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How to Stream Every MLB Playoff Game in 2023 Without Cable

Baseball fans, rejoice! The 2023 MLB playoffs are here with wild card action starting on October 7. You can catch all the games across Fox, FS1, TBS, ESPN and more. But how do you stream every heart-pounding playoff moment without an expensive cable subscription?

This detailed guide has you covered with the best streaming devices, services and hacks. Follow our tips to enjoy nonstop baseball this October.

Overview of MLB Playoffs

Before we dig into streaming specifics, let‘s recap the MLB postseason structure:

  • 12 teams qualify for expanded playoffs starting with Wild Card series
  • Top two division winners in each league get byes to Division Series
  • World Series begins October 28 and can run until November 5
  • Games will air on Fox, FS1, TBS, ESPN, MLB Network

Here‘s the bracket for the 2023 MLB Playoffs:


With games spread across a mix of national and local channels, streaming provides the flexibility to catch every pitch without cable.

Streaming Devices for MLB Playoffs

Popular streaming devices like Fire TV, Roku and Apple TV grant easy access to MLB playoff games online. Here‘s how to watch with each:

Fire TV Stick

The Fire TV Stick plugs into your TV‘s HDMI port to stream over Wi-Fi. Follow these steps:

  1. Plug Firestick into TV and connect to Wi-Fi
  2. Login with Amazon account
  3. Get streaming service apps like fuboTV from the store
  4. Download sports apps not on the store for more coverage
  5. Open app or channel and enjoy the games!

Firestick supports a wide array of streaming apps. Unlock even more with Downloader and third-party app stores.


Roku provides a simple way to stream MLB playoffs without cable:

  1. Insert Roku stick into TV‘s HDMI port
  2. Create Roku account if you don‘t have one
  3. Download streaming apps from the Roku Channel Store
  4. Consider paid services like fuboTV for national playoff games
  5. Check third-party Private Channels for more sports apps
  6. Launch the desired app or channel to watch matchups

Roku sticks offer a more mainstream selection of apps than Firestick.

Apple TV

The Apple TV box plugs into your TV to stream over Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Here are the steps:

  1. Connect Apple TV HDMI and power cables
  2. Follow onscreen instructions to set up with your Apple ID
  3. Download streaming service apps from the App Store
  4. Use the MLB app for live scores, highlights and analysis
  5. AirPlay from iPhone to Apple TV to mirror MLB.TV

Apple TV provides seamless streaming if you‘re invested in the Apple ecosystem.

Live TV Streaming Services

Live TV streaming services like fuboTV and DIRECTV STREAM provide many cable channels that carry MLB playoff games without the high cost.


fuboTV offers 100+ channels including Fox, FS1, TBS and MLB Network for postseason coverage. Regional sports networks may also be available in your market.

Plans start at $69.99/month after a 7-day free trial. Supported devices include all major platforms.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV provides ABC, ESPN, TBS and FS1 for playoff matchups. It offers 85+ channels for $64.99/month after a free trial.

YouTube TV works on most streaming devices and supports up to 6 accounts.


For the most comprehensive coverage, DIRECTV STREAM Choice provides 160+ channels like ESPN, Fox, FS1, TBS and MLB Network for $89.99/month.

Supported devices include Firestick, Apple TV, Android, Roku and more. Take the 5-day free trial.

Sling TV

With ESPN, FS1 and TBS, Sling Blue plan provides some playoff coverage for $40/month. Add Sports Extra for MLB Network.

Sling works on most major platforms except PS4/PS5. It‘s a flexible option to supplement other services.

Regional Sports Networks (RSNs)

Local RSNs like Fox Sports and NBC Sports carry MLB games in-market. Having your RSN is key for local playoff coverage without cable.

  • Fox Sports RSNs – Available on fuboTV and DIRECTV STREAM where offered
  • NBC Sports RSNs – Many carried by fuboTV and YouTube TV

Ensure your streaming service offers your local RSN to receive in-market MLB playoff games.


MLB‘s own streaming service, MLB.TV, grants access to out-of-market games. However, local playoff games will be blacked out.

MLB.TV costs $24.99/month or $129.99 annually. Supported devices include all major platforms.

Use MLB.TV to catch playoff games not available in your region. Verify it carries the desired matchup before subscribing.

VPN for Streaming MLB Playoffs

A VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN can help bypass MLB playoff streaming restrictions:

  • Unblock regional or YouTube TV blackouts
  • Change location to access other regional coverage
  • Enhanced security when using free streaming sites

Connect to a server in an allowed area to virtually relocate. Test different server locations for the best coverage.

Free Streaming Sites and Apps

There are free streaming sites and apps that offer MLB playoff content without subscriptions. These carry legal risks and inconsistent quality.

  • Crackstreams – Reddit-like aggregator of MLB streams
  • Sportsurge – Provides multiple live game feeds
  • Streameast – Free sport streams across various sports
  • MLB66 – MLB focused site with playoff streams

Use free streaming as a last resort with caution. Official sources like MLB.TV provide better quality and security.

MLB Playoff Betting Odds and Promotions

In addition to streaming the games, many leading online sportsbooks provide updated MLB playoff odds and betting lines. Some offer playoff bonuses:

  • FanDuel – Odds boosts, parlay insurance and home run bonuses
  • DraftKings – Enhanced odds boosts and profit boost tokens
  • Caesars – Large deposit matches and free bets for baseball

Check sportsbook terms and bet responsibly. Line shop for the best odds.

Troubleshooting Guide

Despite best efforts, streaming issues can pop up. Try these troubleshooting tips:


  • Lower stream quality in app settings
  • Restart streaming device
  • Use wired internet connection instead of WiFi

Sync Issues:

  • Adjust AV sync controls in app or device settings
  • Restart stream to resync audio/video

Channel Not Available:

  • Double check streaming plan includes channel
  • Use HD antenna if local channel is blacked out

Regional Blackouts:

  • Connect VPN to bypass blackout restrictions
  • Try different server locations for coverage

Poor Image Quality:

  • Boost resolution in app settings based on internet speed
  • Upgrade internet plan if speeds are consistently low

For persistent problems, contact your streaming provider‘s customer support.


What channels will show the MLB playoffs?

Fox, FS1, TBS, ESPN, ESPN2, MLB Network, and local RSNs.

What‘s the cheapest option?

Sling TV Blue at $40/month or free streaming sites with caveats.

Does MLB.TV include playoff games?

No. Local playoff games are blacked out due to broadcasting rights.

Can I stream my regional Fox Sports channel?

Yes, with fuboTV, DIRECTV STREAM or YouTube TV depending on your location.

What‘s the best MLB playoff streaming device?

Fire TV and Apple TV offer the most flexible app options. Roku is better for mainstream apps.

Play Ball! Stream the MLB Playoffs Online

This October, you can stream every pitch of the MLB playoffs without cable using this guide.

For the best national coverage, fuboTV or DIRECTV STREAM paired with MLB.TV for out-of-market games provide the perfect one-two streaming punch. Unblock regional blackouts with a VPN.

Enjoy the fall classic on your big screen with a streaming device like Firestick or Apple TV. With the tips above, you‘ll never miss an inning of heart-pounding playoff baseball action!


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