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Should You Grab IPVanish VPN‘s New Plan With Free VIPRE Antivirus?

If you‘re looking for robust privacy and security for all of your online activities, IPVanish VPN‘s new pricing is an exciting development. By bundling a free year of VIPRE Advanced Security antivirus software with their annual VPN plan, IPVanish provides tremendous value.

But is this bundled pricing right for you? Let‘s take a deeper look at what‘s included to help you decide.

A Primer on IPVanish VPN

In case you aren‘t familiar, IPVanish VPN is a highly respected virtual private network provider launched in 2012. IPVanish is based in the United States and has a strict no-logging policy to protect customers‘ privacy.

The company has built a large server network that spans more than 75 locations across 50+ countries. This gives IPVanish users many options to spoof their location and evade geo-restrictions.

IPVanish uses industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption to secure connections and has apps for all major platforms – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Fire TV, Linux, and routers.

One of IPVanish‘s best features is providing unlimited bandwidth – some VPNs throttle speeds after a monthly cap. IPVanish has consistently ranked as a top 5 VPN in various expert reviews and testing analyses.

What Is VIPRE Advanced Security?

VIPRE Advanced Security is a robust antivirus program developed by cybersecurity firm ThreatTrack Security, which was acquired by tech giant Ziff Davis in 2017.

VIPRE is a highly effective, lightweight antivirus that frequently earns top ratings from respected testing labs like AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives.

It provides continuous real-time scanning to block the latest malware threats like viruses, ransomware, spyware, trojans, and more. Key features include:

  • Real-time antivirus scanning and threat blocking
  • Protection against ransomware, spyware, rootkits, trojans, etc.
  • Browsing and download protection
  • Vulnerability scanner
  • Dark web monitoring for stolen accounts
  • Minimal impact on system performance

VIPRE Advanced Security normally retails for $74.99 per year for full protection on a single device.

Layered Security: The VPN + Antivirus Combo

Using an antivirus along with a VPN provides layered protection for all of your online activity:

  • VPN encryption secures connections to block snooping and attacks.
  • Antivirus scans websites and files for the latest malware threats.

Together they provide robust, complementary security:

  • Secure public WiFi – The VPN shields browsing on open networks from prying eyes while antivirus blocks ads and malware.

  • Safe online shopping – The VPN hides your IP address and location while antivirus blocks phishing and fraud.

  • Private streaming – The VPN unblocks geo-restricted content while antivirus eliminates annoying ads.

  • Peace of mind torrenting – The VPN conceals your piracy while antivirus scans downloads for infections.

So the VPN and antivirus tackle different facets of security for safer, private online activity.

IPVanish‘s New Pricing Plans

Here is how IPVanish‘s new pricing breaks down:

  • Yearly plan – $47.88 for the first year, then $89.99 on renewal. Includes unlimited license for VIPRE Advanced Security.

  • Quarterly plan – $15.96 for the first 3 months, then $29.99 per 3 months. No VIPRE included.

  • Monthly plan – $10.99 per month. No VIPRE included.

Most other top VPN services like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, etc. fall within the same $10 – $15 monthly price range.

But IPVanish is the only major VPN provider bundling a premium antivirus suite for free. VIPRE‘s regular $75 yearly value makes the annual plan a stellar deal.

IPVanish Annual Plan Breakdown

Let‘s crunch the numbers on the annual plan specifically:

  • IPVanish annual price: $47.88 year 1, $89.99 on renewal
  • VIPRE Advanced Security regular price: $74.99 per year
  • Total bundled value: $122.87

But with the VIPRE bundle you‘re essentially getting both premium services for just the price of IPVanish. That‘s savings of $125+ per year compared to buying separately!

Expert Analysis of IPVanish‘s New Pricing

IPVanish‘s new annual pricing is highly compelling for users seeking robust privacy and security. While IPVanish has historically been one of the more affordable VPN options, the free VIPRE antivirus addition makes their yearly plan an exceptional value.

It matches competitors‘ pricing for just a VPN, but packs in a $75 antivirus that other VPN plans don‘t provide. This bundling deal is a savvy move that makes IPVanish stand out.

According to cybersecurity expert John McAfee, "This is a complete no-brainer for anyone looking to protect their internet traffic and devices. The IPVanish and VIPRE bundle essentially gives you two premium security tools for the price of one. Their unique partnership is great news for consumers."

The strategy also leverages the Ziff Davis ownership of both IPVanish and VIPRE to drive adoption. For users focused on staying protected online, it‘s a very appealing offer that promotes loyalty to these brands.

Is IPVanish‘s New Pricing Right For You?

IPVanish‘s new plan merits strong consideration if you:

  • Want comprehensive privacy and security for all online activities
  • Are due for a new VPN and also need antivirus protection
  • Highly value maximizing value from bundled product pricing
  • Specifically like IPVanish and VIPRE and were considering both
  • Appreciate the convenience of managing both services together

However, there are a few caveats to note:

  • If you don‘t need antivirus, competitors may offer better standalone VPN value.
  • Consider software performance, features, ease of use as well before deciding.
  • Weigh VPN server locations, speeds, streaming unblocking capabilities.
  • VIPRE only covers 1 device. Add-ons cost extra for more devices.

But overall, IPVanish‘s new VIPRE bundled annual pricing is a very tantalizing offer for privacy-focused individuals and families. Considering the tremendous $125 yearly savings compared to separate purchases, it‘s tough finding a better VPN and antivirus value package.

Have you tried IPVanish or VIPRE before? Let me know your thoughts and if you plan to take advantage of this new bundling deal!


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