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How to Use Proxies to Improve Your Business?

How to Use Proxies in Business

Are you looking for reliable proxies to use in your Business or want to learn how businesses are utilizing proxies in their operation? In this article, we will reveal everything you want to know.

Online surfing is an activity that almost everyone does. However, businesses have made this their regular task on multiple websites. When you visit a website, your desktop sends a request to the targeted website using the IP address. But you need to note that a website can easily detect your IP addresses and trace your local location.

For businesses, operating with the exposed IP addresses negatively impacts the Business. There are many proxy providers online, but not all offer the same efficiency level. This is where we come in, as the newbies have difficulty selecting the right proxy providers on the market.

Our article will cover different fundamental areas of the business proxies, how to use them and what they mean. Hopefully, you are not getting confused with proxy and proxy server. It would be best if you got the difference. Since you have the basic knowledge this far, you might be asking yourself why to sue the proxies in a business. This leads us to our next section.

How to Use Proxies to Improve Your Business?

Use Proxies for in Business

Other than being beneficial for individual use cases, proxies are also relevant to the Business. Theyer when sued for business purposes. Here are some of the reasons you need to use proxies for Business:

Restricting Company Devices

Restricting company devices

If you are a manager in a business, you are getting worried as your employees are concerned over the time-wasting issues like visiting harmful sites. You need a proxy for such a case. Companies can easily block all the unsecured or irrelevant sites or networks with the proxy server.

This is a response o help employees avoid running into online malware and viruses while using the business computer. Hence, as an administrator, you can utilize proxies to restrict the access of a device while allowing desktop access to safe sites. Besides that, managers can also manage the time employees must use on the work computer to avoid wasting time on irrelevant sites.

Facilitating Remote Work

Facilitating remote work

A business operating using a remote team with employees from different parts of the world must also consider going for the relevant proxy plan. These proxies are very vital for many cases in a business.

For instance, a remote employee from one country might wish to handle an activity on a site unavailable in their home country or region. However, with the relevant proxy or proxy server loaded, such people, can gain access to sites regardless of their location and the target site.

Preventing Data Breach

Preventing data breach

Well, it is evident that a business stores some sensitive information on its servers. Therefore, such a business needs to get reliable proxies to secure their information and avoid fatal data breaches. When you get a proxy server, it comes with the phalanx of the securing strategy, which is important for businesses like insurance, banks, and marketing research companies.

Creating and Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

Creating and managing multiple social media accounts

Social media accounts are challenging. Gaining an online presence, especially if you are an online marketer, complex; one way is to have multiple social media accounts. Therefore, you need proxies to create as well as manage various social media accounts.

When you create numerous social media accounts, some sites detect and ban the accounts when you only use one local IP address. Get the proxy server and create as many social media accounts as possible without hassle. This is a good move where the Business has different branches dealing with different brands. Thus, creating and managing an account without being banned becomes simple.

Web Scraping

Web scraping

Another good use of proxies in a business setup is web scraping. This is effective since businesses need to perform numerous online research effectively through what we call web scraping. With web scraping, we refer to the automated method of collecting data from a target site with the help of a bot.

When you get a reliable data scraper tool,  then you can be guaranteed to collect detailed information in the shortest time possible and then present the findings in the form of CSV or excel format.

Though you must be warned that most sites are susceptible to massive data collection, the activity does not harm anyone. However, sites consider it malware which sites respond by banning the IP addresses related to the tool.

Your scraper thus needs alternate IP addresses to fix the issues. This is where the proxies come in to rescue. Some of the data collection meant to help the Business include SEO research, competitive pricing, sentiment analysis, and many more.

Balance Network Traffic

The next reason you proxies in a business is that proxies are relevant in balancing the network traffic, specifically in a workplace. Hence, it becomes easy to manage and prevent server crases which might come with the huge cost involved. It saves time, energy, and money.

The work of a proxy server here is to balance the website requests sent to the server to ensure the system is operating smoothly and not overloading. Hence employers, clients, and employees enjoy the seamless online browsing experience.

