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How to Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts Using Proxies

How to Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts Using Proxies

You’re probably here because your account got blocked on Facebook or you can’t even create multiple accounts. Let’s solve that.

Why Create Multiple Facebook Accounts?

Let’s get that out of the way first for those who don’t know why people may need multiple Facebook accounts. If you want to skip to another question in this article, feel free to use the headline in the description.

Create Multiple Facebook Accounts

The first reason to create multiple Facebook profiles is if you run an ad agency where you need to manage Facebook accounts for several or even hundreds of your clients.

Secondly, if you’re a marketer, you might want to leverage marketing automation tools or bots, which might require separate accounts. For example, software programs like Jarvee and Socinator offer powerful Facebook automation features.

You can schedule and auto-share posts, automatically change your cover photo, reply to messages, create post variations with spin tax tools, post them to multiple groups, and so on. We have a whole video about Jarvee on our channel. You can find it here or in the description below.

Third, creating multiple Facebook accounts for your business can help you reach your audience in various countries worldwide using geo-targeting. It means that when potential customers come across your account, they will see the content specifically created for them as if you were a business next door.

And, of course, every business needs data, so scraping Facebook is becoming more and more popular. Scraping, an automatic way of collecting data from public sources can help you with competitor analysis or identifying and getting to know your ideal customers.

Why Do You Get Banned on Facebook? 

The problem is that most social media networks, including Facebook, and Instagram, forbid automated activity, especially while logged in. The ethics of using multiple accounts for social media are ambiguous.

People Get Banned on Facebook

On the one hand, marketing companies can use them to maintain a global presence, gauge social sentiment, automatically engage with followers, and research content topics or potential influencers. On the other hand, it also plays a role in generating fake engagement and spam. Regardless of how you are using your multiple accounts, you might get banned.

How to Use Multiple Facebook Accounts Without Getting Blocked?

Most multiple account owners get blocked because they log in to more than one account from the same IP address. Your IP is an identification number given to your device. To avoid blocks, you should use different IP addresses for separate Facebook accounts.

But you can’t buy tens of laptops with separate Wi-fi routers just for Facebook. That would be ridiculous! Instead, what you can do is borrow IP addresses from proxies. Proxies are mediators between you and any website on the internet. So when you use proxies, Facebook will see the IP of your proxy, and your computer’s IP address will stay secret.

Getting the right proxies is the first step to avoiding bans. From then on, more factors come into play in the form of passive and active fingerprinting. Our recently published research suggests that Facebook most likely highly depends on fingerprinting. Have you ever encountered this term? We have a detailed explanation of this term in another article.

6 Best Facebook Proxies 

The central proxy IPs used for social media are residential or mobile. Both allow unrestricted access to the platforms by effectively disguising a scraper or bot as a real user.

The main desired characteristic for Facebook proxies in IP quality – it must think that these IPs come from real users’ devices. Price is another relevant concern, as browsing content-rich pages require significant traffic. Other requirements are holding the same IP address (the longer, the better) and picking IPs from a specific country.

Considering the mentioned requirements for Facebook proxies and our performance tests, we can recommend the following residential proxy providers:

  • Soax<8.5+ Million IPs> The premium proxy with overall great performance in all areas and advanced features.

Soax Homepage

  • Bright Data<72+ Million IPs> The largest proxy IP provider today, offering all-inclusive proxy services anywhere in the world.

Bright Data

  • Smartproxy<40+ Million IPs> The go-getter who has shaken up the proxy industry by providing proxies performing similarly to Soax or Bright Data’s, but for a much lower price.

Smartproxy Overview

  • Shifter<31+ Million IPs> Excellent backconnect residential proxies and support major cities and most countries worldwide.

Shifter Homepage

  • HydraProxy<5+ Million IPs> Global residential proxies & Professional US 4G Mobile proxies with affordable price


  • PacketStream<7MM+ IPs> The budget option for proxies with basic features. and location targeting options.

PacketStream Homepage

If you’re starting to wonder if you could use some free proxy list instead, I’ll tell you don’t do it! Free proxies will only waste your time, wear down your patience step by step, and eventually have to go back to the agents we mentioned above.


William Parsons

William Stafford Parsons is a leading expert in web data extraction and proxy services. He pioneered innovative techniques for large-scale data scraping and management over the past decade. William founded Eightomic LLC which provides customized data mining and web scraping solutions to Fortune 500 companies. He also created the popular GhostProxies residential IP network used by data professionals globally. Earlier, William co-founded - one of the first web data companies focused on gathering online data at scale. His technical expertise and entrepreneurship has been instrumental in driving innovation in data extraction and network anonymity. With over 15 years of experience, William continues to explore new methodologies and technologies to harness web data smoothly and reliably. He is renowned for building tailored systems that leverage proxies and data scraping to meet critical business needs.