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How to Jailbreak Roku – Secret Trick for Free Movies (2023)

Hey there! If you‘re looking to unlock the full potential of your Roku device, you‘ve come to the right place.

In this guide, I‘ll provide you with secret tricks to jailbreak your Roku and access unlimited free movies, TV shows, and more.

Let‘s get started!

What Exactly Does "Jailbreaking" Mean?

You may be familiar with jailbreaking on other devices like iPhones or Amazon Fire TVs. But what does it mean for Roku?

Jailbreaking refers to gaining root access on a device in order to install apps, themes, or settings not approved by the manufacturer.

For example, jailbreaking a Fire TV Stick lets you install unapproved apps like Kodi or Terrarium TV that aren‘t available in the Amazon Appstore. This lets you stream content from unofficial sources.

Jailbreaking allows full customization and control over the device‘s software. It removes restrictions put in place by the default firmware.

The Problem with Jailbreaking Roku

Now, here‘s the thing…

Roku devices do not actually allow jailbreaking in the traditional sense like on other platforms.

That‘s because Roku OS is a closed operating system. There is no way for users to gain root access, modify the firmware, or directly install unapproved apps.

So in short – there is no true way to jailbreak a Roku player or Roku TV.

But don‘t worry! There are still some workarounds that can help you stream beyond the limitations of Roku‘s channel store and unlock a world of free movies.

The key is sideloading certain apps, enabling developer options, and using the screen mirroring abilities of the Roku to cast content from other devices.

I‘ll explain two easy methods in this guide – using Plex and using screen mirroring. Both will help you access unlimited entertainment without spending a dime!

Step #1: Set Up Plex on Your Roku

Plex is a media server platform that lets you aggregate all your movies, shows, music, and photos in one place for streaming across devices.

Here‘s how to set it up:

Install the Plex Media Server

First, you‘ll need to install the Plex Media Server software on a computer, NAS drive, Nvidia Shield, or even something like a Raspberry Pi. This will host and organize your media library.

You can download Plex server for free for Windows, Mac, Linux, and more platforms.

Once installed, the Plex server will automatically scan your files and add them to a nice library with descriptions, posters, metadata, etc. It will even pull in plot summaries and ratings from sources like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.

Build Your Media Library

Next, you‘ll want to start adding media to build your Plex content library.

You can add your own locally stored movies, TV shows, home videos, music, ebooks, and photos. Just save them on your computer in the automatically detected Plex folders, and they‘ll be scanned into your library.

I also recommend using sites like The Pirate Bay to torrent movies and shows. Just be sure to use a VPN for privacy and security when torrenting.

Adding downloaded torrents to your Plex folders is a great way to build up your own unlimited library of entertainment.

Get Plex on Your Roku

To view your Plex library on the Roku, you‘ll need to install the official Plex app from the Roku Channel Store.

It‘s free to add! Just go to Streaming Channels on your Roku and search for "Plex". Select the app and click Add Channel to install.

Once it‘s done, you‘ll have the power of Plex integrated right on your home screen.

Connect Plex to Your Media Server

Launch the Plex app on your Roku, and it will guide you through connecting to the Plex Media Server you set up earlier.

You‘ll sign in with your account, and then select your local server on the network. This links your Roku player to the library.

Once connected, you‘ll be able to browse and stream all your movies, shows, photos, music, and more directly on the Roku!

And that‘s it – with Plex set up, you now have access to your own virtually unlimited library of entertainment options on your Roku.

Step #2: Use Screen Mirroring to Cast Content

If you don‘t want to use Plex, Roku also provides screen mirroring capabilities to cast content from other devices like phones, tablets, or computers.

This gives you another option to stream movies and apps that aren‘t available directly within the Roku ecosystem.

Here are the steps to enable screen mirroring on your Roku:

Turn on Screen Mirroring in Roku Settings

From your Roku home screen, go to Settings > System > Screen Mirroring

Make sure this is set to "Prompt" or "Always allow". This will let your Roku receive cast requests from other devices.

Connect Your Computer or Smartphone to the Roku

Now from your phone, tablet, or computer, initiate screen mirroring to the Roku:

On Windows, open the Project menu and select Connect to a Wireless Display. On Mac, open Airplay Mirroring. On iOS or Android, swipe down and select Screen Mirroring or Smart View.

Your Roku should appear as an option. Select it to pair your device.

Allow Screen Casting on Your Roku

You‘ll get a prompt on your TV screen asking to allow screen mirroring from the new device. Say yes on your Roku remote.

The Roku input will now switch to the mirrored display from your computer, phone, etc.

Cast Apps and Media to the Roku

From here, you can play media files and open apps on your source device and cast them directly to the Roku/TV display.

This works great for apps like Kodi, Terrarium TV, Live NetTV, Mobdro, and others not available on the Roku platform itself.

You can even use this method to stream your personal media library using VLC Media Player or Plex desktop.

So in summary:

  • Plex lets you tap into your own media server library.
  • Screen mirroring lets you cast other unsupported apps and content.

Using both together provides the ultimate combo to get the most out of your Roku!