Improve SEO Strategy

Improve SEO strategy

One of the crucial things today in running a business is the SEO strategy. Business administrators are constantly struggling to find a unique way to stay ahead of their competitors. SEO proxies are very vital for this case when you want to carry out the data scraping.

You can collect massive data online with the proxy server without the target site detecting you. Businesses can also monitor their growth; hence, with proxies, Business remains anonymous to the competitors while coming up with counterstrategies.

Increase the Connection Speed

Increase the connection speed

Businesses enjoy improved network connection speed, saving the bandwidth required to load a site while servers are operating some other tasks in the background. With a proxy, a Withness can even compress the traffic as well as the cache files, which means you will never wait for a long time while loading a site.

Note that, in reality, proxies are the raw software that is an intensive choice but still cheap straight on things. For instance, the search engine API helps people offload their work though they are expensive. Still, data mining is the easiest option but still the costliest choice to make.

The Best Proxies for Your Business

To get the proxies for your Business, ensure you get the reliable proxy provider on the market. First, invest in paid services to test the proxies and gain trust in the company. When you get a trustworthy provider, you must be sure that at the end of the investment, there must be a return on the money you invested within a short time.

It is better than going for theft cases because of the possible encountering of viruses. Be provider makes sure that they encrypt the information hence keeping it safe, and users get assured of the top-notch security the company offers.

To help you make an informed decision, we have collected a few proxy providers who are influential in use on your Business.

1. Bright Data

Bright Data for SERP API

Bright data is the best overall when looking for business proxies online. What makes us a great option is the large IP pool, which accounts for over 72 million IPs covering all countries worldwide. Formerly, the company was known as the Luminati, but today, it offers multiple proxy types ranging from residential, mobile, and data center proxies.

Therefore, because of the apparent IP pool size and excellent location coverage, Birghht data has become the leading company for Business that mainly targets getting involved in web scraping and data analytics with many other aspects.

Like data collection. suchSuchivities need a generation of excess requests as well as massive traffic. With the location targeting feature, select the bright data and start from the ASN, which is an autonomous system number.

The other feature that makes Bright data a better option is support for multiple protocols, from the basic HTTP to the more secure HTTPS and socks5. You can still purchase the mobile proxies from the company, which is a better option as opposed to their residential. However, though the Bright data service is perfect for business cases, the proxies are expensive.

This is the only downside the company has but when you can manage it, then be sure that it will meet all your business needs. They offer a 7-day free trial before upgrading to the premium package. They also have static IP addresses on their platform. Customer support is on another level.

2. Smartproxy

Smartproxy Scraping APIs

The second best option when it comes to business cases is the Smartproxy. It offers dedicated business services where it comes as well with an extensive IP pool size to select from. They have residential and datacenter proxies from the details on their official website. However, this is not our concern today.

The thing here is the scraping API. When you visit their platform, you will realize that the company has introduced new features on scraping API. These include the SERP scraping API that offers a complete stack scraping solution on google and other sites, and the E-commerce scraping API, which is excellent for gathering information in structured e-commerce data with only a single request.

Then also, they have the web scraping API, which is capable of collecting data from the websites and has a 100% success rate. Then lastly is the no-code scrape,r which is a good choice for newbies without programming skills.

Otherwise, the company has over 40 million IPsa covering multiple countries worldwide. Though small, when you combine them with rotating IPS, you can easily evade the flagging issues. They never restrict users from accessing the IP address. You can access any location if you have an active subscription.

They also give you the option to customize the proxies to meet your business needs while scraping data online. Still, they also have the chrome extension for easy operation. We love this company’s affordable pricing plans: fast speed, 24/7 customer support, and no thread limits. However, they offer a caped bandwidth.


Soax for API Scraping

SOAX is also another company that guarantees speed testing, data collection, brand protection, ad verification, and website visibility. All of these are very vital for the operation of a business. That is not all; SOAX offers residential and mobile proxies that are efficient in business operations like price monitoring,  SEO monitoring, and market research.

The company has one of the cleanest as well as the regularly updated proxy pool, which is exclusively meant for a single person. You can select the IP address from over 8.5 million IPs worldwide.

