HOBLink Secure for Apache

Security for Apache HTTP Server

Cryptography through SSL and TLS for Apache HTTP Server in many cases is implemented through Open Source SSL modules. But Open Source software quite often fails to meet the highest security requirements. This is why HOB now provides HOBLink Secure for Apache, which uses the proprietary module mod_hob_ssl that does conform to the highest security requirements. The new feature by HOB allows users to apply the full potential of HOB-SSL on Apache servers. The HOB software solution HOB RD VPN blue edition has been certified by the German Federal Office for IT Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik BSI) in acc. w. the Common Criteria EAL4+.

The module mod_hob_ssl replaces on Apache HTTP servers the usually deployed mod_ssl, and is based on the same certified, HOB-proprietary SSL implementation.

HOBLink Secure for Apache consists of the following components:

  • HOBLink Secure software module mod_hob_ssl – The SSL and encryption module for the server side
  • HOBLink Security Manager – For configuration and certificate management

HOB-SSL - The Alternative to OpenSSL

Your Benefits

Secure communications and authentication in TCP/IP networks
Protects Web pages via the implementation of HTTPS with HOB-SSL on the Apache HTTP server
Servers with hob_mod_ssl are not affected by attacks on the conventional Open Source module mod_ssl
Your own custom Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enables the identification of external participants for the protection of your enterprise data

Technical Highlights

Highest security through the provision of certificate queries, granting from official certificate authorities and re-import into the database
The random number generator, developed by HOB, with a randomness (entropy) of at least 50 bits
Enables the creation of a custom PKI with CA certificates, the importation of root certificates and the creation of your own certificates
Supports certificates in acc. w. the X.509 standard thanks to the integrated software component HOBLink Security Manager



LB 21.08.17