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[Crashed Paint Tool sai!] How to Recover Unsaved .Sai Files

How to Recover Unsaved .Sai Files

Have you lost your unsaved .sai files? Don’t panic! Learn how to recover them in this step-by-step guide. Save yourself from the frustration of lost hours of digital artwork and get back on track with your creative process today.

Losing work hours due to an unexpected computer shutdown or forgetting to save a file can be a nightmare for digital artists using PaintTool SAI. The frustration and anxiety that come with unsaved .sai files are all too familiar. But fear not! We will guide you through the process of recovering your unsaved .sai files using the “Recover Work” feature and Hetman Partition Recovery. So, let’s dive right in and discover how you can recover those unsaved .sai files that seem lost forever.

What is a .SAI File

What is a SAI File

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a .SAI file refers to a raster image produced by PainTool SAI, a user-friendly painting software designed specifically for Windows. These files store drawings crafted by users, comprising multiple distinct editing layers. Users have the flexibility to save, close, and reopen SAI files for future editing purposes.

Important Points to Note:

  1. PaintTool SAI does not have an autosave feature, but it does offer the ability to recover aborted works
  2. In PaintTool SAI version 1, it is not possible to retrieve unsaved .sai files without using external software.
  3. To prevent any potential frustrations, it is recommended to upgrade to PaintTool SAI Version 2.

Recovering Unsaved .Sai Files Using  “Recover Work”

The recover Work feature is an invaluable addition introduced in version 2 of PaintTool SAI. This feature empowers you to reclaim your unsaved works from various points of operation, enabling you to effortlessly reopen them within the program.

To proceed, simply follow the steps below.

Step 1: Launch PaintTool SAI. Upon opening PaintTool SAI after a crash, a dialog box named Aborted Works may appear. If you encounter this, fear not! Simply click Yes (Y) to initiate the Recovery Work dialog and proceed to the next step.

Aborted Works

In case you don’t see the Aborted Works message or need to recover an older file, follow this comprehensive guide to access the Recovery Work dialog.

Step 2: Open PaintTool SAI and navigate to the menu. From there, select File and then click on Recov

Recover Work

Step 3: Within the Recover Work window, locate your unsaved file. You have the option to sort your files based on different criteria, such as:

  • Created Time
  • Last Modified Time
  • Target Filename

For faster file retrieval, choose the sorting option that suits your needs.

Step 4: Identify and select the unsaved file you wish to recover from the Recover Work box. In the provided illustration, the file of interest is highlighted within the red box.

Recover Work box

Step 5: To initiate the recovery process, simply click on the Recover button positioned at the bottom right corner of the window.


Step 6: As your recovered work springs back to life, revel in a moment of relief. Don’t forget to express your gratitude by saving your file promptly.

Note: The Recover Work feature is exclusive to the latest versions of PaintTool SAI. If you are using an older version, this feature may not be available.

Does Painttool Sai Have An Autosave Feature?

When it comes to autosaving in PaintTool Sai, the situation is a bit nuanced. By default, PaintTool Sai does not autosave files that are closed without the user’s consent to save them.

However, it does have a feature that automatically saves unsaved document operations in case of a software crash. These saved operations can be accessed through the Recovery Work dialog.

While there are free autosave scripts available online for PaintTool Sai, I have not personally tested them, so I cannot vouch for their reliability. Instead, I recommend developing the habit of saving your files regularly while working to avoid any potential data loss.

Recovering Unsaved .Sai Files Using Hetman Partition Recovery

Hetman Partition Recovery™ 4.7 is a powerful tool capable of recovering data from any device, regardless of the cause of data loss. To get started, simply follow these steps:

1. Download and Install the Hetman Partition Recovery Program

Once the download is complete, install the program on your computer.

2. Scan and Identify Your Drives

Upon launching the program, it will automatically initiate a scan of your computer, identifying all connected hard disks and removable drives, as well as physical and local disks.

3. Select the Desired Disk and Analysis Type

Double-click on the disk from which you wish to recover your files. Next, choose the appropriate analysis type based on your requirements.

4. View and Locate Recoverable Files

After the scanning process concludes, Hetman Partition Recovery will present you with a comprehensive list of files that can be restored. To find a specific file, you can either navigate through the program’s interface to locate the folder it was deleted from or explore the Content-Aware Analysis folder and select the desired file type.

5. Initiate the Recovery Process

Once you have identified the files you wish to recover, select them accordingly. Finally, click on the Recovery button to commence the retrieval process.

6. Choose a Method for File Saving and Recovery

Upon selecting the files, Hetman Partition Recovery provides you with various options for saving and recovering them. Pick the method that suits your preferences best.

How to Prevent Data Loss in SAI and Ensure File Recovery

How to Prevent Data Loss in SAI and Ensure File Recovery

Considering the instability of SAI, we highly recommend safeguarding your drawings and projects by saving them on cloud storage platforms such as Dropbox, Onedrive, or Google Drive.

These platforms offer convenient apps that can be downloaded and easily accessed through Windows Explorer. In the unfortunate event of a file deletion by SAI, swift recovery is possible through these cloud storage services.

Is it Possible to Retrieve Works in PaintTool Sai Version 1?

Unfortunately, recovering unsaved files in PaintTool Sai Version 1 is not possible unless you rely on the assistance of third-party Windows data recovery tools. The ability to recover your work is exclusively offered in Version 2 of the software.

Bottom Line

Losing unsaved .sai files can be a nightmare for digital artists, but there are solutions available to recover them. The “Recover Work” feature in PaintTool SAI Version 2 allows users to effortlessly reclaim their unsaved works and continue their creative process. Additionally, Hetman Partition Recovery is a powerful tool that can be used to recover data from any device, including .sai files. To prevent data loss, it is recommended to save files regularly and consider using cloud storage platforms for added protection.


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