Based on the above use cases, Soax remains one of the best business proxies on the market mainly because the company guarantees elite proxies, geotargeting all available locations, and the proxies are 100% whitelisted, and there is no limitation on usage. However, when it comes to the pricing, it is somehow expensive but worth it all due to the high service the company offers.

4. Rayobyte (formerly Blazing SEO)

Rayobyte for Scraping APIs

Rayobyte’s though the name might sound strange and new, is a rebranded BlazingSEO company on the market. It is also a good choice for business proxies. The company claims to offer the world’s most reliable proxies, which is true since it values the future of the data through proxies.

Their proxies guarantee security when you scrap data online free of ban and block. Their website offers residential, datacenter, ISP, and mobile proxies, which are excellent with different pricing plans.

But for all cases, they promise to provide high speed and 24/7 customer support, and when you want to carry the large scape website scraping for your Business, you need to go for the residential proxies. These proxies are optimized for web scraping, even on large projects. But with mobile proxies, they also offer web scraping but with high authority and success rate as well as seamless browsing.

One thing worth mentioning is that Rayobyte also has a scraping robot which makes the scraping process even easier. It is simple pricing with no monthly commitment. For the business package, they promise to offer you up to 500k scrapes where you can access all the scraping robot features. This is a one-stop shop for all business needs when it comes to web scraping.

5. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies Hmepage

Lastly, we have Storm Proxies which is well known for their residential backconnect rotating and private dedicated proxies. The company offers residential and specific use cases and dedicated proxies covering various social media platforms.

Therefore, when a business needs to manage or create multiple social media accounts without being detected, the storm Proxies company has a particular package for you. They are affordable. The company looks modest when you compare it with the above options. What makes it lag is the small IP pool size the company offers its clients.

In terms of location, the company covers the EU, the US, and a mix of the two locations, but with the backconnect rotating, they have worldwide coverage; however, the company does not allow users to select the location. That is not a limitation for the business task as most business-related duties do not even need access to multiple locations.

Again, Storm Proxies guarantees 24 hours free trial and has a money-back guarantee policy. Go for their proxies and enjoy the speed, high performance, and unlimited bandwidth.

Avoid Using Free Proxies in Your Business!

Though free and premium proxies in terms of functionality seem the same, they are not in reality. True that all mask your local IP address and only keep the sensitive information only to a certain extent, while others guarantee immediate security from cyber threats and make your business simple.

But if you go deeper o compare the two, you will find that free proxies have very minimal benefits, but the dangers come in in terms of how you relate with the free proxies. Therefore, why we encourage you to avoid the free proxies is the fact that they do not take responsibility for any loss of users’ experience.

Again, they are likely to develop technical glitches that make you prone to suffering from cyber attacks. Free proxies do not have anything for your Business as opposed to premium ones.

For data security, you cannot at all trust the free proxies. Though all proxies stores some of your information, free proxies do not assure users that they will never monetize their details. This implies that the risks that your data encounters are not just accidental but it is intentional for this case.

Additionally, the free proxies are temporal and do not guarantee you a lifetime existence./ hence it is challenging to maintain the substantial infrastructure that changes clients anything. For this reason, most free proxies fail on the way.

With all these disadvantages, you need to avoid free proxies for your Business to be on the safer side.


Proxies are vital in business cases other than offering online security. They are excellent and provide perfect services for carrying out market research, add verification, price monitoring,  web scraping, and brand protection.

Thus it becomes easy to boost the business productivity while preventing breaching, increasing speed, and posing the administration management on the workers. Select the relevant p[roxy provider and promote the Business to the next level.


William Parsons

William Stafford Parsons is a leading expert in web data extraction and proxy services. He pioneered innovative techniques for large-scale data scraping and management over the past decade. William founded Eightomic LLC which provides customized data mining and web scraping solutions to Fortune 500 companies. He also created the popular GhostProxies residential IP network used by data professionals globally. Earlier, William co-founded - one of the first web data companies focused on gathering online data at scale. His technical expertise and entrepreneurship has been instrumental in driving innovation in data extraction and network anonymity. With over 15 years of experience, William continues to explore new methodologies and technologies to harness web data smoothly and reliably. He is renowned for building tailored systems that leverage proxies and data scraping to meet critical business needs.