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Next Generation Search Utilities 2024

Next Generation Search Utilities

It is estimated that there are over 1 billion unique websites online today. If a person were to spend just 2 minutes on every one of these, it would take them over four thousand years – all of recorded history – in order to visit them all.

Naturally even if somebody could somehow do this, there’s no reason why they’d want to – but it does help illustrate the sheer scale of the internet today, and how finding the content you’re looking makes searching for a needle in a haystack seem like a straightforward proposition.

Fortunately though, we have developed tools to help us filter through this vast quantity of information. The most prominent examples of these are the so-called search engines – websites designed to take our search requests and compare them with their database cache of internet sites in order to furnish users with a list of matching results.

This method has served internet users well for over 30 years to date, but their efficacy – once considered a given – has been running up against new challenges today. That’s due to the large-scale use of SEO – Search Engine Optimization – tools used by websites to climb rankings on websites like Google.

Suffice to say, standard web search is not nearly as reliable, accurate or efficient as it once was. That’s not to say it doesn’t have its place though, but one can reasonably declare that it’s due some next generation upgrades.

Fortunately many of these new modalities are already here, people just aren’t aware of them. Next time you’re having trouble finding what you want when Googling, consider trying these methods out below.

Go Specialist

Go Specialist

The internet is only getting bigger and more decentralized – in light of this, it’s often a useful move to seek out comparison platforms and search directories dedicated to specific sectors. This is like heading to the appropriate section of a library before beginning your book search.

Certain sectors, like the iGaming and online casino market, have already developed mature affiliate based directories such as which can be used by casino aficionados to quickly and easily find gaming platforms that meet their needs. On such sites prospective patrons can make use of a huge directory of competitive welcome offers and sign-up bonuses for a range of gaming providers, all in one place.

This is similarly born out in the insurance and securities market, with many large scale industry comparison platforms like offering leading market rates on home, health and automotive insurance. Not only do such platforms serve as money-saving opportunities for consumers, but they outcompete the likes of major search engines when it comes to insider industry knowledge and recommendations.

Leverage AI for Contextual Search

Leverage AI for Contextual Search

By now, everyone has at least heard of the new AI tools doing the rounds like ChatGPT. These services – known as LLMs (Large Language Models) are highly sophisticated machine learning tools trained on the internet’s data.

Due to the fact that they have developed their abilities based on observing real human text and interactions, they are incredibly effective at inferring meaning and context from what a person asks of them in a prompt.

This is very different from a regular search engine that simply compares keywords against search results. With an AI search, you may not even know what it is you’re looking for, but by describing and otherwise indicating what you’re hoping to find, AI tools can often figure out what to search for in order to return the results you need.

What is particularly exciting about this is that you don’t even need to use the premium version of ChatGPT to reap the benefits of this. That’s because Microsoft’s Bing search engine has already integrated the latest model, ChatGPT 4, into its design.

By heading to you can be up and searching with the full power of AI to back you up. This not only saves time, but a massive amount of effort, as the model is focused on translating your requests into something intelligible to the computer itself. That means you don’t need to know any ‘Google-Fu’ in order to be connected with the results you need, right now.


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