HOB RD VPN Web File Access

Secure Access to Enterprise-Internal File Servers over the Internet

HOB Web File Access  is part of the comprehensive security solution HOB RD VPN (HOB Remote Desktop Virtual Private Network).With HOB Web File Access an authorized user (must authenticate before access is granted) can go over the Internet to remotely access files with an SSL-encrypted, browser-based connection. The files can be stored on a server the enterprise network. HOB Web File Access is a plug-in and can be deactivated when it is not needed. This solution is based on a Web server that uses the SMB protocol to access the corresponding file server. To execute Web File Access the user starts his/her browser and connects to HOB RD VPN in the corporate center.

There the user has to authenticate him- or herself and then lands at the HOB RD VPN start page. On this page there is a hyperlink which, when clicked, will start Web File Access. Depending on the authentication method selected, the user will have to authenticate again with the domain name, user name and password. The user then has access to Web File Access's browser-based graphical user interface. This has, in Explorer style, two columns: The left-hand column contains a tree structure with servers and directories. In the right-hand column the files and sub-directories contained in the selected left-hand column item are displayed

Product Overview

By using either the on-screen buttons or right mouse button the user can execute the following operations:

  • Create new files
  • Upload files
  • Rename files
  • Download files
  • Download several files/directories as Zip archives
  • Delete files/directories

To use HOB Web File Access, no Web File Access component has to be installed on the client system, nor does the user need to have administrator rights.

User Authentication

HOB Web File Access has a two-level user authentication process. First, the user authenticates on HOB RD VPN. depending on the installation/configuration, this is done in one of the following ways:

  • User ID and password
  • Token with one-time password, e.g., RSA SecurID, Secure Computing Premier Access or Vasco DigiPass
  • Client side certificate for authentication via SSL (e.g. stored on a SmartCard)

The logon to HOB RD VPN is carried out over a browser with an SSL / HTTPS connection. Thus the authentication process itself is encrypted and secure.

The second authentication is performed in the enterprise network. Here, the user logs on to a specified domain. Access rights are set for the domain user on the corresponding server.

User Settings in HOB RD VPN

The configuration for Web File Access is made in the user administration component of HOB RD VPN. The administrator creates a configuration for Web File Access and this is assigned to a user, user group or to the entire company.

The administrator can determine how the user logon is carried out:

  • By entering the domain, user name and password
  • Re-using the HOB RD VPN logon data
  • Storing logon data in the configuration

Additionally, the administrator can determine the servers to be available for this access, i.e., which servers will be listed in the HOB Web File Access tree structure.

All settings can be "inherited"  from a higher level element, e.g., all users in a user group can inherit their settings from the group. Thus, the administrator need not configure all the user settings individually.


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