public data sources as it‘s legal to share that information.

How do I prevent reappearing on Intelius?

Unfortunately, there‘s no guarantee of staying off Intelius forever. As new public records appear, they may collect and add them to your profile. Running periodic removal requests helps catch any new data before it spreads.

Key takeaways

Removing your personal information from Intelius provides immense privacy benefits:

  • Regain control over your sensitive data like phone numbers and addresses
  • Reduce risks of fraud, identity theft, and career impacts
  • Avoid unwanted contacts from telemarketers and scammers
  • Manage your digital footprint and online reputation

While opting out of Intelius is worthwhile, your data likely resides on hundreds of other shady people search sites and data brokers.

That‘s where data removal services come in handy! For around $10-$30 per month, they‘ll handle ongoing opt-out requests across multiple platforms on your behalf.

So don‘t wait – start reclaiming your privacy today. Your future self will thank you.

I hope this guide gives you clarity and confidence to remove yourself from Intelius. Remember, protecting your data is an ongoing process – but small steps lead to big results.

Here‘s to your health, wealth, and personal data! Let me know if you have any other questions.


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