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How to Install and Use Playon

If you want to watch TV the cable-cutting way, PlayOn TV can prove to be handy. It’s a media playing software that runs on your PC, but you can use it to stream content from various streaming websites like Netflix and Hulu. PlayOn also offers many live and on-demand TV channels like HBO, Fox and ABC.

But it also offers alternatives when a service is not available to you. In this article, we will introduce you to PlayOn and explore the PlayOn download options available

What is PlayOn?

The PlayOn software, available as PlayOn Desktop turns your PC into a media server. You can use the PlayOn app on a compatible device to stream the photos, videos and audios stored in the PC.

Apart from that, PlayOn also supports streaming videos from different content providers around the world.

So, you can watch your Netflix favourites at one moment and switch to an Amazon Prime video at the next second.

You also can watch TV channels online. PlayOn brings you about 100 different TV streaming websites in one place. There is HBO Go, HBO Now, CBS, Comedy Central and Food Network among others.

If you can’t find a service, there are additional PlayOn plugins available for you to install. They bring you more TV streaming providers on your screen. Being said that, let’s see how PlayOn works.

How does PlayOn work?

PlayOn at its core is a web browser providing shortcuts to many streaming services at one place. You don’t need to download separate apps to access Netflix, Hulu, HBO or CBS.

And when you are able to watch the content on PlayOn Desktop, you can share it with a compatible device.

Some of the supported PlayOn devices are iOS and Android devices, and also gaming consoles. So, while you can watch shows on the go, you can also get your favourite stream on TV by connecting your PlayStation or Xbox. And PlayOn is also available for the popular media streaming devices such as Roku, Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV.

Thus, even if your streaming device doesn’t support a specific service, you can download PlayOn app and connect it to PlayOn desktop and enjoy the streaming.

Apart from the available services, you can use the PlayOn browser extension to stream any video from your web browser to compatible PlayOn devices.

So, if you use Roku TV box, you can install the PlayOn Roku app to watch channels and services which were earlier not available.

And not only this, but there also is a PlayOn Kodi addon to watch PlayOn on Kodi devices. With Kodi PlayOn, you have got a whole lot of supported streaming devices for PlayOn.

Is PlayOn free?

While you can use PlayOn Desktop for free, you will have to pay the subscription charges for the streaming services.

And then you can stream movies and TV shows as much as you want. You can watch it on PlayOn PC software and also on the connected devices.

However, if you want to record and save online streaming content, you have to pay a fee and upgrade PlayOn Desktop software. You can then download as many movies, episodes or complete TV series to watch offline without any limitations.

There are no download limitations, and every video will be available on your hard disk. You can also send it to a mobile device to watch it while travelling.

The benefit of using PlayOn is that you will have the content offline even if the streaming channel removed it from their catalogue.

The upgrade is available at $1.99/month for an annual subscription or pay $69.99 for lifetime access. While there is no PlayOn free trial available, they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

And if you are stuck, the PlayOn troubleshooting team is available seven days a week. However, you may need to use a VPN to get some of the streaming channels.

How to use VPN with PlayOn?

Most of the content providers have license restrictions. Thus, if you try to watch a British streaming channel like CBC, you will need to get past the geo-restriction.

The UK TV channels are available only in the UK. But after you download VPN software and connect to one of its servers in the UK, you can watch UK channels unrestricted.

A VPN fakes the IP address provided by the ISP and gives you a virtual address of the country where the server is located.
Therefore, with a VPN service provider, say, ExpressVPN you can unlock streaming of any region. A VPN also encrypts your connection and hides any online activity while it’s active.

You can check our ExpressVPN review to know more about its features and the installation process. Ahh, one more thing! You can also use

ExpressVPN USA servers to watch US shows while you are enjoying abroad.


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