App Recommendations for Free Movies & TV

Here are some of my top picks for apps that provide free movies, shows, and other content:


Plex is highly recommended. Having your own server unlocks endless options. Install Couchpotato to automate torrent downloads.


Kodi is a popular open-source media center. Access free addons like Exodus Redux, The Crew, Seren, and many more Kodi addons.

Terrarium TV

This Terrarium TV apk provides free movies and shows from torrents. Excellent quality.

Popcorn Time

An app to stream torrent movies and shows instantly. Has Android and Windows apps.

MediaBox HD

A top pick for casting free movies and TV. Available on Android and iOS.

Live NetTV

This app offers over 800 live TV channels worldwide to cast from your device.

The trick is getting these installed on a device to cast to Roku, since you can‘t natively install them on the Roku itself.

But by using the Plex and screen mirroring tips above, you can access this huge world of free entertainment options on the big screen!

Is it Illegal to Jailbreak and Stream Free Movies?

Now you may be wondering…is jailbreaking my Roku and streaming movies from unofficial sources legal? What are the risks?

Let‘s quickly break down the legality:

  • Jailbreaking itself is not illegal. There are some protections for jailbreaking devices under fair use laws.

  • However, downloading pirated copyrighted content is technically illegal in many regions under piracy/copyright laws. This includes torrents, certain Kodi addons, etc.

Streaming pirated movies does violate the DMCA and rights holders‘ copyrights. However, it‘s very rare for individual users to be prosecuted.

Generally, rights holders target the sites/sources themselves rather than the end viewers. Streaming a movie "over the air" is not the same as distributing the actual media file.

That said, there are always inherent risks when using 3rd party apps and addons for free streaming content. These sources scrape torrents, hosters, and other unofficial sources. Quality and safety are not guaranteed.

My recommendation is to use a premium VPN for privacy when downloading or streaming anything from unofficial sources. This will prevent your ISP from seeing any potentially infringing activity.

A VPN will also keep you protected from malware, spyware, and dubious addons.

I recommend Surfshark VPN for secure, private streaming.

Ultimately it‘s up to you to weigh the very small legal risks compared to the huge rewards of free entertainment. Just use common sense – and enjoy!

Cord Cutting and Piracy Statistics in 2022

Let‘s look at some interesting stats that shed light on current cord cutting and streaming piracy trends:

  • 33 million US households are estimated to actively use a streaming piracy service, addon, or app as of 2022. That‘s 27% of all households. source

  • 61% of Millenials admit to using illegal streaming services and pirated content sources. Source

  • The percentage of US households with a paid TV service dropped from 88% in 2015 to just 71% in 2022. Cord cutting is accelerating. Source

  • Consumer spending on streaming subscriptions surpassed cable in 2021 at $120 billion vs $112 billion. Source

This data shows that streaming is continuing to take over traditional cable TV and many viewers are turning to free (and unofficial) sources of movies and shows.

Jailbreaking your Roku provides easy access to this world of content while still letting you take advantage of the big screen TV experience and Roku interface.

I hope these statistics help demonstrate the popularity of cord cutting and streaming apps – and why Roku jailbreaking is so valuable.

Now let‘s get into some common questions about the process:

Roku Jailbreak FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Can you get Airplay on Roku?

Yes! Roku supports Airplay mirroring from iOS devices. Enable screen mirroring in Roku settings, then swipe down on your iPhone and select your Roku to cast.

Does screen mirroring work with iPhone or iPad?

Absolutely. You can use Airplay mirroring to cast your iPhone or iPad screen to Roku. This is great for apps like Kodi, Terrarium, Popcorn Time, etc.

Can you use a VPN on a Roku device?

Sadly no, there are no VPN apps built for the Roku platform itself. However, installing a router-level VPN will encrypt all traffic from your Roku.

What‘s the best place to find private Roku channels?

Checkout RokuGuide and RokuChannels for huge libraries of private channel codes you can add through the developer menu.

Is Kodi legal and safe to use?

Kodi itself is just a media player software and is perfectly legal. However, some 3rd party Kodi addons pull content from dubious sources, so use caution. Stick to well-known addons like The Crew, Seren, etc. Use a VPN for privacy.

Can you get in trouble for jailbreaking Roku and watching free movies?

It‘s very unlikely individuals would ever be targeted for streaming free movies for personal use. Just use a quality VPN for privacy and avoid distributing pirated content.

And those are the key questions covered! Let me know if you have any others.

Wrap Up: Enjoy Your Unlocked Roku!

Well there you have it friend! With these tips you can unlock the full potential of your Roku and access virtually endless movies, shows, live TV, and more for free.

The process is super easy whether you choose to use Plex, screen mirroring, or both together.

Here‘s a quick recap:

  1. Set up Plex Media Server on a computer or NAS
  2. Build your media library by adding movies, shows, etc
  3. Install Plex app on Roku
  4. Enable screen mirroring in Roku settings
  5. Cast from apps like Kodi on your phone or computer

With your "jailbroken" Roku, an exciting world of entertainment awaits completely free! Live TV, the latest movies, and premium shows are at your fingertips.

Pair your Roku with a VPN for complete security and privacy, and stay safe out there.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help fellow cord cutters. Enjoy!


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